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When I was at school, in woodwork we had to make stools etc and make the seats out of this cane weave. This chair in a local collectables shop reminded me of this fact!

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A local shop which does house clearances, but sells items under the guise of an antique shop had these radios for sale at high prices.  The Bush Radio is in fact a reproduction of an older model. The Pye is genuine and the other mini ghetto blaster is cheap radio junk!  Some more objects from the same shop below

DSC_0550 DSC_0551 DSC_0553

In our local Oxfam book and music shop a host of annuals from the 70s and 80s. Brings me back memories of days of yore. Too recent to be those that I read though.


A lovely bud on our Christmas flowering Cacti, or maybe I should say Easter flowering!


A recent discover for me, and it has come back again in our garden!

Fritillary Fritillaria meleagris


We end this session of musing with a very relevant song matching one of my interests………………………….

Sadly mainly off the Internet and on holiday now, bar BBC Berkshire and R4!

Gerry Anderson and his great work

I found a superb site today which gives a full run down on all the TV21 comics.


I admit to having watched the new Thunderbirds which is CGI generated. It is designed for children but I found it very entertaining. 

Lady Penelope is much younger than she used to be!


Here is the real thing from the past

If I may indulge myself, here is a another great Gerry Anderson programme I watched when my children were young. Radio Monique used the theme tune from Terrahawks!

Spring has sprung

I was walking back from the shops today and was impressed by the blossom that I saw.

I went out for a short cycle ride in the early evening and started to sneeze.

No complaints though, rain seems to be the feature of the next few days.

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Radio Newsbeat


One evening in Bermuda I received WMEX on medium wave from Boston and set my Archos Jukebox to record it.  I did not realise that the battery in the recorder was low, so I lost the recording because it did not save the file!   It was a Saturday and they had a three hour evening special playing oldies and referring to themselves as the Good Guys.

Selected from the Radio Today site

Hopefully this will mean more chance of listening to new stations in the Thames Valley?

The second national commercial radio DAB multiplex has been awarded to Sound Digital – a consortium of Arqiva, Bauer Media and UTV Media.

It means new services such as talkRADIO, Virgin Radio and Magic Mellow will start broadcasting soon, whilst existing stations heat, Jazz FM and Kisstory will go national. The multiplex will launch within 12 months and will spend £15m promoting DAB over the first six years.

The decision was made by Ofcom in record time – within two months of the closing date – and means the only other application by Orion Media and partners will not get the chance to deploy its proposed services.

These are all the services included on D2:

talkRADIO (news, current affairs and general speech)-UTV Media (GB) Limited
talkSPORT 2 (live sport and sports talk)-UTV Media (GB) Limited
talkBUSINESS (business and finance)-UTV Media (GB) Limited
Virgin Radio (rock and pop music)-UTV Media (GB) Limited
Kisstory (old skool dance tunes and anthems)-Bauer Radio Limited
Magic Mellow (relaxing and melodic music)-Bauer Radio Limited
Heat Radio (pop music, celebrity gossip and entertainment)-Bauer Radio Limited
Planet Rock (classic rock music)-Bauer Radio Limited
Absolute 80s (80s music)-Bauer Radio Limited
Sunrise Radio (Asian music and speech)-Sunrise Radio (London) Limited
British Muslim Radio (Asian music and speech, with elements of Islamic content)-Asian Sound Radio Limited
UCB Inspirational (Christian music)-United Christian Broadcasters Limited
Premier Christian Radio (Christian music and speech)-Premier Christian Media Trust
Jazz FM (non-mainstream music)-Jazz FM Investments Limited
DAB+ channel – TBC

Sound Digital is a mixture of Arqiva (40%) Bauer (30%) and UTV (30%). The company wants to launch within 12 months, and launch all services on a single day with the exception of UTV which plans to launch four new radio stations over time.

Sound Digital has a board of three directors, consisting of a senior executive director from each of Sound Digital’s shareholder companies. The shareholders have agreed that the chairpersonship will rotate between the three directors. They are:

Steve Holebrook (Managing Director of Arqiva Terrestrial Broadcast)
Dee Ford (Group Managing Director Radio, Bauer Media)
Scott Taunton (Chief Operating Officer, UTV Media plc)
In addition, Grae Allan has been mentioned as Bauer’s alternate director for Dee Ford.

Sound Digital plans to co-site transmitters for D2 with Digital One and the BBC national networks to avoid adjacent channel interference to existing digital radio services, and use the same dual satellite distribution feeds that are used by the Digital One network.

Some of the services proposed are already available on Digital One, but Sound Digital says it will still broaden listener choice as the transfer of Planet Rock, Premier Christian Radio and Absolute Radio 80s to the new multiplex would support a further future extension in the choice of distinct national digital radio services available in the UK.



Celador’s JACK stations to become Sam FM

Celador Radio is dropping the JACK fm brand and renaming its three current JACK stations to Sam FM from next week.

The stations based in Southampton, Bristol and Swindon will rebrand on Wednesday 1st April – and Celador says they’ve been planning the change for the last six months.

It leaves just two JACK fm stations remaining in the UK – in Oxford and Reading – following JACK FM Hertfordshire’s change to Bob FM last year.

Earlier this week, Oxis Media announced it had acquired the brand rights for JACK FMacross the UK and Europe.

Celador says the new Sam FM brand will have the same music mix, presenters, features, production and jokes as JACK fm. Actor and comedian Gareth Hale, one half of Hale and Pace, will be the Sam FM station voice.

Celador Radio Chairman Paul Smith said: “We have been considering for some time taking control of our own brand as opposed to franchising a name, which has consistently caused confusion with the two UK Jack stations not under our ownership. We have had great success with our three Jack stations and look forward to them developing further and achieving yet greater success as Sam FM.”

As well as the three Sam FM stations, Celador owns and operates licences as The Breeze, Fire Radio and Palm FM across the south of England.


Ian Collins to replace Duncan Barkes at LBC

Ian Collins to replace Duncan Barkes at LBC

There’s a new night time schedule at LBC for the Spring, as Duncan Barkes makes way for Ian Collins.

Ian will take over the 10pm – 1am slot from Sunday as Duncan Decides to leave the station at the end of his contract. “We thank him for his contribution and wish him the best for the future,” Managing Editor James Rea says.

Ian has been on weekends, and his promotion also means Olly ‘overnight’ Mann moves to the weekend late show, which means weekday overnights will now be hosted by cover presenter Darren Adam.

James Rea says: “Ian is a real heavyweight in speech broadcasting with a strong track record in news and politics. As one of the UK’s most popular late night presenters, he’s charged with taking this very important show to a new high.”

Duncan Barkes tweeted today to thank his listeners: “I wish LBC the very best. My new berth will soon be revealed. Keep checking here. The future is bright. Talk soon?,” he said.


Planet Rock radio show for the Hairy Bikers
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Planet Rock radio show for the Hairy Bikers

Si King and Dave Myers, aka The Hairy Bikers, have signed up with Planet Rock for a new Sunday mornings show whilst Al Murray takes a break.

They’ll be on air for seven shows starting March 29th with The Hairy Rock Show.

Planet Rock has also hired Thunder front man Danny Bowes for a brand new Sunday evening show at the station from 5pm till 7pm starting April 12th. Station owner Bauer Media tells us both slots are available for Sponsorship opportunities.

Music and Content Director for Planet Rock, Ric Blaxill said “The Hairy Bikers are national treasures and we can’t wait to let them loose on-air to share their passion for food as well as their vast knowledge of rock music, a powerful combination and who better than Si and Dave to launch it on radio. Danny Bowes is adored by Planet Rock listeners, he’s funny, he’s engaging, passionate about music and his band Thunder are fresh off the back of a Top 10 album already this year. Danny will draw on his unique insights from an amazing career spanning 25 years and counting as each week he shares his stories, influences and experiences as a rock musician.”

Al Murray will return from his election campaign to continue his Defender of the Planet Rock Tradition show on Sunday mornings from 10-12am from May 17th.


Pirates Ahoy

Cambridge 105 turns pirate on the River Cam


Riverboat GeorginaThis Easter community radio station Cambridge 105 goes back to the golden days of pop radio when the pirates ruled the waves and Caroline was more than just a girl’s name.

At 10am on Good Friday (April 3rd) the crew of the Riverboat Georgina will make way for the presenters and engineers from Cambridge 105. They’ll take charge of the airwaves in true pirate style as they broadcast from the River Cam in the centre of Cambridge.

The event is supported by Lost in Vinyl, the Magdalene Street and online store, which offers a wide range of new release and classic albums, all on newly-pressed vinyl.

With a lofty radio mast in place, modern day technology will bite the dust as they re-discover the joy of ‘spinning discs’ from yesteryear on the gramophone. They’ll cover the pirates’ heyday in the 1960s through to their final demise in the early 1990s.

On board the Riverboat Georgina ex BBC presenters including Trevor Dann and Mandy Morton will join former pirates Julian Clover and Steve Potter as well as many other familiar Cambridge 105 voices.

In addition to our regular transmissions on 105 FM, thanks to the Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) you’ll also be able to hear the day on 6070kHz shortwave.

The custom-built Georgina normally operates on a stretch of the River that runs from Cambridge through Ely to Denver Sluice, with a license to carry 110 passengers.