Tony Blackburn still on top at 80!

From the Radio Today site

BBC Radio 2 to air special show for Tony Blackburn’s 80th birthday

Tony Blackburn turns 80 years old on the 29th of January and BBC Radio 2 will celebrate the occasion in a special programme, reports OnTheRadio.

In Happy Birthday Tony Blackburn: 80 Poptastic Years on Radio 2, Dermot O’Leary will talk to Tony about his life and career and surprises him with messages from fellow broadcasters and friends from the world of entertainment and music.

The programme hears from former bandmate and creator of Year Of The Cat, Al Stewart, school friend and former BBC Chief Political Correspondent and Strictly star John Sergeant, close friend Noel Edmonds, soul singer Jaki Graham, and Gyles Brandreth.

Marty Wilde MBE remembers Tony’s family connection with his family as Tony’s dad, Dr Kenneth Blackburn, delivered his daughter and future star, Kim Wilde.

Sir Cliff Richard, Frank Allen (from The Searchers) and Johnnie Walker talk about his role on the pirate radio stations, Radio Caroline and Big L – Radio London.

Johnny Beerling and Tim Blackmore describe his unique importance at the beginning of British national pop radio on pirate radio, The Light Programme and launching BBC Radio 1, while Gary Davies appreciated his warm welcome to Top Of The Pops.

Ant & Dec send their best wishes, alongside Christine Hamilton and Chris Moyles who give their insights as to why Tony was crowned the first-ever King Of The Jungle. Pete Waterman reveals how Tony changed his life and gave Rick Astley his biggest hit to date.

Fellow broadcasting colleagues Greg James, Sara Cox, Zoe Ball, Trevor Nelson, Simon Bates, Rob Brydon, Jon Culshaw, Pete Paphides and Nick Grimshaw chat about why Tony has always been, and continues to be, such an inspiration to them.

Happy Birthday Tony Blackburn: 80 Poptastic Years will be available on BBC Sounds from Saturday 28 January and air on Radio 2 on Sunday 5 February.

What’s a Radio Look Like? — DickTaylorBlog –

An interesting line of thought on this blog!

When someone uses the picture of a radio in an article, it often looks like this: And if they are talking about a camera, the picture they show looks something like this: The problem for both of these single use devices is today they look like this: The smartphone has replaced so many of the […]

What’s a Radio Look Like? — DickTaylorBlog

Emperor Rosko

From the Radio Today site

Emperor Rosko returns home for breakfast at Radio Caroline

Emperor Rosko will present a series of monthly breakfast shows on Radio Caroline starting this month.

Rosko joined Radio Caroline as a pirate radio DJ in 1964 before joining BBC Radio 1 as one of their original presenters in 1967.

Rosko last presented a regular show on Radio Caroline in 1966, when he was part of the broadcast team on the pirate radio ship ‘Mi Amigo’, along with Tony Blackburn, Tom Lodge and Tony Prince.

After a long career in broadcasting he now he returns to Radio Caroline with special shows to coincide with monthly Radio Caroline North broadcast weekends from Caroline’s radio ship ‘Ross Revenge’, which is moored off the Essex coast.

Rosko’s first show is at 6am on Saturday 14 January.

Radio Caroline North will be available on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January at 648 AM and online at

Day 135: Orford Ness — Closer to the edge – an interesting account of the buildings at Orfordness, by someone who did not mention the Caroline 648 mast!

I wake early around 5am, excited about the day ahead. I’ve booked a ticket to visit the Orford Ness National Nature Reserve, home to remnants of buildings used at the height of the Cold War by the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment for development work on the atomic bomb. A pleasant five mile cross-country walk, passing […]

Day 135: Orford Ness — Closer to the edge

Ask Hackaday: Will your 2030 Car Have AM Radio? — Hackaday

Car makers have been phasing out AM radios in their cars for quite some time. Let’s face it, there isn’t much on AM these days, and electric vehicles have been known to cause interference with AM radios. So why have them? For that matter, many aftermarket head units now don’t even have radios at all. […]

Ask Hackaday: Will your 2030 Car Have AM Radio? — Hackaday

Please click above to read the rest of the post by another blogger. AM radio is what was called Medium Wave back in the day. It has been phased out already in the UK by DAB and FM, in most new vehicles, and I thought we were behind America!

A Century of Listening — Times and Tides of a Beachwriter – an interesting article from another blog!

One hundred years ago today at 6pm, BBC radio officially broadcast for the first time; a news bulletin read twice, the second time slowly in case listeners wished to take notes. The BBC is celebrating its centenary all year and of course including television. But today radio deserves the limelight. Neither television nor the internet […]

A Century of Listening — Times and Tides of a Beachwriter

Roger Day

It was good to hear Roger Day on Boom Breakfast this week.

Roger Day

‘Twiggy’ Day – ‘your thinner record spinner’ was the slim ‘60s pirate who, after dramatic days at sea on the offshore stations, ended up being voted one of the UK’s top disc jockeys.

He returned, via Radio Luxembourg, to be the first voice on Piccadilly Radio in Manchester; and has since been heard on stations around the World.

Now, at Boom, he says he’s never been happier since those early pirate days. Not least because he gets to play so much music by his beloved Beach Boys, whose 1968 tour he compered.


I don’t normally make political observations but this is amazing. I heard on BBC Berkshire a few days ago that ex MPs get an allowance of £100,000. This below is what the papers are saying. It is ridiculous and unfair for any human being to get so much money a month , or year.

Liz Truss earned £9,094 as PM, will get £18,860 severance and £115,000 a year minutes ago


Liz Truss will pocket a severance payment of £18,860 – despite being the shortest serving Prime Minister in history. For her 44 days in No 10, she is also set to be paid £9,094, the Mirror reports.

(some interesting thoughts about music on the radio and also a link to a spotify playlist) September 6 – The Turntable Talk, Round 6 : Cracklin’ Through Those ’70s Airwaves — A Sound Day

Welcome back to Turntable Talk! As by now, regular readers know, that’s when I have several interesting guest writers sound off on one topic related to the music that we look at here daily. This is our sixth round of it, and if you’re new here, I recommend taking a look back at some of […]

September 6 – The Turntable Talk, Round 6 : Cracklin’ Through Those ’70s Airwaves — A Sound Day

( a sad day described by another blogger)#OTD in 1967 – The Marine Broadcasting Offences Act became law. — Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland

This was the Act by which the government sought to ban broadcasts by ‘pirate’ radio stations, mostly operating from ships outside the UK’s territorial waters. These had flourished since 28 March 1964, when Radio Caroline went on the air and initiated a spate of such ventures, proving the public appetite for music-based commercial radio.  When […]

#OTD in 1967 – The Marine Broadcasting Offences Act became law. — Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland