Music Is the Winner: An Interview with the Founder of Sunshine Music iRadio

An interesting post about Sunshine Radio which was formed to take over listeners who missed the station started off by Tony Prince


According to their website, Sunshine Music iRadio is “a new internet radio station that has a love of all types of music!” Dedicated to giving bands, singers, DJ’s and independent artists more exposure and airplay, they also aim to give listeners more of a say in how the station is run and the content it puts it out. Though they have yet to begin broadcasting, the wheels are in motion. 

Let’s start with some basics. I’ve seen the term “iRadio” around for a little while now, but I’ve never been exactly sure of what it means. Is the “i” for “internet”? “Interactive”? A bit of both? Would you mind explaining it to me?

Sure. For our station it means both. We want people to be able to recognize it’s an internet radio station and with internet radio stations growing by over 400% in the last couple years we felt it…

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A post in February that may interest you. World radio day: A love letter to radio — Sarah Collins Bookworm

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post dispelling some of the myths around journalism. Reading that post you’d be forgiven for thinking I hate my job, I don’t, people on the other hand…..the jury is out. Today is world radio day, a celebration of all things radio and it seems only right, I share […]

World radio day: A love letter to radio — Sarah Collins Bookworm

Radio Newsbeat


I have just returned from Halkidiki in Mainland Greece and was able to listen to a variety of stations, when I get time I will do a post about the stations you can receive on FM and AM in that part of the world. The list I took with me, which I printed off from the Internet did not match up very well at all, so it should prove useful for others when visiting that part of Greece. My XHData radio has RDS on it, which saves time having to research each station received.

I thought that Jupiter Radio, which has been started up by Johnny Lewis and Peter Phillips would be a great radio station. What I have heard so far is not totally to my taste. I did however see a post on a Forum asking for a link the the station on their device, so it must appeal to some. I still rate The Cheese which is a similar station which has no DJs just back to back, as a great radio station. It is an Internet Station run as a hobby from New Zealand, it is on FM low power as well in NZ! Please do not confuse this with an Internet Station, which Alexa used to favour

I tend to use Radio 4 for news, and once a day listen to News Radio UK on my Roberts Internet Radio. LBC . I wonder why Alexa plays BBC TV news when you ask for the news, surely Radio 4 would be better, or News Radio UK? Maybe I can change the options on my Alexa App.

Some great radio books have been published recently and I will soon start off mentioning these in case you want to read or buy these. I do now try to get a Kindle edition if possible, due to space problems at Waffle Headquarters!

It would be interesting to know what your listening habits are now, or if you have totally turned your back on the media.

I am also including recommendations for programmes to listen to, taken from an email I received weekly.

News selected from the Radio Today Site

Happy Radio is joining the small-scale DAB multiplex in central Manchester from Monday.The station, with Spence McDonald in the morning and Steve Penk during the day, was launched last month by former Key 103/Greatest Hits presenter Darren Proctor & Festival Organiser Max Eden.

The move to the Trial multiplex is the first planned by the service, which aims to be on numerous in the future.

Darren & Max said: “The response since our launch five weeks ago has been phenomenal and beyond all expectations, with continued and growing support from both advertisers and our new listeners, we’re delighted that we can broadcast our station on the DAB platform.”

The permanent licence for Manchester’s small-scale DAB multiplex will be operated by M&S Digital when the Trial by Niocast comes to an end, following the awarding of the full-time contract by Ofcom yesterday.

BBC Radio 5 Live and talkSPORT will share the UK live audio commentary rights for the next three Premier League football seasons, 2022/23 to 2024/25.

The seven packages provide live audio commentary rights to all Premier League matches, aside from Saturday 3pm fixtures not selected as first or second pick and those matches not selected for audio broadcast on the final day of each season.

Premier League Chief Media Officer Paul Molnar said: “We are very pleased to continue working with BBC and talkSPORT as they demonstrate that live Premier League football remains an important fixture in UK audio programming schedules.

“The quality in coverage from both broadcasters over the years has been excellent, and we look forward to working with them again for the next three seasons.”

Barbara Slater, Director, BBC said: “As we approach the end of another vintage Premier League campaign, we are delighted to confirm our live audio rights deal for the next three seasons. BBC Radio 5 Live will remain the home of Premier League football.”

News UK EVP, President of Broadcasting, Scott Taunton said: “talkSPORT is the home of football, with more live games than any other radio broadcaster. Today we have consolidated our partnership as the Premier League’s only national commercial radio partner, retaining our position as the GameDay destination on Saturday, as well as gaining new live fixtures during the week.

“Our commentary teams across talkSPORT and talkSPORT2 are providing best-in-class live coverage to millions of football fans across the UK. And, across the schedule, our peerless presenting team are delivering unrivalled Premier League coverage to more listeners than ever.”

NSPCC has partnered with OMD and Bauer Media to promote Childhood Day across Absolute Radio and Magic Radio.

On-air activity will raise awareness of the day, bring communities together and encourage audiences and families to play their part.

The campaign follows recent research conducted by Bauer which found that 44% of people agree that they listen to the radio to feel a sense of human connection – up from 35% during the height of the pandemic – and 1 in 3 say they listen to their favourite stations to feel part of a community.

These strong relationships formed by radio therefore make it the ideal medium for NSPCC to connect and communicate with families across the country.

In addition to information about the charity and the upcoming event on-air and online, listeners will hear Harriet Scott, Nick Snaith, Kat Shoob, Ben Burrell and Richie Firth reminisce about one childhood memory that they will always cherish.

This audio will then be juxtaposed with the important message that not everyone’s childhood is the same, and abuse must be addressed and fought together.

In addition to this, NSPCC will take over Emma B’s Packed Lunch Show on Magic Radio from late May to early June in the run-up to Childhood Day. Children will be brought live on air to nominate a parent, teacher or individual who makes their life special and dedicate a song to them, and adults will be able to request the songs that remind them most of their younger days.

Simon Kilby, MD, Bauer Media Advertising said: “Encouraging people to donate to charity is more than just making audiences aware of the brand – it’s illustrating why they should care and communicating how important the charity and the work that they do is. Due to the close connections listeners have with their favourite presenters and voices, research has found that radio is excellent at creating impact in the middle of the funnel, building that trust and consideration.

“We’ve seen this through many charity and social initiative campaigns we’ve launched over the past few years, including the Actionable Audio Ads campaign we did with NSPCC and Say It Now. The work NSPCC does is incredible and we’re proud to work together again to drive donations this Childhood Day.”

Laura Murphy, Associate Head of Marketing, NSPCC said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Bauer Media on this campaign that is going to raise fantastic awareness for our flagship day of fundraising, Childhood Day. It’s brilliant that so many presenters are getting involved to help engage listeners with our important work, and we can’t wait to hear who the children nominate on Emma B’s Packed Lunch show on Magic Radio!

“We know not all children have a happy childhood. No child should have to face abuse or neglect. Last year our Helpline for adults contacted agencies about 22,505 children to investigate concerns about these issues. But strong communities can help keep children safe and we’re calling for everyone across the UK to unite on the 10 June for Childhood Day, to raise money and awareness for the NSPCC.”

The campaign is now live and will run till 10th June on Absolute Radio, Magic Radio and across Bauer Media platforms through Octave and Bauer Illuminate activity.

Fix Radio is now broadcasting nationally – five years after launching as the builder’s station in London.

The station celebrated its fifth birthday last week with a post on social media documenting its journey from a small regional station to an everyday essential for tens of thousands of tradespeople across the country.

Speaking about the national expansion, Fix radio founder Louis Timpany said: “We’ve now gone from an idea over a cup of tea on a building site to a national brand in just five years.

“This means that we can now offer advertisers a national route to tradespeople with zero wastage – and that’s an extremely exciting prospect for us.

“We have strong working partnerships with the likes of Checkatrade and Festool and recently struck a monumental deal with Wolseley, the largest heating and plumbing merchants in the UK.

“The deal with Wolseley – who have come on board to sponsor Fix Radio’s weekly Heating & Plumbing Show – may also lead to the station being broadcast throughout 500 of the company’s locations across the country, a genius bit of product placement if it happens, and perfectly exemplifies the forward thinking attitude of Fix Radio and its commercial team.”

Fix Radio listeners have also been helping with a crowdfunding campaign which has raised more than its target of a £750,000 to help the station grow.

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 5:04 am by RadioToday UK

The Bald Builders join Fix Radio for Brunc

Dean Martin joins Fix Radio’s weekend schedule

Footballer turned radio host Stan Collymore joins Fix Radio

Fix Radio plans to give out free cash in the streets

Ugly Phil returns to the UK to host Fix Radio Breakfast

London’s Fix Radio extends service to Manchester

Russ & Jono reunited with daily show at Fix Radio

Graham Mack goes from Bob FM to Fix Radio

Fix Radio expands and launches Fix Media

Lee and Dean to host special shows on Fix Radio

Fix Radio claims audience of 25,000 listeners

Podcast: Exclusive Fix Radio tour and chat

Fix Radio launched by world’s richest plumber

Fix Radio plans free bacon butties for launch

Fix Radio to target tradespeople in London

Today’s radio news

Red Rose Radio name planned to return in Lancashire

4 hours ago
LBC journalist Lillie Almond launches Where You From? podcast

7 hours ago
Happy Radio joins the lineup on Manchester DAB multiplex

May 13, 2022 – 5:33 pm
Greg Burns joins Nation Radio UK for a daily show

Radio Newsbeat



It seems like Equity in the UK are worried about smart speakers carrying certain radio programmes for rights reasons. We may be heading for a situation that was in the USA some years ago when stations can no longer afford to be available outside their transmission area on the Internet.

From the Radio Today site

Fix Radio is now broadcasting nationally – five years after launching as the builder’s station in London.

The station celebrated its fifth birthday last week with a post on social media documenting its journey from a small regional station to an everyday essential for tens of thousands of tradespeople across the country.

Speaking about the national expansion, Fix radio founder Louis Timpany said: “We’ve now gone from an idea over a cup of tea on a building site to a national brand in just five years.

“This means that we can now offer advertisers a national route to tradespeople with zero wastage – and that’s an extremely exciting prospect for us.

“We have strong working partnerships with the likes of Checkatrade and Festool and recently struck a monumental deal with Wolseley, the largest heating and plumbing merchants in the UK.

“The deal with Wolseley – who have come on board to sponsor Fix Radio’s weekly Heating & Plumbing Show – may also lead to the station being broadcast throughout 500 of the company’s locations across the country, a genius bit of product placement if it happens, and perfectly exemplifies the forward thinking attitude of Fix Radio and its commercial team.”

Fix Radio listeners have also been helping with a crowdfunding campaign which has raised more than its target of a £750,000 to help the station grow.

Changes are being made to the evening schedule at Magic as former KISS presenter Neev Spencer joins for a weekend show.

From next week, Neev will be hosting the Friday evening show from 7pm-10pm.

Alongside this, she will also be hosting a 90s soul show on Magic Soul from 4pm-6pm every Saturday.

Current presenters Jim Davis and Jen Thomas also move into new slots across the week.

Jen Thomas will host the late-night slot Monday to Thursday from 10pm -1am and Jim Davis gets Saturday and Sunday nights from 7pm through until 10pm.

New changes on Magic Soul also include Paul Hayes at breakfast on Monday to Fridays from 7am-10am, whilst Des Paul joins drivetime Monday to Friday from 5-8pm and will also present an 80s soul show on Fridays from 5-7pm.

On joining the Magic Radio team Neev said: “I’m looking forward to joining Magic Radio, it’s always been one of my favourite stations, so to be able to host my own shows is a really exciting time. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead with Magic Radio.”

These changes are set to take place from Monday the 2nd of May.

Virgin Radio UK has a few programming changes across the network for the summer season, including the return of Virgin Radio Pride UK in June.

As Sam Pinkham takes a break, Steve Denyer moves to early breakfast. Bam moves to evenings from 7-10pm on Monday to Thursday, and Olivia Jones joins the team from Rock FM to present the late show from 10pm.

Meanwhile, Jayne Middlemiss moves to weekend breakfast from 6-9.30am.

Other changes include Vicki Blight taking over Virgin Radio Anthems UK in the mid-morning slot and Michael Underwood switching to Virgin Radio Chilled UK.

The network is also moving its Sunday Special documentary slot forward to 7pm, as the Virgin Radio team takes a weekly deep dive on the lives and achievements of some of the greatest names in music.

Still no word on a permanent replacement for Kate Lawler on Drive, as Gaby Roslin continues to cover.

Virgin Radio UK Content Director, Mike Cass said: “You can smell it in the air, summer is just around the corner, and we’re changing things up, not least with the return of the award-winning Virgin Radio Pride UK in June.

“I’m delighted to welcome new voices, and familiar voices in new slots, as we prepare to provide the soundtrack to the UK’s summer!”

alkRadio has fully aligned its branding with the new TalkTV station on the launch day of the television service.

A new logo is now being used for TalkRadio – to match TalkTV – and TalkRadio’s website has disappeared with now redirecting to Talk.TV.

TalkRadio’s social media channels have also been rebranded to TalkTV, with @TalkRadio on Twitter no longer existing and the talkRADIOuk address on Facebook rebranded as TalkTV.

TalkRadioUK also no longer exists on Instagram as the account has changed to TalkTV.

The programmes and presenters on both services will be simulcast 24/7 from 7pm today – Monday 25th April 2022.

TalkTV will broadcast on Sky Channel 526, Virgin Media Channel 627, Freeview Channel 237 and Freesat Channel 217, as well as via connected TV services and smart devices.

The new TalkTV and TalkRadio show Piers Morgan Uncensored will feature former US President Donald Trump.

The show will air at 8pm on the launch day for TalkTV, which will carry the programmes of TalkRadio for the majority of the output.

TalkTV’s daytime schedule at launch will broadcast televised shows from TalkRadio. Media Powerhouse, specialists in visualised radio studios have constructed new set environments designed by Jim Fenhagen, working with TalkRadio Programme Director Dennie Morris.

Dennie Morris said: “We’ve added some movement to our main studio video wall, aligning it to the visual experience of our bespoke TV studios.

“Alongside that, we’ve ensured cameras get the best shots of the studio guests. This is visualised radio at its best; it feels at home on television while retaining the unique look and feel of a radio studio environment

Your weekly look back at recent radio news, and look ahead to this week’s radio diary..
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Radio Newsbeat

A choice of Radio Listening from Radio Today

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Modern Features In Classic Radio — Hackaday

Shared from another blog

As consumer electronics companies chase profits on tighter and tighter margins, it seems like quality is continually harder to find for most average consumer-grade products. Luckily, we don’t have to hunt through product reviews to find well-built merchandise since we have the benefit of survivorship bias to help us identify quality products from the past […]

Modern Features In Classic Radio — Hackaday

Radio Newsbeat


Sunshine Radio Online does have some good shows, but recently I have found the music choice is not always to my liking. It was formed after UDJ closed down, and incorporates some of their presenters.

Mike Read’s show on Downforce Radio is good, but I feel he does too much talking in between songs. I am also aware that he says “err” quite often, maybe this has always been the case.

Graham Dene’s breakfast show on Boom Radio has a varied and good choice of music.

I tend to tune over to Jack 3 Chilled after a while in the morning. It is a computerised output, and plays a variety of good classic tunes on oldies. The pre-recorded announcements are also slightly irreverent at times, which makes for fun listening.

My overall favourite Internet station from New Zealand is “The Cheese”, they have pre-recorded announcements from the “Cheese Master” which are light hearted Looking at their website there are some show with presenters. I have yet to listen to any of these so cannot air any opinion of these shows.

I also enjoy listening to Andrew Peach on BBC Berkshire. He does a news orientated breakfast show, but has people in the studio, and other people dropping in with weather and traffic news. He is a journalist but his show is always informative and entertaining.

News from other sources (selections only)

Radio Today

Sky News has agreed on a new multi-year deal with Independent Radio News to continue distributing news, business, sports and entertainment audio content to commercial radio stations across the UK.

The renewal means IRN subscribers will continue to have access to Sky News’ 24-hour news reporting which was first agreed in 2009 as a replacement to ITN.

John Ryley, Head of Sky News, said: “We’re delighted to renew our distribution agreement with IRN to continue to provide millions of radio listeners across the UK with trusted, impartial news.

“In these uncertain times, it’s imperative that we offer audiences clarity with fact led, eyewitness reporting and expert analysis.”

Tim Molloy, Managing Director of IRN, said: “We are very happy to have renewed our long-standing deal with Sky News, particularly at this unpredictable and volatile time.

“Our subscribers value the high-quality content Sky News provides as it gives peace of mind to commercial radio news editors that the big stories at home and abroad will always be there in the IRN feed when they need it, ensuring their listeners always receive the highest standards of news coverage.”

Through the distribution deal, Sky News will provide live and pre-recorded news bulletins, scripts, audio and video clips, digital content, including entertainment, political, business and sports coverage to IRN’s clients, who are then able to use the content to build their own bulletins.

Cameron Loxdale and Jade Gebbie have been hired by BBC Studios Audio to work across comedy at the BBC including on Radio 4 topical shows The Now Show, The News Quiz and Dead Ringers.

Cameron and Jade will work across sketch shows, panel games and podcasts, alongside topical series, as well as pitching ideas for their own series.

The role of contract writer has its origins in the Radio Comedy Writer Bursary, which since 1978, has seen a list of alumni that includes Guy Jenkin (Outnumbered), Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (Red Dwarf) and Simon Blackwell and Georgia Pritchett (The Thick of It, Veep).

More recent recipients include Danielle Ward (Harry Hill’s TV Burp, In the Long Run), Laura Major (Famalam and Joe Lycett Gets His Own Back) and Andy Wolton, writer of BBC Studios produced comedy Trying for Apple TV.

Cameron and Jade take over the mantle of the role from previous Contract Writers, Tasha Dhanraj and Rajiv Karia who have worked extensively across the portfolio and will continue working with the audio and TV team at Studios.

Josh Cole, Head of Comedy, BBC Studios Comedy Productions said: “With alumni including the likes of Georgia Pritchett, Simon Blackwell and Andy Wolton, there is a fantastic heritage to this role, and we’re so pleased to be welcoming a new generation with the talented Jade & Cameron.”

Originally from Swansea, Cameron is a previous member of the BBC Writersroom’s Welsh Voices group. For audio, Cameron has credits on The News Quiz, The Skewer, Breaking the News, Newsjack, Extinction Compendium and What Just Happened?.

Cameron said: “I’m incredibly excited to get to do this quite frankly ridiculously fantastic job and to work alongside the brilliant Jade. I feel so lucky to be selected, especially considering all the amazing people who have done it in the past. I can’t wait to learn and improve and be silly for a year.”

Jade is a writer and stand-up who was a Semi-Finalist in the Komedia New Act Competition, 2020.

Absolute Radio Country has won two CMA Awards at the opening of the C2C festival in London.

Baylen Leonard, who presents on the station every weekday between 10am – 1pm, was crowned the CMA’s International Broadcaster of the Year while Programme Manager Ricky Marshall was given the Wesley Rose International Achievement Award.

He said: “To win an award for doing something I love is such a joy and to do it as part of the Absolute Radio Country family makes it even sweeter.

“To be part of a team that lets me be myself and play country music is a real privilege.

“It is really down to my colleagues who help me raise my game every single day.”

The owner of Union JACK Radio, Union JACK Dance and Union JACK Rock has gone into administration and made staff redundant.

JACK Media National Limited had over £6.2m in net liabilities in its last filled accounts at September 2020, up from £4.3m in 2019.

Some of those who have been made redundant are tweeting details of the sad occasion, with the radio station accounts also confirming the news.

Last week, the three national services were removed from the SDL multiplex following an advert appearing in the Insolvency Marketplace website IP BID.

Group Content Manager Dick Stone has blogged about the talents of the people involved.

Union JACK Radio launched in 2016 and was joined in 2020 by the rock and dance spin-offs.

The Joint Administrators are Stephen Katz of Begbies Traynor and Daniale Leigh of Leigh Consultancy.

JACK Media National has been contacted for a comment.

The local stations using the JACK brand are unaffected by the move, with JACKfm, JACK 2 Hits and JACK 3 Chill continuing to operate as usual under the JACK Media Oxfordshire company.

On the Radio site

Singer Nicole Appleton has joined Magic Radio to present a series of special shows starting this Sunday, 13 March.

As part of the pop group All Saints, Nicole enjoyed huge success with two multi-platinum albums and record sales in excess of 12 million worldwide, but this will be the first time she sits behind the mic at a radio station.

Nicole said “I am thrilled to be joining Magic Radio for three special radio shows starting from this Sunday. I listen to Magic Radio every single morning, it’s my favourite station to start the day with, and I’ve always wanted to do my own radio show so I’m really excited! I can’t wait to play some big songs to wind down your weekends.”

The three shows will be centered around female themes, with the first, this Sunday Sunday, exploring female groups from The Supremes to the Spice Girls and of course All Saints.

Female power ballads will be the focus for Nicole’s second show on Sunday 20 March with songs from iconic artists such as Whitney Houston, Cher and Celine Dion.

The final show on the 27 March will showcase the best of the 90s female solo artists including Madonna, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.

Nicole recently took part in the station’s ‘Memory Lane’ feature which looks back at a selection of photos from the guest’s career. While looking at an early photo of All Saints in their iconic combat and crop top outfits Nicole revealed that at the time, they had no stylist for the band.

“Talking about fashion we actually had no stylist,” said Nicole. “We actually wore our own clothes all the time in the beginning of All Saints… Those trainers have come back in fashion, and I wish I still had them, as I remember showing my son, he is like mum I am wearing these and I was like I wore them 20 years ago.”

Looking at a photo of herself and good friend Holly Willoughby, Nicole also talked about the strong and long-lasting friendships she has had with her group of girlfriends over the years.

“They have been friends for decades you know a lot of them, and it is like you just kind of grow together, we are kind of still in that same unit,” she revealed. “You still have your girlfriends even though you’ve got families and you do your own thing, and you have your own jobs, but we still have time for each other, and I think that makes us such better people because we are there for each other. It is wonderful, it really is.”

You can hear Nicole Appleton on Magic Radio from 5pm to 7pm on Sunday 13, 20 and 27 March.

After the high-profile signing of Andrew Marr to LBC last year, it’s been revealed that his new show – Tonight with Andrew Marr – will launch on Monday 7 March at 6pm, as part of the station’s Spring schedule.

Tonight with Andrew Marr, will air Monday to Thursday, 6pm to 7pm, on LBC and will also be televised live, exclusively on Global Player. already on air.

The new show will include Marr’s trademark analysis, opinion, high profile guests and big name national and international figures to dissect issues of the day.

In LBC’s Spring schedule, Eddie Mair returns to his original time slot of 4pm to 6pm.

Talking about his new show, Andrew Marr said: “I’ve always thought journalism is about breaking stories, ruffling feathers and having some fun on the way.

“My new LBC show, Tonight with Andrew Marr is perfectly timed at 6pm, the end of busy political days, and stuffed with great guests, and will do just that.  Anyone wanting bland, safe, wearily predictable journalism is strongly advised to look elsewhere.”

Tom Cheal, Managing Editor of LBC, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Andrew to our brilliant line-up of presenters. Now with the freedom to share his views and broadcast in his own voice, Tonight with Andrew Marr will be packed with sharp opinion, insightful commentary and agenda-setting interviews, all delivered in Andrew’s fast-paced, vivid style. At a time when LBC is celebrating record audiences, it promises to become another unmissable moment in our schedule.”

(ironically On The Radio is powered by Radio Today, but has some interesting features as well)

Radio Newsbeat


I can recommend the Radio Fab Caroline and Radio England Jingle CDs, the second CD has what I think is a specially recorded show by Ron O’Quinn, with excerpts from the start of tunes. They also have Johnnie Walker and Roger Day actuality from the station as well. As you will see from the second set of details below the Ron O’Quinn excerpts are credited as being recorded in 1966, the quality is superb, hence me thinking it may have been specially recorded. The link to their site is

Radio Caroline Jingle CD

Radio Caroline Platinum Jingles Collection – 5 CD & 32 Page Collector’s SetAdd to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £39.99
ISBN No.: 0746092507859
Radio Caroline Platinum Jingles Collection – 5 CD & 32 Page Collector’s Set Over 1000 jingles appear on the most comprehensive 5 CD Collector’s set of Radio Caroline Jingles. Over 6 hours of recordings, Jingles, Promos, Themes and Original Programme Material. All recordings have been re-mastered, digitised and improved using original master tapes. A 32 page colour booklet is included. The 5 CD Box Set has painstakingly been put together from the large archives of Norman Barrington & Ray Anderson combined, with additional material from former DJs, original jingle producers, friends & colleagues, and thus it forms the most comprehensive and historical memorabilia in sound from the World’s most famous offshore radio station – Radio Caroline. NEW PRODUCT IN 2021.

Track Listing

CART 1 Sounds fine it’s Caroline

TRACK 1 ‘Sound of the Nation’ Jingle Session – Jimmy Smith, Madeline Bell and Doris Troy – 1966
TRACK 2 ‘The Soundalikes’ – Beatles, Kinks, Stones, Searchers, Spencer Davis plus Roy Hastings – 1965 – 1966
TRACK 3 Caroline North & South First Birthday Greetings – 1965
TRACK 4 Radio Caroline South Commercials – 1964 – 1966
TRACK 5 Radio Caroline North Commercials – 1964 – 1968
TRACK 6 Radio Caroline North & South News & Weather Sequences – 1964 – 1968

CART 2 The Station with the Happy Difference

TRACK 1 Radio Caroline Weather Sonovox Pre-Records PAMS Series 32
TRACK 2 Radio Caroline South Production – 1965 – 1967
TRACK 3 Radio Caroline North Jingles Production & DJ Idents
TRACK 4 Radio Caroline North Production Pre-Records from PAMS Series 25
TRACK 5 Radio Caroline North Xmas Cuts – 1967
TRACK 6 Radio Caroline North – Generic non PAMS Jingles
TRACK 7 Radio Caroline North & South – PAMS SRE & from Series 14, 16, 22, 24 (WFUN & WPTR)
TRACK 8 Radio Caroline North & South – PAMS Series 25B Demos
TRACK 9 Radio Caroline South – PAMS Series 26B Demos
TRACK 10 Radio Caroline North – Don Allen – PAMS Series 26A Demos (WXYZ)
TRACK 11 Radio Caroline North & South – PAMS Series 27 taken from Swinging Radio England
TRACK 12 Radio Caroline North & South – Edits from PAMS Series 28 Demos
TRACK 13 Radio Caroline North & South – PAMS Series 29 Demos
TRACK 14 Radio Caroline North & South – PAMS Series 31 North & South ship versions
TRACK 15 Radio Caroline North & South – PAMS Series 32A Demos
TRACK 16 Radio Caroline North & South – PAMS & GWINSOUND (WOLF, WNDR & WNOK versions) – 1967 – 1968
TRACK 17 Radio Caroline North & South – Hitpickers Top Ten Countdown & American Hot 100. PAMS Series 32A

CART 3 Bubbling over with Funn!

TRACK 1 Radio Caroline South – DJ Idents
TRACK 2 Radio Caroline South – DJ Idents with Opening Themes
TRACK 3 Radio Caroline South – Generic PAMS Series 26B Jingles (WABC)
TRACK 4 Radio Caroline South – Generic PAMS Series 28 Jingles
TRACK 5 Radio Caroline North & South – Pre-Records PAMS Series 30 Jingles
TRACK 6 Radio Caroline North & South – Pre-Records PAMS Series 31 Jingles
TRACK 7 Radio Caroline North & South – Pre-Records PAMS Series 32A Jingles
TRACK 8 Radio Caroline North & South – Pre-Records PAMS Series 33A Jingles
TRACK 9 Radio Caroline North & South – Generic non PAMS Jingles
TRACK 10 Radio Caroline North & South – “Marine Offences Act” Promos – 1967
TRACK 11 Radio Caroline North & South – Commercials from August 1967 – 1968 (Unpaid)
TRACK 12 We Shall Overcome – Pete Seeger (Caroline edit) Seeger – Public Domain
TRACK 13 Radio Caroline South – “Man’s Fight For Freedom” – Johnnie Walker
TRACK 14 C-A-R-O-L-I-N-E – Roy Hastings Garrick-Jackson – Palace Music
TRACK 15 ‘Round Midnight – Jimmy McGriff Thelonius Monk – Advanced Music
TRACK 16 We Love The Pirate Stations – The Roaring 60s Carter/Stephens/Kennedy – Carter-Lewis Music
TRACK 17 Radio Caroline International – Ronan O’Rahilly’s “Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Wilson” – 1970
TRACK 18 Radio Caroline North & South – Bonus Track – Production Outtakes.

CART 4 This is The New Radio Caroline

TRACK 1 Radio Caroline – Ken Justiss Custom Sonovox Jingles – 1972
TRACK 2 Radio Caroline – Steve England Sonovox Jingles – 1972 – 1973
TRACK 3 Radio Caroline – Steve England Sonovox DJ Jingles – 1972 – 1973
TRACK 4 Radio Caroline – DJ Graham Gill Show Opener – “Way Back Home” – 1973 Felder – Carlin Music Corp
TRACK 5 Radio Caroline Commercials – 1972 – 1974
TRACK 6 Radio Caroline – Norman Barrington Produced Production & Edits – 1973 – 1974
TRACK 7 Radio Atlantis – Original Jingles – The Most Eccentric Package ever?
TRACK 8 Radio Caroline – Norman Barrington Produced Mike Hagler Cuts – 1974
TRACK 9 Radio Caroline – Brian Anderson Produced Mike Hagler Cuts – 1974
TRACK 10 Radio Mi Amigo – Start Studios Jingles – 1973
TRACK 11 Radio Mi Amigo – Brian Anderson Produced Production & Edits – 1974
TRACK 12 Radio Mi Amigo – Norman Barrington Produced Production & Edits – 1973 – 1974
TRACK 13 Radio Mi Amigo – Norman Barrington Produced English DJ Idents – 1973 – 1974
TRACK 14 Radio Mi Amigo – Commercials from October 1973 – 1974

CART 5 Climb Aboard The Love Ship

TRACK 1 Radio Caroline – Tony Allan Xmas 1974 & Loving Awareness Promotions etc.,
TRACK 2 Radio Caroline – Alfasound 319 Jingles
TRACK 3 Radio Caroline – CPMG PAMS Resings
TRACK 4 Radio Caroline – Steve Kent produced Jingles – 1976
TRACK 5 Radio Caroline – Bill Mitchell Voice Overs and 1980s Jingles
TRACK 6 Radio Caroline – The Blockheads Jingle Session – 1982
TRACK 7 Radio Caroline – East Anglian Productions produced Jingles with Eve Graham
TRACK 8 Radio Caroline – John Quincy Idents – 1984
TRACK 9 Radio Caroline – Dutch Produced Jingles
TRACK 10 Radio Monique – Top Format Produced Jingles plus Commercials
TRACK 11 Radio Caroline – Mike Hagler Idents – 1984
TRACK 12 Radio Caroline – Alfasound Jingles – 1986
TRACK 13 Radio Caroline – Voice Promos & Commercials
TRACK 14 Goodbye Caroline – The One Shots Brunning – Caesar Music Ltd
TRACK 15 Caroline – The Fortunes Hiller/Ford – R. F. Wood…

Radio England/Britain Radio, Radio 355 etc

Swinging Radio England & Britain Radio JinglesAdd to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £21.99
Matrix No.: Jumbo TJLCD141/142
Make/Model: Jumbo Records
2 CD Presentation Set
This double CD (The Boss Radio Jingle Pack) contains the complete collection of probably every jingle that you would have heard on Swinging Radio England & Britain Radio, these two stations were one of the first in Europe to use on-air branding of jingles produced by the famous Dallas based jingles company – Pams. These jingles would bring a touch of ‘magic’ to the station sound and are now regarded as master pieces. Also included are those famous ‘That Man’ Jingles, by ‘Spot Productions’ – a spoof of the ‘Batman’ TV series theme, so popular during the summer of 1966.

This CD has been painstakingly put together by Norman Barrington and Ray Anderson from their vast libraries of broadcast sound.

It’s all included, station Idents, commercials, promos, news jingles and sounders, music beds, stereo re-mixes, together with jingles that were heard on Radio Dolfijn, Radio 227 and Radio 355. In fact all the stations that were heard from the MV Olga Patricia & MV Laissez Faire during 1966 and 1967. There are even air checks of your favourite DJs. The most definitive and all encompassing collection that has been been are included on the double CD collector set. Nearly 160 minutes of audio together with a superb 32 page colour booklet with many unique photographs with Norman Barrington telling the unique story of how & where this amazing eclectic collection came to be.
JUMBO TJLCD141/142Track Listing
TRACK 1 Radio England – PAMS 27 Full Package Reference
TRACK 2 Radio England – Spot Productions – ‘Thatman’ Full Package Reference
TRACK 3 Radio England – PAMS 27 Edits by Ron O’Quinn & SFX
TRACK 4 Radio England – Pop Stars Greetings
TRACK 5 Radio England – DJ Idents
TRACK 6 Radio England – News & Weather Comprehensive selection
TRACK 7 Radio England – Futursonic & CRC WFUN Edits by Ron O’Quinn
TRACK 8 Radio England – Pepper Tanner WFUN Acappella Edits by Ron O’Quinn
TRACK 9 Radio England – PAMS 14 WFUN Edits by Ron O’Quinn
TRACK 10 Radio England – PAMS 16 WFUN Edits by Ron O’Quinn
TRACK 11 Radio England – PAMS 22 WFUN Edits by Ron O’Quinn
TRACK 12 Radio England – PAMS 24 WFUN Edits by Ron O’Quinn
TRACK 13 Radio England – PAMS 26 Edits by Ron O’Quinn
TRACK 14 Radio England – PAMS 26 Fillers
TRACK 15 Radio England – PAMS 28 Fillers
TRACK 16 Radio England – PAMS 29 WPTR Supplied by Larry Dean
TRACK 17 Radio England – PAMS 30 Pre-Records Supplied by Larry Dean
TRACK 18 Radio England – Production & Drop-ins
TRACK 19 Radio England & Radio 227 – PAMS 29 WABC Edits
TRACK 20 Radio 227 – PAMS 27 Edits by Dave MacKay
TRACK 21 Radio 227 – ‘Country Style’ Promo (Look Boden)
TRACK 22 Radio Dolfijn Promos
TRACK 23 Britain Radio – PAMS ‘Smart Set’ Full Package Reference
TRACK 24 Britain Radio & Radio England – CRC ‘Weekend’
TRACK 25 Britain Radio – PAMS ‘Smart Set’ – Bonus Stereo Selection
TRACK 26 Short Commercial Selection
TRACK 27 ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ – Mitch Miller Don George – Valando Music

TRACK 1 Britain Radio – PAMS ‘Smart Set’ Instrumentals
TRACK 2 Britain Radio – ‘Musical Carousel’ Promos
TRACK 3 Britain Radio – ‘NAB’ Promos
TRACK 4 Britain Radio – SESAC Instrumental Fillers
TRACK 5 Britain Radio & Radio 355 – PAMS Instrumentals & News
TRACK 6 Radio 355 – DJ Promos
TRACK 7 Radio England on 355 – Test Transmission – Rick Randall – 3rd May 1966
TRACK 8 Britain Radio on 227 – Test Transmission – Jerry Smithwick – 3rd May 1966
TRACK 9 Radio 355 – Aircheck – ‘Broadside Free Radio Movement’ – 1967
TRACK 10 Radio 355 – Aircheck – ‘The World Tomorrow’ Outro – 1967
TRACK 11 Radio England – Aircheck – Roger Day & Alan Black – October 1966
TRACK 12 Radio England – Aircheck – Gary Stevens & ‘Beatles Tour’ – September 1966
TRACK 13 Radio England – Aircheck – Ed Moreno – News Bulletin October 1966
TRACK 14 Radio England – Aircheck – Johnnie Walker – September 1966
TRACK 15 Radio England – Aircheck – Brian Tylney – July 1966
TRACK 16 Radio England – Aircheck – Jerry Smithwick – September 1966
TRACK 17 Radio England – Aircheck – Boom Boom Brannigan
TRACK 18 Radio England – ‘Chickenman’ Syndicated series from WCFL 3rd July 1966
TRACK 19 Radio England – Aircheck – Ron O’Quinn – August 1966
TRACK 20 Radio 227 – Aircheck – Look Boden – 17th June 1967
TRACK 21 Radio 355 – Bonus Rare Aircheck – José Feliciano ‘live’ Jingle with TW…

Also I have recently bought Hans Knots excellent book “Laser 558” which has been updated in 2022. Well worth a purchase if you have any spare cash to hand.

If you want to buy the book then visit Paul Rusling’s excellent site like Radio Fab he sends out goods very quickly and is reliable

News from other sources

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo are ending their 5 Live film show

Published1 day ago on BBC site

Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode
Image caption,Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode’s final programme together on 5 Live will air on Friday 1 April

Film critic Mark Kermode and radio presenter Simon Mayo are to leave their long-running Friday film review programme on BBC Radio 5 Live.

The pair have presented the show on the network for 21 years, but their last programme will air on Friday, 1 April.

It has not yet been announced who will replace them, nor whether the duo plan to take the format to another station.

But Mayo, who also presents a show on Greatest Hits Radio, indicated that the pair would return elsewhere.

“After 21 years (and as many drummers), the Flagship Film Show @Wittertainment will make its final 5 Live voyage on April 1st,” he tweeted. “But like [Spinal] Tap, we’ll be back… Stay tuned.”

In an official statement, the pair made clear that the decision to leave was their own.

Selected from the Radio Today site

A West Mercia Police officer has lost his job after using his work mobile to enter radio competitions via a premium SMS service.

An accelerated misconduct hearing for PC Oliver Dines was held on Tuesday 8 March and resulted in the officer being dismissed without notice.

Between 1 June and 23 August 2021 there were numerous competition entries which cost West Mercia Police £255.46.

Chief Constable Mills said: “It would have been clear that every entry to the competition was at the taxpayer’s expense, totalling more than £255.46. Honesty and integrity is not negotiable for a police officer.

“Police officers are expected to act with honesty and integrity in everything they do, and this was clearly lacking in PC Dines’ behaviour.

Ofcom has imposed a sanction on community radio station Rinse FM after being found in breach of three rules of the broadcasting code for playing a song by Jay Electronica.

Rinse FM, an urban music station serving the Inner London area, played the song Better In Tune With The Infinite without sufficient contextualisation, Ofcom said in a report last year.

Ofcom said, after much investigation and lack of contact from the artist’s management and lawyer, that the track contained antisemitic hate speech, abusive, derogatory and potentially offensive lyrics that were not justified by the context.

The presenter of the programme on 12 July 2020 introduced it as one of their “absolute favourites” and referred to the artist as “the one and only Jay Electronica”, which Ofcom says served as a broad endorsement of the song by the editorial voice of the programme.

One person made a complaint that the programme included a music track that contained antisemitic lyrics and was highly offensive.

The presenter argued that the track did not have “negative connotations towards Jewish people or any particular religion” and that the song was not derogatory and did not spread hatred.

The Licensee explained that, following this complaint, it was “reviewing [its] Programme Production processes and policies”, including:

  • ensuring that at least two people review any potentially controversial track, commentary or statement;
  • reviewing the “frequency and specific advice, messages and reminders that we give to all Presenters” in relation to “unconscious bias and the need… to look at themselves and seek greater awareness of any ‘isms’ of their own”, in particular “in the current climate of heightened community tensions and subjective judgements”; and,
  • putting a greater emphasis on the types of issues raised in this complaint in all future training and training material.

Rinse FM said that “as a full-time Community Radio station with limited resources it is not always possible to ‘nip in the bud’ any potentially controversial material”.

The community station acknowledged that the lyrics “may be seen by some as an antisemitic trope” when taken out of context, but that the wording “Synagogues of Satan” was lifted from the Bible and that, therefore, finding it controversial “would ultimately lead to the accusation that the Bible itself is antisemitic which would open up a much wider and controversial debate”.

In response to Ofcom’s Preliminary View that this programme was in breach of Rules 3.2, 3.3 and 2.3, Rinse FM said it “wholeheartedly” rejected the Preliminary View but that it did not have either the time or resources to challenge it.

Bucking the trend: Debunking digital radio’s biggest myths

Opinion: Helen Knight, Head of Strategy at Arqiva, writes about the digital radio.

Ever since its inception, commentators have speculated about the longevity of broadcast radio. New technologies are developed which have been predicted to ‘kill the radio star’, and time and time again, radio has delivered for audiences and remains our constant companion. Even in the face of a global pandemic, as commuting time vanished and office radios were switched off across the country, the UK still tuned in.

Indeed, the resilience of radio was reflected in the most recent RAJAR results. An enormous 89% of the population still tune in to radio every single week, making up 1 billion weekly hours of listening.

Radio’s longevity owes largely to its adaptability. The introduction of digital radio in 1995 was a watershed moment, making the platform more accessible than ever. However, despite its dominance, there are persistent misconceptions surrounding digital radio’s place within the audio landscape.

The younger demographic is captivated

The media landscape has undergone huge changes. Now, traditional media platforms have to compete with the ever growing presence of new media and social media. However, radio is innovating and responding well. Broadcasters have seized the opportunity to launch distinctive digital-only stations to target new audiences and younger demographics. These stations are putting in great performances – BBC 6 Music pulls in 2.6 million listeners, with KISSTORY close behind at 2.3 million. What’s more, despite slightly slowing figures, three in four people aged 15 to 24 tune in every week.

Alexa is not taking over

Since their rise in popularity, many people have questioned whether smart speakers will lead to the demise of radio. While many assumed that these devices have replaced the radio set thanks to their integral position in and around the home, research shows people are actually using these sets as a new way to tune in. Total live radio listening on smart speakers represents a 72% share of audio consumption on these devices, an increase of 8% since spring 2020. This compares with only 24% for music streaming.

IP does not equal DAB

Currently, 72% of all adults are tuning into digital radio and it accounts for 64.4% of all listening hours. There is a common misconception that digital radio equals IP, which in turn has fed into the misnomer that streaming services are taking over. In fact, DAB is the most listened to digital platform, with 42% of all digital radio listening and 53% of all in-car listening.

Coming up next on DAB Radio…

The government has signalled its support for digital radio with the recent DCMS Digital Radio and Audio Review. Serving to illustrate the importance of DAB within the UK’s future, the review states that it will deliver 50% of all live listening by 2030. This, coupled with the recent renewal of National Commercial Digital Radio multiplex licences to 2035, cements radio’s position in the future of the media landscape. The renewal will provide commercial radio operators with much needed confidence to invest in their services.

Despite its challengers, radio remains critical in delivering world-leading content to UK audiences. It has continued to evolve over the past 100 years and it continues to stand the test of time. At the forefront of this evolution, and the driving force behind its continued popularity, is DAB.

This article first appeared in eRADIO – the weekly radio industry newsletter. Register for the next edition here.

Radio — The Confusing Middle

This blog post, which is not mine, has links to three other posts about the subject of Radio, all very interesting points of view

Because today is World Radio Day, our Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is Radio. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it… I really do love listening to music. […]

Radio — The Confusing Middle


Not a lot happening here at the moment, the wind recently has been very strong and on Friday we lost our power for 9 hours.

It was great last week to see the Town Clock was showing the correct time

Crocus are pushing though now
So are the Snow Drops, pictured at the end of the Marlow Road – brightening up the ivy

Saturday was a nasty day with losts of rain, and it has continued into this week
A lovely old door on a property next to the Tempation Shop
We have had a team from the Channel Island play Henley Hawks
A few daffodils out in ground off the Marlow Road

Stay Safe and be aware there could be flying debris and trees falling.