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February 22, 2015

When the ‘Deutsche Welle’ decided to close down one of their 500 KW short wave broadcast transmitters near Munich at the end of 2012, a group containing some German radio amateurs applied for and were allocated the then available short wave frequency of 6070 KHz in 2013.

This group now have an operational 10KW station on the frequency, using the driver stages from the old Deutsche Welle transmitter. The rest of the transmitter was built by and is run by Rainer DB8QC . The licence allow transmission 24/7 but at present most transmissions are on a weekend during daylight hours.

Content is mainly provided by existing Internet Radio stations wanting to get their material “on-the-air” this includes several soceities that remember the days of the Pirate Radio pop music stations in the North sea between England and Holland and a lot of their music content is from the 60’s and 70’s.

Additional content is being sought and at only 15 Euros an hour, this is not a corporate big business rather a facility where smaller groups can afford to buy time to transmit their content. One such group is the Deutsche Amateur Radio Club, the National Amateur Radio Soceity in Germany, who hope to have a weekly 2 hour slot on the station from mid-March to send a DX orientated program, probably from 6pm local time on Sundays.

The DARC DX magazine will be in the German language and targeted towards German speaking listeners. Amateur radio is an international medium however so there are thoughts of also producing an international / English hour in addition, to reach out across Europe not only to radio amateurs but also to short wave listeners and the general public.

When I talked with another Rainer DF2NU who is one of the group running the station and the president of the Munich South section of the DARC, he told me that they hope to be able to broadcast more often once sufficient content is available however they are already seeing other broadcasters such as Radio China moving onto the frequency in the evenings as those stations percieve 6070 KHz as a free frequency.

Rainer told me that currently “Channel 292″ has airtime bookings for 20-25 hrs a week, mostly on weekends at which times it runs at 10 kW output. When the station is idle (as there is no booking), the transmitter power is reduced to 1kW and transmits an infinite music-loop with no actual program. Late evenings, after 8pm local, the transmitter is switched off completely in order to save energy costs. Rainer stressed that the license is for 24/7 so they can use the frequency at any time when they have content.

With a current rate of EUR 15,– per hour airtime you cannot earn any money. This broadcast station is an extenion of the amateur radio hobby and the group seek to simply cover their costs.

Thinking back to the very start of amateur radio, Hams were allowed to transmit music, news and entertainment programs, so it’s nice to see some of this coming back onto the short wave bands thanks to the efforts of groups like this one.

I wonder as we see more and more broadcasters leaving the short wave bands in favour of Internet broadcasting, whether we’ll see more licences and surplus transmitters being picked up by amateur radio groups? This seems to be somewhat of a repeat of the situation when it was said 200 metres and up is useless for broadcasting – give it to the amateurs. We all know what then followed.

Perhaps amateur Radio groups around the world can put new life into released shortwave broadcast frequencies?

For program information about “Channel 292″ simply go to their website at

Why not give 6070KHz AM a listen?

The Channel292 station covers a lot of Western Europe but has also been heard in Russia and the US (with aircheck and illustrations)


From the Radio Anorak Yahoo Group


A reunion of Radio Luxembourg 208 DJs and staff is being organised in the Grand Duchy from 3-5 July 2015.

In what the organisers are describing as “what might well be the final reunion”, the main event on 4 July will be open to the public (“friends of Radio Luxembourg”) – the event is being held in the Big Beer Company in Luxembourg-Clausen.

The 4 July event will see the 208 DJs take over the music and entertainment for the night.

Although the event is over 3 months away, a number of DJs and staff are already confirmed to travel and attend, including Tony Prince, Paul Burnett, Mark Wesley, Shaun Tilley, Timmy Mallet, Benny Brown, Enda Caldwell, Ollie Henry, Mike Knight and Bob Christy.

In addition, some band managers and singers from the era want to join the fun, with Linda Lewis and Tina Charles lined up to hopefully sing some of their hits from the 70s during the evening.

Radio and Technical Newsbeat



I accidentally dropped my android tablet and the screen smashed. The unit boots up but no display appears. It was a 10 inch version so I hope to be able to get a 7 inch model soon. The main problem that you may be aware of is the small size of the internal hard drives on phones and android tablets.  It does seem now that a lot of people have Ipads, now those are large and I wonder how durable they are?

Does anyone know a free Google App that will save audio recordings to the sd card, as opposed to the internal card?

Radio in Bermuda is interesting.  I have been sampling it all this week.

Wikipedia saves me from outlining the stations available, and updates me on a few points I have not seen so far.

There are four main broadcasting companies in Bermuda: LTT Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Irie), The Bermuda Broadcasting Company Ltd. (ZFB/ZBM)(not to be confused with BBC London), DeFontes Broadcasting (VSB) & Inter-Island Communications Ltd. (Hott/Magic).

The BBC owns four with the call signs of 2 with ZFB and two with the call signs ZBM. VSB owns 4 radio stations with the VSB callsign. One of BBC’s popular stations include Power 95 (94.9). It plays mostly hip hop, R&B, and reggae. It has been popular over the years, until competition from Hott 107.5 began. DeFontes’ main station is Mix 106.1 (VSB-FM). The station plays a variety of music, although mostly adult contemporary and top 40.

The recent change of LTT Broadcasting’s Jazz format and frequency from 98.1 to 98.3 in November 2010 to Roots and Classic Reggae ( has shifted audience from Power 94.9 and Hott 107.5 to place overall second in the market in the broad 18-54 demographic based on research from Research Innovations Ltd in February 2011.

In April 2004 2 FM licenses were assigned to each Inter-Island Communications and LTT Broadcasting Co. Ltd.. Inter-Island Communications operates Hott 107.5 FM, which plays a mixture of R&B, hip hop, reggae and some gospel. Overnight Hott 107.5 FM became the number one radio station in Bermuda. The Programme Director and part owner for the station was Elroy RC Smith, formerly of WGCI-FM of Chicago, Illinois, who is widely respected as one of the top PD in America. He has since departed from the station. Inter-Island Communications Ltd. launched its Adult Contemporary station, MAGIC 102.7 FM in February, 2007. Reggae star Collie Buddz (real name: Collin Harper) & his brother Matthew Harper started “Vibe 103″ on March 30, 2012, under the corporate name of Harper Digital.

The Government of Bermuda‘s Maritime Operations Centre has also set up a shortwave radio station in 2007 (call-sign: ZBR), [1]

The Government of Bermuda also operates a radio station at 1610 AM / 100.1 FM to broadcast emergency information, such as hurricane watches and warnings.

American satellite radio is also available.

Organized by frequency, the stations are listed below:

From the Radio Today Site:

Newsreader Alan Dedicoat to exit BBC Radio 2
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Newsreader Alan Dedicoat to exit BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 continuity announcer and newsreader Alan Dedicoat is leaving BBC Radio 2 after 28 years.

Alan joined the BBC in 1979 at Radio Birmingham before moving to BBC Radio Devon in 1983. He then went straight to Radio 2 in London and over the years has read the news on Wake Up to Wogan, Vanessa Feltz, Sarah Kennedy and this week he will read his last bulletins on his current shift, from 10am to 5pm.

He leaves this Friday, and speaks to Trevor Dann on The RadioToday Programmetomorrow where the 60 year old says he’s getting old and ready to take a break, although he’ll carry on voicing the Lottery and Strictly. Listen out for it tomorrow


Absolute Radio, Classic FM and talkSPORT will all get an automatic five year licence extension following a Government consultation.

The three national commercial stations, plus around 60 local stations will not need to re-apply for their licences when they expire, as is usually the case.

The Government says the benefits of allowing further renewals at this time outweigh any potential benefits of stations re-competing for licenses, with no commitment of a digital switchover looking likely in the near future.

Ed Vaizey, Minister for the Digital Economy, said: “We believe this important change will continue to support the whole of commercial radio and provide the necessary stability for the sector as a whole as it moves towards a digital future.

“The Government’s consultation found that there is widespread support for the renewal of existing analogue commercial radio licences without re-advertising.

“The Government therefore will amend the relevant legislation to give Ofcom, who manage the licencing process, the powers to allow certain analogue commercial radio licences to be renewed for a further five-year period.”

The results of the consultation by the Government says ‘We believe a renewal period of this length will drive momentum in the continued transition to digital radio, and provide commercial radio with the stability it needs to support this transition’.



The Jazz FM Awards make a comeback for 2015

The Jazz FM Awards make a comeback for 2015

Digital station Jazz FM is holding its awards for the second time, honouring those that have made an exceptional contribution to Jazz, Blues and Soul.


Hugh Masekela, who will get a Lifetime Achievement Award, will perform with Larry Willis at the event on June 10th, in the Great Halls at Vinopolis, London Bridge.

The Jazz FM Awards 2015, produced by Serious, will present eleven awards to honour musicians and performers that have made an exceptional contribution within the worlds of Jazz, Blues and Soul. The categories are confirmed as:

• Breakthrough Act
• Instrumentalist of the Year
• Album of the Year
• Jazz Innovation of the Year
• Live Experience of the Year
• UK Jazz Act of the Year
• International Jazz Artist of the Year
• Blues Artist of the Year
• Soul Artist of the Year
• Vocalist of the Year
• Lifetime Achievement – to be presented to Hugh Masekela

Jazz FM Chairman Richard Wheatly said: “We’re proud to be celebrating 25 years of Jazz FM at this year’s Awards which recognise the best musicians and performers. The evening is set to be a fantastic occasion, bringing together the jazz world’s finest with Hugh Masekela headlining what will be an unforgettable night.”

The first event took place in 2013, and the winners were:

• UK Jazz Artist – Neil Cowley Trio
• International Jazz Artist – Kurt Elling
• Cutting Edge Award For Jazz Innovation – Robert Glasper
• Album – John Surman: Saltash Bells
• Jazz Media – Jazzwise
• Best UK Newcomer – Beats & Pieces Big Band
• UK Vocalist – Carleen Anderson
• UK Instrumentalist – Nathaniel Facey
• Live UK Shows -Gregory Porter
• Best UK Jazz Venue – Ronnie Scott’s
• Lifetime Achievement – Ahmad Jamal
• Gold Award for Outstanding Contribution to Jazz – Ramsey Lewis


Victoria Derbyshire’s new television programme, which starts on April 7th, will be simulcast on 5 live over the coming weeks.

The show, which will be broadcast online, on BBC News Channel and BBC Two each weekday morning, will be live from Newcastle from a special election debate on the economy on April 7th.

It’ll be on-air from 10am till 11am, cutting in to Adrian Chiles’ daily show.

The show will also be simulcast for an hour on April 27th and for two hours on Monday 4th May.

Victoria was at 5 live for 16 years before leaving last September to take up “a brilliant opportunity too good to turn down.”


Pictorial Musings – the other side of Bermuda life……………..

Bermuda is a lovely Island, do not be put off by the many stories of the Bermuda Triangle!



We went on a trip around town and I have extracted these pictures which show the other side of life in Bermuda


Is the above art work or just a graffiti tag?


I noticed this warning message on a bus window – obviously when it is hot in the summer there people could do this!


I wonder if this Laundromat is to be trusted, the name implies it gives washing a quick lickie!



Art work on a wall to mark the achievements of Lance Hayward, one of Bermudas’s Musicians



Artistic use made of a derelict building



Above and below some artistic work on some table and benches outside a derelict building




A message of respect for a car salesman who passed away, scrawled on a wall.

DSC_0337 DSC_0338


Unexpected, but there are plenty of examples of fly tipping in the City Of Hamilton Bermuda






This made us chuckle!  The Island gets it supplies from the mainland so perhaps that is why there is a famine of pies at present!



An unlikely combination for fast food, but believe it or not hot cross buns with fish cakes is the new Easter Special here!



A great name for a take away, perhaps chicken wings?



DSCF6064 DSCF6065 DSCF6066

A variety of Palm that I have not seen before!


Goodness knows what service this bar performs in the summer season!



Radio Newsbeat and technical info


This weekend at a Sue Ryder sale in Nettlebed, I was fortunate to pick up a second hand Sony ICF SW40 radio. It was suprisingly inexpensive. It is great on the shortwaves from mid afternoon onwards, fine on medium and long wave. I have yet to discover how it performs on FM. FM in my area only extends to Heart FM and BBC Radio Berkshire, without a good outside aerial. In the garden I managed to get Magic from London, LBC, as well as the stations listed.  More on this in due course no doubt

The Internet Archive have completely re-designed their site.  It is a non profit organisation which accepts uploads of a variety of archival text, film, sound etc.  Well worth a look, all the items on offer to listen to, or download, are now in small boxes with descriptive text below them.  The search is greatly improved.

Google Earth Pro, the paid for service, has been made free of charge, well worth downloading and using.  When I visited it and downloaded it, I thought I would be asked to pay for it. If you look carefully before downloading it these are the directions “Note: Google Earth Pro requires a licence key. If you do not have a key, use your email address and the key GEPFREE to sign in.


Selected news from the Radio Today Site.

Helen Boaden picks her favourite radio moments
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Helen Boaden picks her favourite radio moments

BBC Director of Radio Helen Boaden has chosen five highlights in radio over the last 12 months, all of which focus on the BBC.

Speaking at Radiodays Europe on Monday afternoon, Helen said each one of the developments highlights an issue – and opportunity – that makes working in radio right now more challenging and exciting than ever.

The five moments are NPR’s Serial podcast which aired on 4 Extra, Zane Lowe joining Apple Radio, the launch of Radio 1 iPlayer channel, the announcement of MyBBC and Radio 4’s adaptation of War & Peace.

Talking about Zane Lowe leaving for Apple, Helen says: “Zane was a long and loyal servant and we wish him all the best. We are also delighted to have the brilliant Annie Mac replacing him on Radio 1. This is my second choice because it neatly illustrates that we broadcasters aren’t the only ones aware of the power of radio.

“The global tech giants have woken up to its potential and Apple’s recruitment of one of the BBC’s best known music taste-makers was the first overtly competitive example of this intent.”

Helen went on to say we must always ensure our content is outstanding. “We should always consider our audiences above everything else. We have to play to our traditional strengths whilst seeking new ways of enhancing our listeners’ experiences. If we don’t, traditional radio broadcasters will start to wither on the vine.”

Read Helen’s full speech in this week’s edition of #eRADIO (sign up here for Wednesday delivery via email) and watch for live updates from Radiodays Europe.



Iggy Pop returns to 6 Music for weekly show
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Iggy Pop returns to 6 Music for weekly show

A new 7-9pm Friday night show has been created for Iggy Pop, pushing Tom Ravenscroft’s show to 9pm till midnight.

Iggy’s weekly show starts on April 10th, which also means the station will no longer be broadcasting 6 Mix.

He covered Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service slot while Jarvis took a year’s sabbatical in 2014, after his first appearance on the network in December 2013.

Iggy Pop says: “Having sat in for Jarvis Cocker last year on BBC Radio 6 Music, I found myself realising how good it was for me. I hope it was good for somebody else too. So I’m gonna do it again this year, on early Friday evenings; what we call in the USA the ‘happy hour’. It’s kind of an edgy point right at the end of the designated work week, and I’ll try to play quite a bit of music that’s new and stimulating mixed with very old classics from the blues and jazz masters of the 1920s through Fifties that are a little more moody. I’m gonna think of myself as a kind of atmospheric bartender. I’ll try to do my very best.”

Tom Ravenscroft says: “It’s great to have the creative freedom to explore music even more deeply in my new regular slot on 6 Music.”

Paul Rodgers, Head of Programmes for 6 Music, says: “In the recent RAJAR figures, Iggy had driven his Sunday afternoon show to a slot record of over 300k listeners. To welcome him back in a permanent slot on the network is a dream come true for me and our listeners, and we all look forward to hearing his eclectic musical selections each Friday evening. I’d also like to thank the 6 Mix team. We feel the time is right to make these changes to the Friday night schedule, but we still hope to work with the range of DJs that featured on that show elsewhere on 6 Music.”

Last year, Iggy Pop also delivered the fourth John Peel Lecture at the Radio Festival with a speech on the subject of ‘Free Music in a Capitalist Society’. John Peel was in fact the first DJ to play Iggy Pop as part of The Stooges on UK Radio – introducing listeners to their track Little Doll, from their eponymous debut album, on his show in August 1969.