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Amazing that an Austin A40 car is still on the road, but here in this slide show is evidence of this.

Brief information from Wikipedia

The Austin A40 Farina was a compact car introduced by the British Motor Corporation in saloon (1958) and Countryman (1959) versions. Although usually referred to as the A40 Farina, to distinguish it from previous A40 models, it was badged simply as the Austin A40. Unusually for BMC at the time, the body shape was only sold as an Austin; no other marque names were used to badge-engineer it.


The Morris Minor 1000, is a far more common sighting – but unusually this one is a convertible and also has the Morris logo on the windscreen.

Brief information from Wikipedia


This article is about the motor car manufactured by Morris Motors Limited from 1948 to 1972. For the Morris Minor manufactured by Morris Motors Limited from 1928 to 1933, see Morris Minor (1928). For the 1980s pop band, see Morris Minor and the Majors.

The Morris Minor is a British economy car that debuted at the Earls Court Motor Show, London, on 20 September 1948.[4] Designed under the leadership of Alec Issigonis, more than 1.3 million were manufactured between 1948 and 1972 in three series: the MM (1948), the Series II (1952) and finally the 1000 series (1956).

Initially available as a two-door saloon and tourer (convertible), the range was expanded to include a four-door saloon in 1950, a wood-framed estate (the Traveller) from 1952 and panel van and pick-up truck variants from 1953.

I am guided mainly by things I observe in the street and out and about for this section of the blog, this is the first time to my knowledge that we have covered old cars.


What I assume are Michaelmas Daisies in a local grass verge.  Beautiful!


The fans tributes to Dusty Springfield, on the occasion of her birthday live on.  A memorial for her exists in Henley on Thames graveyard, feet from the main road in Hart Street.

From You Tube:

Uploaded on 22 Jan 2011

Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien OBE (16th April 1939 – 2nd March 1999), known professionally as Dusty Springfield, was an English singer whose career extended from the late 1950s to the 1990s. She is best known for her work during the 1960s, when she released singles such as “I Only Want to Be with You” (1963), “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” (1966) and “Son of a Preacher Man” (1968), and her acclaimed album Dusty in Memphis (1969). With her distinctive sensual sound, she is an important white soul singer, and at her peak was one of the most successful British female performers, with 18 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 from 1964 to 1970. Her image, supported by a peroxide blonde beehive hairstyle, evening gowns, and heavy make-up, made her an icon of the Swinging Sixties.

60-DSC_0808 59-DSC_0807

Mike Read the DJ is a talented fellow. I picked this game up in a local charity shop.

From a board  game site

This game is based on the famous BBC radio show (the longest running radio show in the world and still on today), where guest are invited to choose 8 pieces of music they would like to have if they were stranded on a desert island.

The objective is to reach the centre of the island and identify who is on the desert island.

Like lots of trivia games, the space (here it is an area of the island) you are on dictates which category you must answer a question on that turn.


We put out a suet and seed filled coconut shell for the birds. Normally it lasts a week. Recently the Starlings have been raiding it and it has to be replaced daily!  The adult starling is feeding its young.  Before this sequence of events, a Blackbird male was feeding his young the same way.  We also have a wood pigeon sitting on a nest in one of our shrubs!

40-DSCF7240 39-DSCF7239

A poppy and a mystery plant in our garden with a pink flower and pointed green leaves a bit like dock leaves.

If anyone knows the name of the plant please post an answer in the comments below, thank you.

A site with listings of Internet Radio Stations, with a player

The Sunday Times did a feature about Caroline Flashback, and also mentioned that there were a lot of Oldies stations to listen to as well at http://www.internet-radio.com/

I have tried it and it is very good, with the opportunity to search by many other methods including genre!  I have added to my links part of  this blog

Popular Genres


Featured Radio Stations

Easy Hits Florida

Commadores – Easy Like Sunday Morning
Genres: easy listening 70s 80s 90s pop top 40

AmbientRadio.org – Deeply Beautiful Chillout Music – A Heavenly World of Sound

Max Melvin – Sand
Genres: ambient chillout meditation lounge new age

Smooth Jazz Florida

Stanley Clarke – East River Drive
Genres: smooth jazz

Magic Oldies Florida

Warren Zevon – Werewolves Of London
Genres: oldies 60s 70s 80s

PARTY VIBE RADIO: Psychedelic Trance + Progressive

Soulscape – Psytrance – East To West
Genres: trance trance trance

Dublins KISS

Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor
Genres: dance trance top 40 pop chart 00s


Bob Marley Vs Funkstar De Luxe – Sun Is Shining Radio De Luxe Edit
Genres: dance top 40 pop 80s 90s 00s easy listening

GoHamRadio- Do you even GoHam bro?

Unknown – Go Ham Gaming WOD Release Mix

Genres: trance dance progressive chillout edm

Smooth Jazz Florida Plus HQ

Nyee Moses – Between Us
Genres: smooth jazz

Gold FM Radio

The Jacksons – One More Chance
Genres: pop rock 80 s 90 s adult contemporary

Popular Radio Stations


Johnny Rawls – Wish It Would Rain
Genres: blues


Claudio fiore – Eternal (Instrumental Edit)
Genres: lounge easy listening ambient electronic downtempo


DjFranz – Party x UP!

Genres: dancehall reggae soca oldies

181.FM – The BEAT * #1 For HipHop and R&B

Natalie La Rose f/Jeremih – Somebody
Genres: hip hop urban rap rnb

psyradio * fm – progressive

Suncollector – Lux Et Umbra
Genres: goa psytrance progressive

Big Blue Swing.com-64Kbit: Playing music for Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Swing, and Blues

Big Bill Broonzy – Get Back (Black, Brown And White)



Flower Flotilla today – start of Henley Chelsea Fringe Festival

We had friends over today, and trusted that the Henley Standard had got the route of the Flower Flotilla correct.  Instead of going to Mill Meadows we waited further down the river, in anticipation of the procession of boats passed us on their was to and from Temple Island.

Instead they turned near to Phyliss  Court, and returned to Mill Meadow.  I missed the start of the procession. But my photos of the event remind me of old photos of the Thames. The river was full of boats. Some of the long shots in the slide show below remind of this picture.

Here is all that I caught of the event, hats off to the two ladies in a rowing boat at the rear of the procession. Great rowing for a long distance I think!

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Thank you to everyone who made the flotilla possible. The weather was good as well which helped.  Next year perhaps their will be more blooms in evidence. Apologies to the organisers, my observations were made at some distance, I await pictures in the Henley Herald.

Having read the Henley Past and Present Facebook Page I now realise that this shot includes Michaela from the Henley Herald in one boat – think it is this one!


Pictorial Musings

A lot of bird activity in our garden at present.

First a male blackbird is feeding his young, they are gradually being left to their own devices. They seem to like eating some berries off a bush we have.

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The pictures above were shot through a window and tidied up in an editing program.

We also have a pigeon sitting on her eggs in a nest in one of our shrubs.  Quite difficult to capture but here are the pictures –

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A budget priced album in our local Sue Ryder shop.  An LP sold in Woolworths in 1969!  To think this lady was intended to entice people to buy this!


The first album I bought was Best of the Beach Boys which is for sale in our local Oxfam book and music shop.  The first EP I bought was Twist and Shout by the Beatles, The first single I got was the Locomotion by the Tornados

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A selection of goodies in a local collectable shop.  A massive set of headphones. A clown ornament from the 40s. and many more fascinating objects. The item in the cabinet is a 78rpm record player, very valuable at a guess!

Radio Newsbeat


Caroline Flashback:  The few talk shows that are on the new Internet offering from the genuine Radio Caroline stable are excellent.  Roger Day seems to be adapting his Cool Radio programme for Caroline.  The back to back music is good but not good enough to keep me tuned in all day long.  I was painting today outside and was listening to Caroline Extra all morning.  In the afternoon I tuned into Radio Sutch on the Internet for some good old rock and roll oldies and blues!

News selected from the Radio Today site


Radio Leeds remembers Bradford City fire

Former Emmerdale actor James Thornton is hosting a special programme by BBC Radio Leeds remembering the Bradford City fire.

The show will also be broadcast on BBC 5 live this weekend, looking back at the tragedy which happened 30 years ago at Valley Parade.

Gareth Jones, BBC Radio Leeds Sports Editor said: “This was a tragedy, the effects of which are still felt 30 years on in Bradford and changed the future of the club, the City and British football as a whole. We felt it was important the story of this sometimes forgotten dreadful event was told on such a landmark anniversary and the victims and affects always remembered.”

James Thornton, who is a life-long Bradford City supporter, presents ‘Valley Parade: The Bradford City Fire Remembered’ – a one hour special on Sunday May 10th which will be broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds at 12pm and then on BBC Radio 5 live at 8pm.

During the 60 minute special, James takes listeners through the stories of the players, fans, victims and medics.

Richard Maddock, Commissioning Editor of BBC Radio 5 live, added: “The programme made by BBC Radio Leeds is a fitting tribute to those whose lives were lost in the fire and includes some heartfelt accounts from key figures such as Bradford City captain of the day Peter Jackson, Club legend and player that day John Hendrie; and Lord Popplewell who oversaw the inquiry. ‘Valley Parade: The Bradford City Fire Remembered’ is not just about reflecting on the 30th anniversary but also explores how the fire changed the future of Bradford and football stadia across the country.”

On the day itself, Monday 11 May, BBC Radio Leeds & Lincolnshire will be hosting a simulcast show – broadcasting the remembrance service live from Bradford’s centenary square.

Radio Aire holds its first Superhero Awards
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Radio Aire holds its first Superhero Awards

Leeds-based Bauer station Radio Aire has honoured local people at its first ever Superhero Awards ceremony.

The event took place on Thursday night at Bewleys Hotel in the city and award winners included ‘Secret Millionaire’ star Terry George who was named Leeds Legend, and Welcome to Yorkshire’s Gary Verity – best known for bringing the Tour de France to Yorkshire – who picked up the prize of Ambassador for Leeds.

The station presented the Cash for Kids Bravery Award to a 5 year old girl, Kendal Middleton Jessop, who was diagnosed with cancer aged 3 and has helped raise awareness of Neuroblastoma locally.

Radio Aire breakfast presenter, Kam Kelly said “It was lovely and humbling to be part of an award ceremony where the awards actually mean something. The amount of people wanting photos with Kendal would make a queue of One Direction fans look small.”

Lisa Sullivan, Radio Aire Cash for Kids Charity Manager added: “It was an incredible honour to be amongst so many Superheroes as well as raising thousands of pounds for Radio Aire Cash for Kids and raising awareness too. There was such a buzz in the room and everyone had a fabulous evening. This was a great event to launch our Superhero Day which is on May 15th.”

Picture shows Gary Verity, Kendal Middleton Jessop and Terry George.

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Mi-Soul plans DAB radio launch in London

Internet station Mi-Soul is making plans to launch on DAB in London next month.

The station, set up by Kiss FM founder Gordon Mac, says it will be available across the capital from Saturday 27th June.

It is listed by Ofcom as playing ‘Current and classic soulful music’ with a new DSP, Digital Sound Programme Service licence (local).

We’ll bring you more details as soon as we can on future plans.



Pictorial Musings

01-DSC_0680 02-DSC_0681

I noticed this non-bargain in our local waitrose a while back. How can Heston imagine that they can charge £12 for a non alcoholic drink?  The fact is they can and they do!

03-DSC_0684 04-DSC_0685


Our local Oxfam bookshop mounts some lovely themed displays in their window. This one is on Magic and is particularly cute!






The Daily Mail had a reproductions of VE Day moments in history. This one caught my interest and eye.  I first heard Lord Haw Haw on a BBC Records compilation of the war.

Here is an example of the menacing voice of Lord Haw Haw.   Although Brother Stair of the Overcomer Ministry. is not in the same league, but a religious broadcaster I find his voice rather sinister and haunting.



An old Camera that was on display in a Bed and Breakfast we stayed in overnight a few days ago. The progress from film to digital photography has made photographs so easy to take.  It however does not improve the quality of pictures at all!

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A series of pictures taken a few weeks ago when I revisited Old Eastcote in Middx.  A small section of true beauty in Suburbia, as lovely as pictures I have taken in Oxfordshire recently.

03-DSC_0695 02-DSC_0694 01-DSC_0693I was travelling through Uxbridge last Sunday and saw none other than Boris Johnson wooing the voters.  He was successful, surprise surpise. The gentleman with the beard in the last photo is MP Randall, the MP who stood down for Boris!   Let’s hope Boris spends some time in his new ward!


Radio Caroline History

I have just spotted this site, via a Yahoo Groups email.

There is a page dedicated to Radio Caroline with entire copies of the Caroline News Bulletin scanned to read.

Radio Caroline The Station that moulded my musical taste for good part of the 70’s For old recordings visit www.azanorak.com/ Brief History (Horizon Magazine) 1971 sadly silent 1972 –  Against all the odds Caroline returns off dutch coast but mast collapses 1973  Mi Amigos 2nd Mast collapses 1974  Dutch act closes RNI, Atlantis & Veronica. Caroline returns on 259 off UK 1975 staff prosecutions and ship breaks anchor, police board 1976  anchor breaks crew abandon ship 1977 ship almost sinks back on 319 metres 1978 silent due to supply problems and loss of Radio Mi Amigo 1979 Mi Amigo nearly sinks again but saved by Peter Chicago 1980 2 0 March Mi Amigo sadly sinks
Visit the site and enjoy the contents of the page http://robsbaralora.magix.net/public/radiocaroline.htm