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A great broadcaster who has been with me through Radio London in the sixties, Radio One, Capital Radio, Capital Gold and BBC Radio Kent.  Such a pity he has passed away ……………………………………..  trust he was not in pain, and condolences to his family andfriends (Waffler)

Veteran BBC radio DJ Dave Cash dies
1 hour ago

Veteran BBC radio DJ Dave Cash dies

  • 1 hour ago
Dave Cash

Dave Cash was one of the first DJs on BBC Radio 1, alongside Tony Blackburn and John Peel

The veteran BBC radio presenter Dave Cash has died at the age of 74.

The former Radio One DJ from Hollingbourne, near Maidstone, recently celebrated 50 years of broadcasting.

He worked at Radio London and Radio Luxembourg before becoming one of the first DJs on BBC Radio 1 – alongside Tony Blackburn and John Peel.

For the last 17 years he presented vintage chart and country music programmes on BBC Radio Kent and other BBC radio stations in the South.

Paying tribute, Tony Blackburn said: “He was a very, very nice guy. His shows were very entertaining and as a person he was very warm, very good company to be with. I enjoyed his company immensely.”

Another former BBC Radio 1 DJ, David Hamilton, said: “I always found him very easygoing company. We’d enjoy a drink and a laugh together.

“When we got together there was loads of laughter. I just remember him as great fun.”

Dave Cash was one of the first DJs on BBC Radio 1, alongside Tony Blackburn and John Peel
The veteran BBC radio presenter Dave Cash has died at the age of 74.
The former Radio One DJ from Hollingbourne, near Maidstone, recently celebrated 50 years of broadcasting.
He worked at Radio London and Radio Luxembourg before becoming one of the first DJs on BBC Radio 1 – alongside Tony Blackburn and John Peel.
For the last 17 years he presented vintage chart and country music programmes on BBC Radio Kent and other BBC radio stations in the South.
Paying tribute, Tony Blackburn said: “He was a very, very nice guy. His shows were very entertaining and as a person he was very warm, very good company to be with. I enjoyed his company immensely.”

Another former BBC Radio 1 DJ, David Hamilton, said: “I always found him very easygoing company. We’d enjoy a drink and a laugh together.
“When we got together there was loads of laughter. I just remember him as great fun.”

This advert for his audio book will tell you a bit about his broadcasting career on Big L

Tony Blackburn back – thanks to Radio Today for this news

Tony Blackburn to return to the BBC in 2017
Posted by Stuart Clarkson

Tony Blackburn is returning to Radio 2 and BBC Local Radio, less than a year after being sacked from all his BBC programmes.

The former Pick of the Pops host will present the Friday night 7pm slot from January, which is due to be vacated by the retiring Desmond Carrington later this month.

Tony left the BBC in February after Director General said his evidence to the Dame Janet Smith inquiry did not match the corporation’s version of events. Since then he has continued to present on commercial stations including KMFM and Bauer’s Greatest Hits network. He also began shows for Thames Radio on DAB in London and Dragon Radio in Wales this year.

Before his dismissal, Tony presented shows on BBC Local stations including Radio London, Radio Berkshire and Three Counties Radio.

The BBC says it stands by the findings of Dame Janet Smith and the decision it made to take Tony Blackburn off air at the start of this year, based on Dame Janet’s preference for the documentary evidence relating to meetings that took place over Tony’s statements. The corporation added that Tony, for his part, stands by his statements to Dame Janet Smith but recognises that the BBC considered a period off air was appropriate.

Tony said in a statement: “I do not seek to criticise the BBC for decisions it has made in the past. I’ve had a difficult year personally, but I’m pleased to be returning to the BBC and can’t wait to get behind the mic again.”

After his dismissal in February, Tony had planned to sue the BBC – it seems now that the legal action will not continue. He was given a second lifetime achievement Gold Award at the Radio Academy Awards in 2014, marking his 50 years on the air.

Tony had no further comment to make today, but posted a message of thanks on Twitter to those sending kind tweets to him.


Pictorial Musings

Street Art in Uxbridge Town Centre this weekend


Eastcote Station and a view down the Eastcote Road, Lived near there for 17 years, lots of changes there!

dscn1913 dscn1914

My wife pointed out this little fellow leaning out of a car window!


Views of the River Pinn etc near Black Horse Parade

dscn1916 dscn1917 dscn1918 dscn1919

An old film driving through Eastcote and ending up in Ruislip.  You will see Eastcote House, where we  used to get our injections for polio etc in the last 50s/60s.  Also Haydn Hall.  All of those buildings were carelessly demolished in the 60s sadly!


Sunset over West Drayton Station last night

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Pictorial Musings


A Salters passenger boat at a landing stage at Henley on Thames. I believe the boat was built in 1923!


The best picture I have managed to get, difficult to capture Cormorants when they are perched in the middle of a large river. The majority of species have dark feathers. The bill is long, thin and hooked. Their feet have webbing between all four toes. All species are fish-eaters, catching the prey by diving from the surface. They are excellent divers, and under water they propel themselves with their feet with help from their wings; some cormorant species have been found to dive as deep as 45 metres. They have relatively short wings due to their need for economical movement underwater, and consequently have the highest flight costs of any bird.


The closest shot I have got of a Buzzard or Kite. There are varying opinions on this picture, normally Kites have a red colour on the tip of their tail feather on on the wing tips,

dscn1784 Cadbury have just started to sell bags of chocolates, expensive because the bags don’t seem to be filled up very much at all!

Top of the Pops this week had two great songs in it.  There were three dreadful football songs in the show as well!

The first was Junior

The second was by a group called Phd

I haven’t put any comedy items on this blog for a while so here are some gathered from the world wide web!



From https://www.funnypica.com

A funny cat or two from http://www.kickvic.com

Crazy Funny Cats

Crazy Funny Cats

In my 60s I have become very fond of cats, essentially they are very selfish but so lovely to stroke and cuddle when they allow you to do this.

http://www.dumpaday.com next

funny (5)

From http://www.ozar.com

Finally an archive radio recording (not comedy though!)

Roger day is in his 50th year of broadcasting. This video I found is slightly tongue in cheek and worth a view!


Kenton Theatre – David Hamilton’s Rock and Roll Back The Years

Kenton Theatre – David Hamilton’s Rock and Roll Back The Years

A great evening last night, didn’t know what to expect when we booked the show. But the music from the 50s and 60s sung well turned out to be a real tonic.


The group playing were called The Fugitives, they were excellent and played superbly. At one stage the keyboard player was gesticulating to the sound engineer, because his keyboard was not audible.  That was soon fixed.  I used to work as a sound recordist, and must say the sound quality on stage was exceptional, on the voice and musical side. The only time there was distortion was on the feed back speakers, during Ike and Tina Turner’s River Deep and Mountain High!


The Tiffany Girls were accomplished singers. Singing songs by many female artists, including Lulu, Cilla Black, the Seekers, Supremes, and so many more!


David Hamilton and the performers all seemed to enjoy the show. The audience lapped it up, clapped along and even danced in the aisles in the second half!


Ash, the male singer was equally talented, and sang songs by Elvis, the Beatles, and many more!  I like the seven little girls song, when the band donned ladies wigs and camped things up!


Ash chatting to David on the stage. There were a lot of costume changes for the group and singers.


Above, rather blurred is a shot of one of the Tiffany Girls singing Shout!   The girls also did Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’ dancing in the street and Morning Town Ride. They had learn Morning Town ride when Ed Stewart died. Ed’s wife was in the audience so they sang it tonight, very beautifully.


Ash with the Tiffany Girls above


David Hamilton joins in the singing towards the second half of the performance, and sang very well indeed!

Below are pictures off the show’s Facebook site, taken after the performance last night


Stephanie De Sykes with David and Mike

Here below is a resume of the show made to publicise the performance, which is part of a country wide tour.


Dates and venues for the rest of the tour as below:
Saturday 24th September 2016
Kenton Theatre
Henley on Thames
Box Office: 01491 575698


Saturday 15th October 2016
Trowbridge Civic Centre
Box Office: 01225 765072


Saturday 29th October 2016
The Prince of Wales Theatre
Box Office: 01543 578762


Friday 18th November 2016
Epsom Playhouse
Box Office: 01372 742555


Thursday 9th February 2017
Brierley Hill Civic Hall
Brierley Hill
Box Office: 01384 573381


Saturday 4th March 2017
Regal Theatre
Tenbury Wells
Box Office: 01584 819 998


Friday 21st April 2017
Swan Theatre
Box Office: 01905 611427


Saturday 20th May 2017
The Plaza
Box Office: 01614 777779


Saturday 10th June 2017
White Horse Holiday Park
Private Event


Saturday 8th July
Pavilion Theatre
Box Office 01745 330000


Sunday 9th July 2017
Theatre Severn
Box Office: 01743 281281

Friday 4th August 2017
Tivoli Theatre
Box Office: 01202 885566


Saturday 12th August 2017
Trinity Arts Centre
Box Office: 01427 676655


Saturday 19th August 2017
Artrix Theatre
Box Office: 01527 577330


Friday 8th September 2017
Exmouth Pavilion
Box Office: 01395 222477


Saturday 9th September 2017
Babbacombe Theatre
Box Office: 01803 328385

Radio Newsbeat


I had no idea that Paul Rusling, ex Caroline and the person who masterminded the Laser radio project, had a blog.  This has been in existence since 2013 following his Mother’s death.  It is very interesting and as varied as I try to make my blog.  I have added a link to this blog, but for the record it is https://paulrusling.blogspot.co.uk

Garry Steven’s Wonderful Radio London Internet station is an excellent listen.  Plenty of jingles, and clips from the station, woven into a play out system.


I have been listening in to the shortwaves for the past two evenings you may be interested to see my logs for this. In the past I gave up reporting to my radio club magazine Communication, because the most prominent station was China Radio International.  It still is, but some interesting stations came in as well. This only happened because I remembered to employ the random long wire aerial to my Sony 7600G receiver, instead of relying on the telescopic aerial


kHz UTC Station, programme details, language, etc SIO Date Init.

5910 1947 R Romania Int> yl speaking and mx and ID  Serbian 444 22/9


5920 1950 HCJB Deustch> om talking, preaching?  German 323 22/9


5960 1954 Voice of Turkey> om singing with strings  Turkish 222 22/9


5970 1955 China R Int> om intro in FF chinese mx talk etc 534 22/9


6000 1958 Overcomer Ministry> Bro Stair with end px and promo EE 544 22/9


6070 2000 Radio 292> id then a religious px difficult to listen to EE 322 22/9


6100 2002    China R Int> Om in ARABIC frequencies read out etc 322 22/9


7205 2005 R France Int> yl speaking FF whistle under signal 423 22/9


7265 2008 China R Int> yl in ESPERANTO talking and Chinese mx 544 22/9


7285 2010 China R Int> om and yl in EE sounds like drama about 533 22/9

Husband and Wife  some choppy fading over signal


7305 2014 China R Int> instrumental mx and occ fades clps of songs

POLISH 544 22/9


7325 2016 China R Int>Mama should have told me mx SERBIAN  434 22/9


7335 2017 China R Int> om CHINESE 333 22/9  KSK


7390 2018 China R Int> Mx om singing SERBIAN 544 22/9


7415 2020 China R Int> drama about chinese marriage etc EE 444 22/9


7440 2121 China R Int> Chinese tx site Beijing!     433 22/9


9440 2125 China R Int> drama about marriage etc EE 433 22/9


9460 2126 Voice of Turkey> om speaking occasional buzz TURKISH 534 22/9


9555 2127 R Saudi, exotic mx and om  and yl with id in Arabic 422 22/9

Whistle and atmos crackles at times


9565 2128 Adventist World R> closing tx in FF 21:30 carrier cut FF 444 22/9


9575 2130    R Mediterranee Int> om in FF whistles and crackles at times323 22/9

9575 1843  R Meditteranee> Om and YL in FF bad whistle on sig 422


9600 1849  China R Int> N Zealand and Chines trading yl and om EE 433


9675 1851  Unid > yl speaking fades and whistle 523


9695 1855 China R Int> om in Bulgarian  fades and whistle 433


9710 1856 Voice of Indep repub Iran,  om and yl FF 322


9785 1858 Voice of Turkey> exotic mx om “voice of turkey always 544

by your side” EE


9800 1904 Overcomer Ministry> Bro Stair “we will be protected”  EE 433


9870 1906 R Saudi> yl and om, ARABIC   322


11600 1908 Radyoya Denge Kurdistane> OM YL  KURDISH   221


11650 1911 China R Int> om and yl mx  GERMAN 545 23/9


11695 1914 China R Int> om in FF adjacent stn breakthrough at times 334 23/9


11700 1916 R Biafra> om on God etc EE 333 23/9


11755 1919 China R Int> much mention of Bejing GERMAN 222 23/9

Audible signal but some crackling at times


11790 1922 Adventist World Radio> om in WOLOF  334 23/9


11800 1923 Adventist World Radio>  Yl in ARABIC 222 23/9


11820 1924 R Saudi> yl singing ARABIC 545 23/9


11875 1926 Overcomer Ministry> mx Bro Stair  EE 122 23/9


11895 1930    China R int. Yl   CANTONESE 533 23/9


11915 1932 R Saudi> om singing and chanting ARABIC 322 23/9


11975 1934 R Romania Int> yl and om ROMANIAN  544 23/9


12075 1935 Overcomer Ministry> Bro Stair into yl with praise God EE 555 23/9

News Selected from the Radio Today Site

BBC Radio 4 drops C-bomb at 11:15am

BBC Radio 4 presenter Gary Younge read out the C word during a pre-recorded programme on Wednesday morning.

Gary announced seconds beforehand that he was about to use some strong language, then went on to read out some graffiti aimed at Polish people in the UK: “Vote out EU. Come on England, get the c***s out.”He was discussing Brexit in a pre-recorded documentary, which focussed on the effect that leaving the European Union could have on European people already living in Britain. A BBC representative told us: “Radio 4 has an adult audience and warnings of strong language were broadcast before and during the programme.”

Dean Martin and Jive Bunny join Thames Radio

Former long-serving Gold radio presenter Dean Martin is joining the team at Thames Radio.

He’ll host a new Sunday evening show from 7pm till 10pm every week called Through The Decades.

Also this week, Jive Bunny is joining for a Friday night show with his Mastermixers for the Friday Night Party Mix.

The station has put Neil Fox back on Breakfast in the capital from Monday, meaning Neil Francis moves to the drive slot from 4pm till 8pm.

The Best Disco in Town moves to Saturdays 10-midnight following Tony Blackburn’s Soul and Motown Party (Saturday 6pm).

Thames Radio’s Content Manager, Steve Simms told RadioToday: “I’m delighted to be able to complement the existing schedule with even more of London’s most experienced broadcasters. Thames Radio has the best line up of talent and radio personalities in town and I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Jive Bunny getting our listeners “In the Mood” for the weekend!”

Posted by Radio Today Staff

BBC Radio 3 wins special achievement award

BBC Radio 3 has been honoured for its ‘extraordinary work’ at one a classical music industry awards.

In a special honour, which is awarded every few years, the Gramophone Awards celebrated the extraordinary work of BBC Radio 3, as the 70th anniversary of the station and its predecessor, the Third Programme, approaches on the 29th September.

Author and actor Simon Callow presented the award to Helen Boaden, Director BBC Radio. BBC Radio 3 was recognised for being ‘pioneering and consistently successful’ as well as ‘helping to kick-start the careers of many artists’, including Igor Levit and Benjamin Appl, former BBC New Generation Artists who also won awards at the ceremony.

Helen Boaden commented: “We are hugely honoured and grateful to receive this prestigious award which recognises our strong spirit of adventure and ambition. From its earliest days, BBC Radio 3 has been devoted to offering audiences pleasure, challenge and exploration. It remains fearless in its commitment to musical quality, and creative invention. Radio 3 goes from strength to strength and continues to carry the torch of the Third Programme as a true pioneer, connecting audiences with remarkable music and culture and supporting new talent and the wider industry.”

In September to mark 70 years since the launch of the Third Programme which subsequently became BBC Radio 3, the station will broadcast from Southbank Centre 23rd September – 7th October with special immersive events, new commissions and live music. It will also broadcast 70 days of new commissions across music and the arts and has an embedded composer who will create premieres for the station, week by week.

Heart hosts exclusive gig with Emeli Sandé

Heart is organising a gig with Emeli Sandé for 400 listeners, with the event also being broadcast on Heart TV.

Emeli will take to the stage to perform a selection of her songs as well as some brand new material at Under The Bridge in London on September 27th.


Gary Stein, Managing Editor of Heart, said: “Emeli is an unbelievable talent and Heart listeners love her music. This gig will be particularly special, with such a unique vocalist performing live in one of London’s more intimate venues. It’s going to be a fantastic evening.”

Emeli Sandé said: “It’s a real thrill to be performing a gig for Heart listeners in such an intimate venue. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the release of my new material, and I can’t wait.”

Heart listeners will be able to watch the gig on heart.co.uk from Friday September 30th and on Heart TV on Friday October 7th.

James Whale to leave BBC Essex Breakfast

BBC Essex breakfast show presenter James Whale is leaving the station, he announced on-air this morning.

He’ll continue to present his Saturday show, Something for the Weekend, on BBC Radio Kent, but will be off to look at other media work. He’ll be covering drivetime on talkRADIO next week, then take a week off and see what happens.

Speaking on i nRadioafter his BBC Essex show this morning, he said: “It was my choice to leave the breakfast show. After Celebrity Big Brother there’s been no shortage of offers and getting up at 4 o’clock every morning is OK if you’re being paid lots of money and I’m not needing the stress at the moment.”

“They asked me if I stayed on till the end of the year but I thought if I did, I probably wouldn’t go at all!”

James joined BBC Essex in 2014 and has worked on LBC, talkRADIO and talkSPORT in recent ars.

Posted by Radio Today Staff

West Yorkshire RSL to broadcast on FM for 4 days

The Hebden Bridge area of West Yorkshire is to gain its own FM radio station for a few days next week.

Recycle Radio will be on-air from 29th September to 2nd October promising local news, interviews and music. It has been funded by grants and support from Hebden Royd Town Council, The Archway Project (Youth project in Halifax), plus lottery funding, so there won’t be any adverts on the station.

The broadcast will start at 7am on Thursday September 29th. The Mayor of Hebden Royd, Tony Hodgins will be officially opening the station live on air at 11am, along with Deputy Mayor Cllr Pat Fraser.

The team are hoping for the station to become a more permanent part of the area in the future.


Last week we had a trip out to Cliveden, a National Trust house which has been turned into a hotel, but has some stunning features for anyone to enjoy in the gardens.

From the Windsor Govt., site

Relax in the informal spendour of Cliveden’s stunning gardens and enjoy exploring the peaceful woodlands and Thames riverbank. Discover a garden that delights through the seasons with colourful planting schemes, miles of walks and breathtaking views as well as a giant maze that will entertain all ages. Complete your day out with delicious home-cooked lunches and teas and a visit to the gift shop.

Little known facts:
1. The Cliveden Maze has almost 500 metres of paths and 1,100 yew trees were planted to make the hedges.
2. Cliveden’s famous parterre is planted up with up to 25,000 bedding plants and bulbs every spring and summer.

As we mark our 350th anniversary, an historic chamber located below the South Terrace is opening for the first time in 30 years, inviting you to help us solve the mystery of its past.


Here is a brief timeline which outlines the history , from the Cliveden House Site,

350 years of history


  1. 1605

    Estate acquired by Manfield Family.

  2. 1666

    Estate acquired by George Villiers 2nd Duke of Buckingham. He built the original House on the terrace. Built as a hunting lodge to entertain mistress and friends.

  3. 1668

    Dual fought between Duke of Buckingham and Earl of Shrewsbury on account of Countess of Shrewsbury, at Barn Elms near Putney Bridge. Earl of Shrewsbury was wounded and later died.

  4. 1696

    1st Earl of Orkney acquired Cliveden estate and lived here with his wife Elizabeth Villiers who was a first cousin of Duke of Buckingham. Earl of Orkney was a fine soldier and fought often for his country

  5. 1737

    Frederick Prince of Wales leased the house from Anne Countess of Orkney and her husband the 4th Earl of Inchiquin who moved to live at Taplow Court which was part of the estate.

  6. 1751

    Three Countesses of Orkney. Following the death of Frederick Prince of Wales his wife Augusta gave up the lease on Cliveden and Anne her husband 4th Earl of Inchiquin moved back.

  7. 1795

    Devastating fire which destroyed all of the main mansion and only the wings remained.

  8. 1849

    Duke and Duchess of Sutherland moved in to Cliveden. During this year the House suffered another devastating fire which again destroyed the main house. The queen saw the smoke from Windsor Castle and despatched fire engines from Windsor to help to fight the fire.

  9. 1861

    Water tower completed by Henry Clutton. The sculpture on the top of the tower is a version of the Spirit of Liberty as in the Place de la Bastille in Paris. In 1868 the Duchess died and the house was sold.

  10. 1868

    Duke of Westminster arrived at Cliveden. During this time many alterations were made to the interior of the House.

  11. 1893

    The Astors, William Waldorf Astor was immensely rich and purchased Cliveden for $1.25 million. In 1894 Mamie, Lady Astor died at the age of 36. William was devastated and became almost a recluse at Cliveden spending all of his time and effort on changes to the House and his home in London.

  12. 1897

    Lord Astor purchased the wall panels seen today in the French Dining Room from Chateaux d’Asnieres near Paris. The panels date from the mid 18th century.

  13. 1897

    Fountain of Love carved by Thomas Waldo Story in marble and volcanic rock in Rome.

  14. 1905

    Waldorf Astor met and fell in love with Nancy Langhorne.

  15. 1906

    Waldorf was given Cliveden by his father William Astor, at the same time he gave Nancy a magnificent tiara containing the famous Sancy diamond which, is 55 carats and is now kept in the Louvre in Paris.

  16. 1914

    Waldorf volunteered for the army but failed the medical. The house was offered as a hospital but it was decided that it would be too difficult to adapt. Undaunted, he offered it to the Canadians who created a hospital in the covered tennis court and the bowling alley. Several other buildings on the estate were used as accommodation for staff.

  17. 1915

    The Duchess of Connaught Red Cross Hospital could take 110 patients and ended up being able to house 600. In this year Winston Churchill visited and later the same year the King and Queen paid an official visit.

  18. 1932

    President Roosevelt visited Cliveden. Many famous people visited Cliveden in the post war years including Charlie Chaplin and George-Bernard Shaw.

  19. 1961

    Bill Astor installed the outdoor swimming pool where Christine Keeler and John Profumo met thus igniting the biggest political scandal in British political history.

  20. 1965

    Cliveden has often been used for entertaining and for film making. In 1965 the Beatles filmed part of ‘Help’ the movie at the house and famously held races on the Parterre between themselves and the film crew in-between scenes.

  21. 1969

    Stanford University leased the House for use as a place of learning until 1983.

  22. 1985

    Cliveden House becomes a luxury hotel and the story continues.

  23. 2012

    A new chapter begins… Cliveden House becomes the sister hotel of Chewton Glen in Hampshire. Another famously iconic English Country House Hotel.


This is the Rose Garden at Cliveden – from the National Trust Site

The Rose Garden’s planting design is based on Lord Astor’s original aspirations to create a garden that absorbs its visitors, through the introduction of tall roses in the outer beds and shorter roses on the inside. The repeat flowering roses gently phase from pale yellows in the east through vibrant oranges to deep velvety reds in the west.

A many-layered garden

The Rose Garden was once a formal grassed area known as a ‘cabinet’. It was created for Lord Orkney in the 1720s as part of a ‘wilderness’ garden design, which was popular in the eighteenth century. It was often used for lawn games such as bowling and tennis until a symmetrical rose garden was planted sometime around the post-war period.

Design changes

In 1959 the third Viscount Lord Astor wanted to change the design of the garden and commissioned Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe to do just that. He created a dynamic yet secretive rose garden that provided the Astor family with a place to retreat away from their busy public lives. Unfortunately, the garden suffered from ‘rose disease’ and the flower beds were replaced with herbaceous planting in 2002. This was known as the Secret Garden until 2013.

Re-instating the Rose Garden

Our project focused on reinstating the abstract design and atmosphere of the 1950s rose garden whilst also including features of the original 18th-century wilderness landscape. We lovingly restored the Jellicoe arches and introduced a steel edge to the flower beds to help them hold their abstract shapes. We also reduced the width of the outer shrub border, to let more light into the space, and planted a circular yew hedge which runs around the perimeter of the garden.

Planning your visit

The Rose Garden will be in bloom from mid-June until late September. If you’re inspired to add some rose to your own garden, we have a selection of the David Austin varieties planted here for sale in our shop during the summer months.









A gargoyle which faces out on to the Parterre


The large garden know as the Parterre, from the National Trust Site

Innovative design

When the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland purchased Cliveden in 1849 they worked with Head Gardener John Fleming to transform what was then a simple, large lawn into the innovative design you see today. Fleming was a pioneer of ribbon and carpet bedding and under his guidance Cliveden’s garden displays became horticulturally famous and set a precedent for gardens the world over.

Planting plan for the Parterre, Cliveden
John Fleming's planting plan for the Parterre at Cliveden, Buckinghamshire

An inspiring view

Comprising over six acres and including 16 triangular beds with box hedging, a sweeping semi-circle bed and yew topiary, the Parterre is one of the garden’s most dramatic features. It is such an impressive and enjoyable spot that the Astors would pitch a tent with open sides on the terrace during the summer, so that regular guests could enjoy the view, sketch, or – in the case of George Bernard Shaw – type.


The outdoor Theatre


One side of Cliveden House, now a hotel, note the inscriptions near the soffit boards


Another view of the theatre


Mausoleum at Cliveden


Views of Cliveden House and the clock tower















Admission at the time we went there was £10 per adult, well worth every penny!  We were lucky to be there on a sunny day with a cooling wind blowing