The Royal Regatta Henley started today.

I hope that nobody is taken ill today at the Regatta. The combination of drink and sun is dangerous for all. I think that the rowers will have a real challenge on their hands.

A quick series of photos this post, one of cars ferrying Regata visitors, from the Marlow Road to River Front, and also the winning entry for the window display competition. Judged by Paul Daniels and  his wife, alongside the Mayor and others.  Then two shots of the town from beside the town hall. Pics of the Regatta to follow.

The town is crowded, and happiness abounds!!





Radio Newsbeat

Waffler:  Caroline Flashback does play an excellent choice of oldies, but other than the odd show, it does not feel special enough to stay tune in for longer than an hour or so. 

Windows 10 will be along in July, if you see a windows logo on the bottom bar of your pc, you qualify for a free update. I updated from Windows 8 to 8.1  and have never regretted it, other than the fact that my scanner became obsolete. I will let  you know how I get on with Windows 10.

Recently my AVG anti virus licence ran out, so I installed the free version of Zonealarm Internet Security. This slowed my laptop down to a snails pace.  I now run a new version of AVG and everything is back to normal.

News selected from the Radio Today Site:

Out of the 32.5 million cars on the UK’s roads, five million of them (15.4%) now have digital radio installed.

Here are some stats from Digital Radio UK:

  • 90% of cars which have digital radio have DAB fitted as standard or as an option
  • Total digital listening in car is 16%
  • 10% of cars with digital radio are a result of converting existing analogue in car radio systems to receive digital radio

Lots of progress has been made in recent years – in the last five the percentage of new cars with digital radio as standard has increased from 5% in March 2010 to 65% in March 2015.

But we still have a long way to go as 27.5 million cars don’t have any form of digital radio included.

Drivers are using a range of solutions including fitting replacement digital radios and digital radio adaptors while some are accessing digital radio by integrating their smartphones for use in the car.

Car conversion has been limited to date by the relatively high price of in car adaptors available in car dealers and aftermarket retailers which can cost as much as £350. Research conducted by the AA has indicated that drivers are resistant to paying over £100 to convert their cars to receive digital radio.

Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, says: “ It’s great news that 5 million cars now come with digital radio providing drivers with the full range of radio available today.”

Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, says: “Drivers are getting digital radio in their cars so they can listen to their favourite digital only stations which they enjoy at home. As new cars move towards 100% with digital radio and the new generation of affordable adaptors become widely available we will see an acceleration in car conversion.“

Lincs FM presenters become Butlins Redcoats
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Lincs FM presenters become Butlins Redcoats

It’s Show Time for Lincs FM presenters Rob Hammond (breakfast), Ross Garrigan (evenings) and John Marshall (daytime) as they train up to become Redcoats for Butlins.

At the Lincolnshire Show this year, the three presenters will be shining their shoes and limbering up their muscles as they take to the stage to perform a unique routine.

Over the next few weeks, listeners will hear them being put through their paces at the Redcoat academy in Skegness. They’ll be learning the fundamentals of being Redcoats, including donning the famous attire and heading out into the Butlins Skegness resort to liaise with holiday makers.

They will then perform two dances live on stage across both days of the Lincolnshire Show on the 24th and 25th June.

Director of Programming Sean Dunderdale told RadioToday: “Both Lincs FM and Butlins are trusted, well-known brands, and Butlins are rightly protective over who can, actually, wear one of their famous Red Coats. It will be a real honour for Rob, John and Ross, to walk onto our stage at the Lincolnshire Show in the unique uniform – so the pressure’s really on to make sure they get it right.”

New weekly comedy show for Radio Yorkshire
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New weekly comedy show for Radio Yorkshire

Radio Yorkshire, which last week got its first RAJAR at 71,000 weekly listeners, has a new comedy show for 2015.

The Ross and Josh Show started this week with a Bank Holiday Special between 12pm and 3pm on Monday. The programme will then run every Saturday morning and Sunday evening from the weekend of June 6th.

The show is presented by comedians Ross Brierley and Josh Sadler who have built up a following around Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire as stand ups and with their “The Not So Late Show”.

Ross says: “The show will be bringing red hot chat, special guests and generally daft behaviour to Radio Yorkshire and we’ll be enjoying every second. Our experience in the world of stand-up comedy and our live talk show will hopefully stand us in good stead when it comes to spouting hilarious nonsense on a Saturday morning.

“We hope to bring the spirit of chaos from our live shows to the airwaves and some wonderful guests on the show, including our good friend Baby John, and a healthy smattering of the North’s finest stand-up comedians.”

Josh added: “You need 400g of self raising flour, two tablespoons of baking soda and …. sorry, what was this for again? I’ll be channelling my broadcasting hero, Italian TV Chef Gennaro Contaldo as best I can and …. you know, that sort of stuff.”

Radio Yorkshire’s Director of Broadcasting Sam Brydges said: “A move into radio comedy is something we’ve been thinking about for a while. Ross and Josh’s brand of humour will be perfect for our audience. I laughed anyway.”

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On a visit to Sun FM’s breakfast show this week, girl band Little Mix sang their new single Back Magic outside the radio studio.

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Stations in the West unite for BBC Music Day

The BBC’s local stations and community radio stations in and around Bristol are coming together for BBC Music Day.

A concert from 3pm till 4pm at Bristol’s Colston Hall will simulcast on BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC Somerset and BBC Wiltshire along with three community radio stations in the West Country: Somer Valley FM, Bradley Stoke Radio and Bristol Community FM.

BBC Radio 3 will also broadcast live from the performance, which involves around 200 children from the Bristol Youth Choir and the Open Youth Orchestra, from 3:30 till 3:45pm.

BBC Music Day is a nationwide celebration of music with the aim of connecting communities and generations. It will feature live music events and performances across the country, with broadcasts on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC 6 Music, Asian Network, BBC Local Radio, BBC Breakfast, BBC One’s The One Show and online at

Stephanie Marshall, Head of Regional and Local Programmes for BBC West, says: “It’s great to see so many young performers coming together and sharing their love of music and it’s also a wonderful opportunity to share this marvellous event with as many people as we can – and maybe even reach some new audiences through our digital platforms.

“There’ll be live visual streaming – via the Periscope app – of a signing choir, some lovely films of members of the Paraorchestra on Facebook – and we’ll even tweet every minute during the performance. Everyone can join in!”

For more details on events on radio during Music Day, see here.

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Radio 1 back in Ibiza for 20th anniversary

BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac has announced plans for Radio 1 Ibiza 20 – a weekend of dance music that will take place this summer to celebrate Radio 1’s 20th anniversary of broadcasting shows and hosting events in Ibiza.

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Live jingles singers took part in Chris Evans’ breakfast show this morning as the winner of Radio 2’s 500 Words competition was announced.

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A new show called Lancashire Out Loud has started on BBC Radio Lancashire looking for amateur comedy scriptwriters and stand-up comedians.

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Ofcom trial for local power dab multiplexes

Nothing for the Thames Valley yet!

Ofcom statement:

On 24 February 2015, we published an Invitation to Apply for trial small scale DAB multiplex licences; ten such licences were being made available. By the closing date of 7 April 2015, we had received 51 applications. Of those applications, six did not meet the minimum criteria to be eligible for award of a trial multiplex licence, primarily because the proposed multiplex did not include at least two programme services from different providers.
Ofcom is delighted at the level of interest shown in small-scale DAB, as evidenced by the large number of applications submitted, and we are pleased to have been able to award all of the ten licences available. However, we are not able to license more than ten trial multiplexes within the resources currently available. The ten successful applicants, including the programme services proposed by each, are as follows.
Type 1 single transmitter trial:

Angel Radio (Portsmouth)
Angel Xtra
Express FM
JAMM Radio
Mango FM
The Flash
Triple Hits
BFBS Aldershot (Aldershot)
BFBS Aldershot
BFBS Radio
BFBS Gurkha
Radio Frimley Park
Radio Woking
The Breeze
Brighton & Hove Radio (Brighton & Hove)
Juice 107.2
Radio Reverb
Smile Sussex
Brighton City Student Radio 
Celador Radio (Bristol)
Hub Radio
BFBS Gurkha
Ujima Radio
BSR 103.4fm
BCfm 93.2
Somer Valley Radio
The Breeze
BFBS Radio
Future Digital Norfolk (Norwich)
Future Radio
Norwich 99.9
The Music Machine
Solar Radio
Jazz FM
Future Plus 
Niocast Digital (Manchester)
Panjab Radio
Revolution 96.2
Manchester Business Radio
The Steve Penk Wind-Up Channel
Chris Country
Switch Radio (Birmingham)
Switch Radio
Scratch Radio
Oak FM
Touch FM

Type 2 single frequency network trial:

 Scrimshaws Information Directories (Glasgow)
Your Radio
Celtic Music Radio
Pulse FM
Go Radio
U.DAB (Greater London)
London Greek Radio
Rinse FM
NuSound Radio
Solar Radio
Crackers Radio

Type 3 on channel repeater trial: 

UKRD (Cambridge)
Star Radio
Chris Country
Core Radio
Cambridge 105
Each application was considered in relation to our published assessment criteria; taken as a whole, we considered that the applications listed above demonstrated that the successful applicants were best able and most likely to successfully carry out the trial and provided the best documentary evidence, having regard in particular to the objectives of the trials.
In particular, two of our assessment criteria were the extent to which applicants could demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate costs toinstall and operate a trial small-scale DAB multiplex, and whether they could demonstrate that they would have access to a suitable transmission site. The applicants listed above were selected in part because of the level of technical competence and experience they displayed in their applications, and because they all addressed these two criteria to Ofcom’s satisfaction.
We also indicated that we would favour applicants who proposed to carry programme services from providers of different size and scale within the multiplex, and that one of the key objectives of the trials is to test how well the available technology lends itself to several parties coordinating their services into the multiplex. Each of the applicants we have chosen to take part in the trial proposes to carry at least four programme services, and in particular a mix of commercial and community radio services from a range of different providers.
Finally, each of the applicants we have selected also demonstrated evidence that they will be able to establish their trial multiplex service within the required twelve-week timeframe, if not sooner.
The trial multiplex licences will be granted for a period of nine months, and as indicated above each successful applicant has 12 weeks from the date of award to launch their multiplex service. Given the large number of eligible applications we received, should any successful applicant fail to launch within this period, Ofcom will endeavour to award a licence to a suitable replacement applicant as soon as possible.
The trial licences will include conditions requiring provision of the programme services proposed by each applicant; services can only be added or removed from the multiplex with Ofcom’s permission.
—– Original Message —–
From: ‘Alan Pennington’ alan.pennington1@… [bdxc-news]
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:16 PM
Subject: [BDXC-UK] Ofcom receives 51 small scale DAB trial applications

Ofcom has published 51 applications received for trials of a new approach that could provide small radio stations across the UK with an affordable way to broadcast on DAB digital radio. [list at: ]
Known as ‘small scale DAB’, the new approach is best suited for broadcasting to a small geographic area, ideal for community and local radio stations.
Ofcom intends to license up to ten trials of small scale DAB to help inform Ofcom’s work on identifying suitable frequencies for broadcasting smaller digital stations and how these services could be licensed.
Small scale DAB is cheaper than current systems because it is uses software freely available from rather than relying on often expensive hardware equipment.
If the trials are successful, UK radio listeners could benefit from more local and community radio stations on DAB.
A press release announcing the trials is available on Ofcom’s website [at ]
[ Ofcom 16 April 2015]


Pictorial Musings

01-DSC_0911 02-DSC_0912

Two rather excellent displays in our local Oxfam Book and Music Shop – even in the age of the Kindle books are still great things to have and read!



This was on sale for £1.50 with some terrible scribbling on the fly leaf, but otherwise OK.  Radio Luxembourg was once the only commercial radio station in the UK.  I did not hear it until in the 60s my father’s friend from Plymouth took us lads on a trip to see the lights in London. On the way back he turned on the car radio, and it started to play music that faded in and out, the eventually came in very well indeed.  We did laugh when we heard our first radio commercial though!


A Fidelity Town and Country Radio in a local charity shop window.  Sorry about the reflections on the window

07-DSC_0965 08-DSC_0966

Rhododendrons are lovely plants, here is a fine specimen snapped by me on the way to the local leisure centre.


A really lovely rose in a neighbour’s garden.

17-DSC_0976 18-DSC_0977

Two new radios in a branch of “Home Sense” in a section labelled “Boys Toys”.  Even in this digital age they still make analogue radios.

23-DSC_0982 24-DSC_0984 25-DSC_0985

Three photos taken in a local Sue Ryder shop.  A splendid and unusual window display.  An Airfix kit, oh how I loved putting those together as a child.  We were fortunate that a neighbour made scale model moulds for some of the kits, so we got the occasional gift from him. I was never very good at putting them together, always got glue on my hands!

The final boxed toy in the shop is “Skull Island” This is a game in which you have to transfer a ball bearing through a maze. We had one similar for our children but it did not have all of the characters above on the box, or board!

A lovely radio at a local Sue Ryder Sale

I saw this lovely suitcase style radio at the Sue Ryder Sale at Nettlebed on Saturday. Only £20, but out of my pocket on that day……………….. I returned with a Sony Radio Cassette with CD Player and mega bass for £1. I got it knocked down from £3 as well, cassette unit does not work.  A Technika, cheaper smaller unit cost £5 secondhand.  The Sony radio cassette, cd player works very well indeed but is slightly scratched in places.  Sadly my LG Dab, fm and am radio cassette cd player has had to be binned, the mains input has gone and cannot be repaired.  No worries about DAB in the Thames Valley, signal is very bad, especially on the BBC multiplex where I live!

19-DSC_0934 20-DSC_0935

I have searched briefly on-line and found very little out about the set other than is was made in the 1950s and is referred to as a “handbag radio”.    It did go for £10 on eBay, and their model below looks in better condition.

If the picture above disappears it is due to eBay deleting the entry.