List of favourite presenters


Here from my site in 2008 is a list of presenters I liked – I will attempt to update it and also add more to this list in future.

Hall of Fame

These are the particular broadcasters the Waffler enjoys/enjoyed listening to on air


The list below is not intended to be an exhaustive history about each presenter just how the Waffler views each presenter mainly from memory

 if you have any interesting points to add please email 


MIKE AHERN: A very competent broadcaster in the sixties with Radio Caroline. “Mike A your DJ” was one of his catchphrases.  Australian, who returned there after the offshore stations ended and returned t the UK in 1988, worked for Essex Radio, Radio Aire and Piccadilly Radio. In 1990 joined Capital Gold and presented some superb show in his inimitable lively style.

DAVID ALLAN: Country Music Presenter. Started on Radio 390 in the sixties and even presented a show there called “Country Style”.  Worked for a long time on Radio 2 presenting a show of the same name. Also extensive work as a continuity announcer on BBC 2. Works for London station Country 1035 and the BBC still as a freelance. A lovely calm but distinctive broadcasting voice.

DON ALLEN: Worked on Radio Caroline in the 60s, known as Daffy Don Allen. Mainly on the North ship.  I got to know him much better on air on Radio North Sea International. Country music was one of his favourites.  He used to use lots of drop in voices with echo on his shows. Radio North Sea gave him a far wider audience for his programmes, and I can often remember listening to him on the World Service of RNI on the shortwave which faded in and out occasionally; his voice was very clear through these lovely atmospherics! 

TIM ALLEN: A school boy presenter on North London’s medium wave rock and pop pirate Floss Radio on Sundays. Eventually made it on to Radio Caroline in the 80s and had some experience on Radio HMV, the store radio station in London.  I hope to hear him on air again soon. Heard in 2005 on Classic Gold Digital in London.

MIKE ALLEN: A very calm sounding broadcaster.  Began broadcasting on Capital Radio in the seventies. Moved to doing phone-in programmes late at night on LBC and also  on Talk Radio UK. Equally talented at presenting music programmes and phone-ins but prefers talk radio now. In 2007 moved to Smooth Radio to present an evening music programme.

STEVE ALLEN LBC phone in presenter, a very tongue in cheek style of broadcasting and delivered in a quick pleasant fashion.  From the LBC site ”  Every morning I try to do a couple of things on the show- tear down something ugly, build up something I like, and hopefully make a couple of people chuckle. I  like to cast my eye at the world around me, and then point and laugh!” In 2008 he is on air on the weekend mornings.

TERRY ANDERSEN: A presenter on Clockwork Radio and another land based pirate station whose name I have temporarily forgotten!  Mixed reading listener’s letters with Rock Music, in a very calm and innovative style

TOM ANDERSON: Worked on Radio Caroline in the 70s.  First voice on the new Radio Caroline in the 80s from the Ross Revenge. Worked on the Overdrive service on Caroline at Nights presenting new music. Moved to Riviera Radio in Monte Carlo in 1993 where he was later appointed Programme Director.  Tom popped up on GLR to present the Overdrive show for a series of Saturday Nights – this was a rare treat.  I would like to hear more of Tom on air soon.  Who knows he could even pop up on Radio 2! That’s where quite a few of the late night people from GLR have ended up.

RAY ANDERSON: Owner of East Anglian Productions but a very competent broadcaster.  He worked on Radio Atlantis in 1974 as Ray Warner recording shows at home.  Ray was responsible for re-creating the sound of the sixties off shore Radio London twice, once at sea off Clacton and then again in London Docklands on a boat.  Although these were only restricted service licences Ray not only organised the whole station but put in some extremely professiona “fun radio” shows with a variety of jingles. A real anorak, and one who bought the Laser 558 boat and relaunched the station as Laser Hot Hits.  Broadcasts for Mellow 1557 in Essex. Now broadcasts on Radio London on Sky.

ANDY ARCHER: A very talented Radio Caroline broadcaster who has worked on the Mi Amigo and Ross Revenge in the 70s and 80s.  Worked on various stations in the UK, and in Ireland on the successful land pirate Sunshine Radio.  Seems to have hung up his pirate outfit for good and now broadcasts a morning show on BBC Radio Norfolk.

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DANNY BAKER: Started off on Thames TV on a show with Michael Aspel.  Moved to doing a Sunday show on Radio 1.  Presented a football phone in on Talk Radio. Has done breakfast radio for BBC Radio 5. GLR Sunday morning radio on Sunday mornings for some time in the 90s saw Danny involving listeners in his show.  He invites them to ring in with information on old games, films or aspects of life.  A very interesting style.  In the year 2000 he has transferred the same format of music and chat to Virgin Radio and has a large national following. No longer there to my knowledge back on BBC 5 Live. Currently on BBC London 3 – 5 in the afternoon (July 2006) Also still there in 2008

GREG BANCE: A UK broadcaster with a “fruity deep voice” First heard him on Radio Essex in the 60s. He did some superb work on Radio North Sea International under the name of ARNOLD LAYNE.  Does many voice overs for radio and television. Heard him extensively on BBC Radio London doing station promotions. Has worked extensively for a wide range of commercial companies.

SUSIE BARNES for her afternoon music shows on BBC Radio London in the 70s. Rather old school style of broadcasting but music on FM was a breath of fresh air in the 70s when Radio 1 was still in mono on am.  Radio London also put out a few of the Radio 1 documentaries out occasionally.

SIMON BATES: Extensive work on BBC Radio 1 and Two. Famous for the “Our Tune” feature on  Radio 1 and the “Golden Hour”. Joined Talk Radio in 1995 and started work on phone ins. Since then he has presented breakfast on LBC and also on Liberty Radio in London. Well suited to phone-in programmes and good at interviewing guests and listeners on air. Does breakfast show on Classic FM 2005/6/7/8

COLIN BERRY: He started work on board Radio Caroline. I have read  Keith Skues excellent book “Pop Went The Pirates” and found out that he started work in the traffic department of Radio Caroline.  I mentions he did news reading on board the Mi Amigo and shared a cabin with Dave Lee Travis; unfortunately I appear to have missed this part of his career  . A calm voice but puts plenty of enthusiasm into even into the most basic of news bulletin, at weekends at the time of writing this. Now presenting late night Saturday (as at May 2004) on BBC Three Counties Radio as well – spinning music once again. Retired from BBC Radio 2 and news reading in 2006 and still doing 3 Counties show at the moment – March 2008. 

ALAN BLACK: I first heard him in the sixties on Radio Scotland.  This offshore station was audible in London if you had a sensitive radio in the early morning and evenings. Then I heard him on Radio 355. He presented on Radio 1, and on one occasion I saw him live at the BBC Paris Studio introducing live artists for “In Concert”.

TONY BLACKBURN: Radio Caroline South gave him the opportunity to perfect his true specialty the breakfast show.  Developed a style of mixing jokes with pop music.  Transferred to the very successful offshore station BBC Radio London where he stayed until the Marine Offences Bill scuppered the pirates. Opened up BBC Radio 1 in 1967 and ran their breakfast programme for many years.  Moved to Junior Choice for a period at weekends and presented programmes on BBC Radio London.  On Radio London he developed a suggestive style of broadcasting talking to housewives and playing soul music.  Moved to Capital Gold for the new medium wave service and presented a show there for many years.  They eventually moved him to weekends only.  He presented the drive time show on Capital Gold.  Moved in 2003 to Classic Gold network as well.. 60s years of age on the 29th January 2002 -well done Tony! Does breakfast show on Classic Gold digital as of 2005/6. Also has a Saturday show on BBC London. In 2008 moved to doing weekend breakfast shows on Smooth Radio, and also covering for Graham Dene on weekday breakfasts on that station. Still doing a Saturday Show for BBC London.

CHUCK BLAIR: One of my favourite broadcasters on Swinging Radio England.  He made the transition to Radio London and presented the breakfast show on the day that the station closed down. Not quite as fast speaking as some of the Radio England “boss jocks” but very professional and more down to earth for the UK public.

RON BROWN: Excellent presenter on Easy Radio London. To my knowledge he has broadcast on Radio Jackie in its pioneering days.  He has also been on Star FM.  A very cool on air voice with a good sense of humour and a distinctive broadcasting voice. Now on Easy Radio on London dab radio.

CLIVE BULL: Phone in presenter of long standing in London. Nearly all of his late night phone in programmes have been for London’s LBC 1152.  Clive has a very popular show in the Capital, has a very calm and soothing on air voice but a way of getting the best out of everyone who calls in. Working still on LBC 97.3.

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DAVID CARTER for his excellent music and phone in programmes on BBC Radio London in the 70s

DOUGLAS CAMERON: Worked for the BBC Today Programme up until the launch of LBC in 1973.  Has been on LBC ever since with phone in programmes.  Has a very cultivated voice but has a relaxed friendly on-air style.  For many years he and Bob Holness co-hosted the breakfast show on LBC

CAREY, CHRIS He was involved in many radio stations over the past 40 years, including Sunshine Radio, Radio Northsea and Birmingham’s Buzz FM, which he famously bought for £1 passed away 29th February 2008

DAVE CASH: A very competent broadcaster.  Groomed Kenny Everrett on the 60s offshore station Radio London.  Did a show called “Kenny and Cash” at 6pm on the station and played the “straight” man in such an individual manner during this.  Dave is a broadcaster who does not speak that much between songs but what he does say is very interesting and relevant about life or music.  Writes novels and appears on many radio stations in the South. Recently heard on Liberty 963 etc, and BBC Radio Kent presenting music shows. 2008 still doing shows for BBC Radio Kent.

ROGER CLARK Producer on BBC Radio London in the 70s -also presented programmes. One Stop the Press, I believe from memory, sticks in my mind. It was a review of the local papers in London. The news extracts were read by different contributors, one I knew from my work in a BBC tape libary. It was linked together by Roger. 

JONATHAN COLEMAN – for some really good work on GLR, including one memorable commentary on the London Marathon, in which he joked about being short and needing to stand on a stool to see it. I no longer have the recording of this alas! Moved on to commercial radio and then back to BBC London presenting the breakfast show. As at 2007 doing sterling work off air back in Australia looking after his ailing Mother. Doing radio shows in Australia according to web sites.

ANDREW COLLINS: Afternoon weekeday presenter on BBC 6 Music. A very informative chatty broadcaster does a slick show on the station and plays some good rock music.

IAN COLLINS: Late night phone in presenter on Talksport at weekends, very funny and alternative style of broadcasting – sometimes risqué.

GARY CROWLEY: A cockney presenter who has a bouncy style of broadcasting which sounds as if he has a smile on his face.  Authorative at presenting alternative music programmes on GLR. Has been heard in 2005 doing oldies shows on Classic Gold in London.. 

GIDEON COE: Presenter on GLR in the 80s and 90s, very witty and intelligent conversation.  Hosted a special feature on the sixties offshore stations on boxing day in 1999.  He now works for BBC 6 Music and does the morning show -information from the BBC 6 site: When Gideon left college he thought he’d found the job of his dreams in the School Bus Pass Department at Kent County Council. Three months later he left and joined BT Clubcall as a sports broadcaster.He joined BBC GLR in1994 as Breakfast Show sports presenter. He won a Sony Award in 1995 as presenter of GLR Breakfast and again in 1999 for the Saturday Sports Show. He has also hosted programmes for Radio 4 and Five Live, and was presenter of Something for the Weekend on VH1 and The Live Six Show on Sky One.TV and Radio apart, Gideon can always be relied upon to extol the virtues of The Clash, Night of the Hunter and Tottenham Hotspur. He still pursues the hopeless dream of musical fame via power pop four-piece The Valderamas in which he plays rhythm guitar and vocals. Has a regular show on BBC 6 Music

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ROGER DAY: Started his broadcasting on board the offshore stations Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio in the 1960s where he learnt radio from the Americans offshore and adapted it to his own lively and personable style of communication.  Moved to Radio Caroline and stayed with them for many years. On Radio North Sea International in the 1970s, another very big offshore station.  A host of broadcasting engagements on land since then including Pirate Radio in Cornwall. In recent years has appeared on BBC Radio Kent, Wiltshire Sound and others in that group.  Also does regular programmes for the satellite version of Radio Caroline. He sounds better and better every time that he goes on air. Here is a broadcaster who speaks to his listeners in a frank and entertaining manner. He was known as the “thinner record spinner – Roger Twiggy Day”.  Now his favourite expression which I can identify with is that he is “growing old disgracefully” In 2008 doing an evening programme on BBC Radio Kent

I thought this from a saga 2006 radio programme page which gives a superb history of  Roger 

6pm – 10pm
Roger Day – Sounds of ’66
Join Roger as he celebrates his 40th Anniversay of working in broadcasting as he plays music from 1966.

Roger trained as a corporate accountant but worked the ballrooms by night appearing with all the big names of the sixties. In 1966 he was invited to join the new super power offshore station Swinging Radio England, widely acknowledged to be the most dynamic station of its time.

After SRE he joined Radio Caroline in 1967 at the peak of its popularity andheld down the breakfast show until the station closed down in 1968. He was voted one of the top ten most popular broadcasters during this period.
Luxembourg was the next stop during a year which also saw Roger compering the Beach Boys European tour.

It was back to sea in 1970 when Roger became Programme Controller of Radio North Sea International. Listeners voted him Britain’s top D.J while he was with RNI. There was a brief return to Caroline in 1973 then Roger joined Piccadilly Radio in Manchester to host the flagship breakfast programme and be Head of Music. Under his guidance the station became Number one where it remains to this day. As a result of his success in the NorthWest BRMB in Birmingham hired Roger in 1979. Residing in Solihull he stayed until 1983.

During his time at Piccadilly he also achieved the world record for a
non-stop broadcast of 74 hours.

In 1973 Roger wrote the application for Invicta Radio that won the licence to broadcast to Kent. He hosted a popular afternoon sequence and became the stations Programme Director during which time the station achieved the highest improvement in hours of listening of any English stations. Once again he programmed a station to number one in the market as well as achieving the stations highest figure for his own programme.

When Invicta was bought by Southern Radio in 1992 Roger joined UKRD a Guildford based company who specialise in licence applications. Since then he has been involved in writing many successful applications as well as helping to set up many of these new radio stations. The best achievement must be Pirate FM. in Cornwall, which became number one station during its
first year of operation. He has also continued to broadcast on various stations with continued success in the ratings.

He is also England’s longest serving Commercial Broadcaster having broadcast continuously since 1966. Others have been going as long but have sold their soul to the BBC at various stages. His is a unique record for the commercial sector. He has also played more Beach Boy records than any DJ in the world,
having played a Beach Boys record on every programme.

He owns his own radio production studio and is an avid record collector with an encyclopaedic knowledge of music from the last fifty years. Roger is proud to own every top ten record since 1955. In his spare team he is an enthusiastic cook, plays Squash and Tennis, runs a boys football team, raises funds for The Altzeimers Society and is also a member of the Campaign
for Real Ale.


ROBERT ELMS: A writer and presenter on GLR, very competent and witty presenter and interviewer.  Will continue presenting on London Live, the new BBC local service.

ERN AND VERN: on BBC 3 Counties Radio – do some very tongue-in-cheek phone in and music shows on Saturday and Sunday afternoon/lunchtime.  This pair are a real tonic and sometime do some on air soaps and other comical features and songs. An up to date form of Kenny and Cash but both are as daft as each other. Long may the BBC let this inoffensive couple broadcast. Full names of the star presenters – ERNIE ALMOND AND JONATHAN-VERNON-SMITH. In 2008 show has moved to Friday Nights.

CHRIS EVANS: Unfortunately I had to add this presenter to the list.  You cannot deny that he is one of the 1990-2000s biggest personalities on air.  He began his career at BBC’s GLR.  He then moved to Radio 1 and the breakfast show.  Next he moved to Virgin Radio and eventually became the boss of the whole show.  Proof that true entertainment celebrities are made by cross-media representation.  Chris Evans is as successful a TV as radio presenter.  Not one of my favourite broadcasters as he adopts the technique of shouting at everyone and in a studio full of support staff, but very popular with the public at large. Mellowed substantially in 2005 and to do the regular weekday drive time show on BBC Radio 2..

KENNY EVERETT: (Deceased) A very talented innovative broadcaster who started off his career submitting a tape to a BBC programme as a young lad for a competition. Started work on the offshore sixties station Radio London. Moved to Radio Luxembourg for a while. Radio 1, Capital Radio, Radio 2, Capital Gold. Also did extensive television work, but happier on the radio. Catchphrases “in the best possible taste”. Maker of innovative programme trails and jingles in his own home studio, and the BBCs. Try the Everett at the BBC cassette in the radio collection which has a good archive of his programmes and serials he did like “Captain Kremmen”. In 2008 Graham Dene is playing the sung id that Kenny Everett did for him on Capital – a great tribute to a great man.  Radio London Big L on satellite also use his promos from time to time.

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VANESSA FELTZ – does the phone in currently on BBC London (2006/7)  Competent broadcaster, known for television but has filled the gap left by other phone in presenters on the station admirably.

NICK FERRARI: Phone in presenter on LBC, now 97.3FM. Gets lots of older female phone in element on show. Very outrageous at times in a pleasant manner.  

ALAN FREEMAN : – BBC Light Programme, Radio Luxembourg, BBC Radio 1 Capital Radio, Radio 2 – Catchphrases “not ‘arf”, “hi there pop pickers”, “is it going up or coming down?”, “You bet you”, “Pop Pickers”, “here we go again”; “in the meantime”; “Ta” and last but by no means least “here we go pop pickers”. He earnt the nickname of “Fluff Freeman” in Australia due to the jumper he was wearing that got wet and when it dried went fluffy. Died 28th November 2006.

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CAESAR THE GEEZER: Greek broadcaster, larger than life figure, also known as Caesar the Boogie man and his real name Chris Ryder. Worked on Invicta Radio and Radio Mercury in the 70s. Kiss FM and Talk Radio UK. At Talk Radio he was encouraged to become a shock jock and developed this style very well. Not popular so he left this organization. He joined Capital Gold. Accused of fraud and went to prison but now out. Working on Millennium FM. Some mention that he was suffering from cancer but still broadcasting and putting out some innovative radio. Credits Kenny Everett as one of his favourite deejays and influences.

CHARLOTTE GREEN: The radio 4 presentation and news reader with the sexy authorative voice and so immaculately impersonated by the Dead Ringers comedy show on radio.

KEVIN GREENING: Sadly died in 2008 but extensive broadcasting experience on BBC including Radio 1 and GLR/

KEN GUY: Australian presenter who was the first news-reader on LBC.  He was the second voice to be heard on UK commercial radio in 1973.  

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DAVID HAMILTON: Or as he is nicknamed – Diddy David Hamilton.  Extensive television work, even presenting Miss World and other big commercial television shows.  Worked on Radio 1 and his regular on air contact was with Tony Blackburn. Capital Gold.  Broadcast on Liberty Radio in the afternoons and on Classic Gold on the weekends. Now to be heard on Primetime and Saga on digital radio. Saga has closed down and been replaced temporarily by a station called MOR Music, David has recorded a few announcements for this temporary service. In 2006 he started to do programmes on Big L on Sky and 1395am. In 2008 he can still be heard on Big L on Sky

GERALD HARPER: An actor, played Adam Adamant in 60s and appeared in many TV programmes and plays. Did “Champagne and Roses” programme for many years on Captial FM in 70s. Has returned to do the show again, but with even older style of music, on Talksport 8 – 11pm on a Saturday. No on in 2006 but good whilst it lasted.

NIGEL HARRIS: Radio Caroline presenter in the mid seventies, under name of Stuart Russell.  Broadcast on station in the 80s and was one of the team doing regular shows on Satellite and Worldspace broadcasts.  A calm presenter with plenty of interesting things to say about life and music.

CHRIS HAWKINS: In addition to his programmes for 6 Music, Chris regularly deputises on Radio 2. He has fronted both the BBC World Service UK Album Chart Show and the UK Top 20.He presented a daily show on GLR 94.9 for over two years and has also presented on BBC London Live, BBC Radio Nottingham, Real Radio (Guardian Media Group) & American College Radio. Chris began his career at BBC Radio Shropshire and has also worked as a producer and reporter at Talk Radio UK. Earlier this year he DJ’ed (alongside 6 Music’s Gideon Coe) at the BAFTA TV Awards star-studded aftershow party. A (ahem) career high was a regular gig, DJing at the Capital Radio Cafe in Leicester Square. The Waffler first heard him in October 2002 when he was sitting in for Gideon Coe, reminds me slightly of Alex Lowe but nowhere near as irreverent as him. Source of information BBC website Oct 2002

BRIAN HAYES: A splendid phone in host. Started off on Capital Radio and LBC but now works for the BBC on Five Live and deputises on Radio 2 and other programmes as required.  Authorative but human, good at hosting interviews with guests in the studio including politicians.

STUART HENRY: Broadcast first on offshore station Radio Scotland in the 60s.  A very popular radio 1 presenter, who did lots of hippy style meditation style breaks in his shows.  Worked on Radio Luxembourg and very popular there. Unfortunately suffered MS and eventually need the help of his wife Ollie to cue up records and run the show. Stuart gave up programmes in the 1980s but presented many shows with his wife Ollie up to that date.

NICKY HORNE: Listening to a documentary by him on the history of offshore radio I discover that he was originally Emperor Rosko’s roadie. He was recruited on to the staff of Capital Radio in 1973. He had no experience as a broadcaster and felt rather dwarfed by the other professionals there like Kenny Everett, David Symonds and the like. He was given the title of the show he was to present “Your Mother Wouldn’t Like it” and told it was a rock show. A very professional broadcaster with a good knowledge of the rock music he presents. He now does freelance shows and documentaries on both the BBC and Talk Radio in the commercial field. Known as “little Nicky Horne” when he first started broadcasting.  As at December 2001 Nicky has been on Magic FM in London on Sunday mornings. In 2005 moved to Planet Rock on dab radio.

HOWARD HUGHES: Newsreader on LBC with a lovely deep brown voice. I do not know much about him but have found this excellent information on the internet: Howard Hughes always wanted to be a broadcaster. His first break was winning a contest for teenage DJs run by playwright Alan Bleasdale at Liverpool’s Radio City. After University, Howard became the station’s first Graduate Trainee.Howard has worked for stations as diverse as Capital (nine years with Chris Tarrant!), BRMB, Radio Nova (Dublin), BBC Locals Brighton and Berkshire, LBC/IRN and Power FM. He’s broken major news stories including the start of the Gulf War – coast to coast on IRN, the death of Princess Diana and September 11th. Awards won include the CRCA News Award, BT News Award, the British Radio Award for News (twice), a New York Festival Award and a nomination in this year’s Sony Radio Awards.Howard also works as a presenter and voiceover artist for many popular TV shows. heard doing news on Smooth FM in 2006. Last heard on BBC Three Counties prior to Xmas 2008 doing the Saturday morning show – and still in fine voice, also mentioned his times at Capital Radio in the 70s.

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Presenter on Today programme on BBC Radio 4.  Before that was a journalist, news reader for years on BBC and On the Record TV programme. Works very well alongside James Naughtie, and before that with Sue MacGregor and James. Also very good as host of junior mastermind on television

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JACK JACKSON: Did shows in the sixties on Radio Luxembourg and BBC which involved him doing a comedy show, using a theme and clips from pop tunes.  A style emulated by Adrian Juste at Radio 1 in the 80s and beyond.

JAY JACKSON (alias Crispian St John and Howard Rose) A very competent deep voiced British broadcaster who has a good idea of what “fun-radio” should sound like. Was on Caroline in the 70s, also Radio North Sea International. He worked on the revolutionary oldies station Radio Sovereign from Twickenham, pirate but commercial on land and the first of its kind. He joined Radio Caroline when it re-launched in the 80s from the Ross Revenge and read the news with distinctive deep-brown voice style. If you listen to his earlier broadcasts he did not have a deep voice – it must be the microphone and presentation techniques.  Howard Rose d. 2002 a great loss to radio journalism and broadcasting..

JOHNNY JASON: A broadcaster with Radio Caroline in the 70s with a very distinctive style.

DAVID JENSEN: A very competent Canadian broadcaster who first came to our shores via Radio Luxembourg. Had a long career at both the BBC and Capital Radio. In 2003 to be heard presenting the morning/afternoon show on Capital Gold. Once known as “Kid Jensen” because he was one of the younger presenters on Luxembourg – he also did rock shows there for them. Works on Capital Gold London.

DUNCAN JOHNSON – Deep brown voice of radio.  Started off in the UK on Radio London 266 in the 60s. Worked on Radio 1 when that first started.  Last time I heard him on air was a BBC Pirate Radio Essex, well worth listening to.  He has contracted Parkinson’s Disease but in spite of this is still active in the world of music etc.

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LIZ KERSHAW: Does the lunchtime to early afternoon show on BBC6 Music. Sister of Andy Kershaw with a husky regional accent. 

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BOB LAWRENCE: Radio Caroline broadcaster from the 70s and broadcasts occasionally on the worldspace and sky version of Caroline currently on the air. I occasionally confuse his on air voice with that of Johnny Lewis. Back on Caroline now weekday mornings (July 2006)

BOB LE ROI – Although Radio City was one of my favourite radio stations I confess that I did not find Bob through this; it was through his work on Invicta Radio in Kent I first tuned in.  It was his shows which told the story of the fort based stations particularly that warmed me to his presentation styles. A peak at the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame site explains why.  He broadcast on Radio City at the age of 15, and therefore would have had a slightly higher voice!  Listening to a recording of him recently this is not the case, and probably his mature voice for a lad of 15 aided his career on City at a young age.  Not that I subscribe to people being to old or young for anything.  The business of needing enough experience for a job is always a problem if nobody gives you the change to try something out!  Invicta Radio was not my local station but is quite easily received with a good set in London.  Bob has become an archivist when it comes to fort based stations in the 60s and lists all the books and cds etc he has made available for purchase.  A high proportion of these are from his radio shows in the past. I have also heard some excellent tapes of programmes that Bob has done on the Big L recreations on RSLs.  Hopefully Bob will come back on a radio near you very shortly!  More of a producer now, perhaps he may work with a digital station on planning, or the new longwave station or the one in Ireland? In 2007 he masterminded and operated Red Sands Radio on the Red Sands Fort.

RANDALL LEE ROSE: An American broadcaster. Worked on Radio Caroline in the 80s under a different name. Hosted shows on Capital Gold in London. Now heard on Country 1035 and Fame 1521. A deep brown broadcasting voice who knows about the music he plays and can express himself well and produces a very entertaining fun style of programme. As of 2005 does a daily show on Radio London on Sky. Still doing so in 2008 – not sure if he is actually based down in Frinton though.

ROB LEIGHTON: Presenter of the “Imagination” programme which goes out on Radio Caroline on Sky and Worldspace at around 1pm weekdays. As far as I know the show is sent to Kent on tape and the aired. He plays music in the format of “loving awareness”. He has a very calm voice but alert and zippy.  He also knows and says a great deal about the music he plays which I find most informative Sadly died in January 2008, suffered from Crohns disease, something he never mentioned on air to his credit.  Will be sadly missed and his style of broadcasting and knowledge of music was unique.

JOHNNY LEWIS: Worked on Radio Caroline in 70s as Steven Bishop. In the eighties helped set up the technical side of Laser 558 and made a broadcast with Blake Williams using a balloon aerial on 417 mtrs. Presenter on Radio Caroline and engineer also,  Still does excellent programmes on satellite and Worldspace programmes from Caroline.  In his ship board days he was the creator of “GBH Bitter” which was brewed in the engine room and drunk by the crew and mentioned often on air.

TOM LODGE: Senior DJ on the offshore Radio Caroline South in the Sixties.  In 1964 he presented a programme as the original Radio Caroline Ship the MV Fredrica steamed to its new location off the Manx coast.  The following year the Caroline organisation called him back to the South ship to boost flagging listening figures against the successful Radio London station.  He joined the BBC Radio 1 for a year in 1968 then moved back to Canada where he hosted a rock show on a Toronto radio station.  Returned in 1995 and did two restricted licence broadcasts with Radio Caroline from Clacton and from London’s South Quay in Docklands.  The latter broadcasts were heard by your webmaster in glorious FM, and these shows he did were absolutely superb.  Tom has a great style of broadcasting, sometimes laid back but also capable of a delivery similar to that of the Emperor Rosko, who he supervised on Caroline in the sixties.  He always ends his show with the saying “stay cool…… real … c o o l”.  This saying is still as contemporary today as it was in the sixties.  I would like to hear Tom back on the radio full time nationally. Heard in 2006 doing an hour programme on Caroline Satellite with his son Tom. The show is repeated on a Wednesday.  Tom tends to be talking to his son on this show, in a slower patronising style, wish he would go back to doing his using his usual great style. In 2007 Tom announced that he had done his last radio show – and broadcast on air his true story of Radio Caroline.

JANICE LONG: Joined Radio 1 in the mid-seventies and hosted daytime programmes. Worked for BBC GLR in the 1980s and presented an excellent breakfast show with James Cameron.  Returned to GLR in the 90s to present shows, and heard in the  year 2000 presenting shows for BBC Radio 2 on Saturdays.  A nice husky authorative sounding broadcaster. 

ADRIAN LOVE: (Died March 1999) Radio City in 60s, LBC, Capital Radio, BBC Radio 2, Classic FM, Jazz FM, BBC Southern Counties Radio. One of the finest phone in presenters – started off his phone in career on BBC Radio 1 programme called studio B15 .  (thanks to Steve Satan – Radio Caroline for helping me with the name of the show)

ALEX LOWE: Talent irreverent broadcaster on XFM in London.  He does the Sunday breakfast show at present.  He does spoofs of adverts and Simon Bates Our Tune extremely well.  They said that Kenny Everrett was over the top, how somebody can get away with so much surprises me.  Marvellous – ad lib and special introductions.  He sees the comical side of most news stories he reads out from the papers and does not seem to care what he says.  To a degree this is in keeping with the stations image as an alternative rock station.  Not sure where he is now – don’t think he is Zane Lowe now on Radio 1?

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SUE MACGREGOR:: Radio 4 presenter first on Woman’s Hour and then for the Today Programme. Left the Today programme in 2002 but continues on other programmes from time to time. Has written a book about her days at the BBC and life in general.

IAN MACRAE: Australian presenter. Started work in England on the fort based station Radio City.  Later worked on Radio Caroline when City closed.  Catchphrase used on air “Mike-side Ian Macrae” Moved back to Australia after 60s and does shows there.

McCLUE SCOTTIE – Great Scottish phone in presenter

COLIN MAITLAND for his shows and reports on BBC Radio London in the 70s.

CAROLINE MARTIN: Radio Caroline presenter in the 80s and very competent style of broadcasting. Met her during the 1995 RSL in London in the on air studio. She went to the loo and asked my 13 year old son to sit in the on air chair and make sure nobody touched the stylus!  When I returned on an evening show, her son was in a bouncy chair in the studio. Reported to be doing shows in 2006 on BRMB>

Monty Modlyn – who used to work for some years do light hearted stories for the Today Programme, did phone ins on LBC in the 1970s, in 1975 I remember his shows with great amusement. He had a knack of inadvertently being rude about people who were going to be on air. Then being as sweet as pie when he finally spoke to them.  Worked well on radio because of his voice and also because he also featured on some of the London TV shows.

SARAH MONTAGUE: Presenter on the Today Programme on Radio 4 joined in 2001 approx. She sounds like Sue MacGreggor at times to me and is as skilled in her interviewing style. Not sure if she fits in as well with Naughtie and Humphries, will monitor and come back on that point.

TANK MONTANA: What a fantastic name for a broadcaster.  I think Tank is Canadian and is the presenter on from 6 -10 Mon – Fri and Sundays 11 – 4. on Planet Rock, the UK’s national dab rock station.  He has a fantastic deep on air voice and plays artists like Led Zeppelin.Not sure where he is at present. 

CARL MITCHELL: Caroline Presenter in the 70s, also worked on Radio North Sea International.  He adopted the on air name of “the Weird Beard”, influenced by the  great American deejays.  A nice deep dark brown, on air voice. Now deceased.  

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JAMES NAUGHTIE: One of the hosts on the Today Progamme from about 2001 onwards – very lively on air voice – Scottish.

JEREMY NICHOLAS: A very talented and witty presenter from GLR.  Worked on breakfast alongside Gideon Coe. 

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LYNN PARSONS:  An excellent communicator who has had extensive radio experience on Commercial Radio and the BBC.  She does regular weekday and weekend shows at the moment on Smooth Radio in London.  She has electronics qualifications and seems at ease on the air. She reads stories from the press and gets a good telephone and email response to her show . Visit for a full outline of her radio broadcasting career. Currently available for listening or download is her 23rd January 2008 show, around 1 hour

DIXIE PEACH: DJ on Radio Caroline when she re-launched on the Ross Revenge in 1983.  Moved to Radio 1 and did some shows, not sure where he is now though. Did a rhyming style of introduction in between songs.

JOHN PEEL: DJ on Radio London in 1967(Died of a heart attack on holiday in Peru 26.10.04). here could not have been a more modest and content broadcaster than John Peel.  I wish I could have some recordings of the normal pop shows he did on the offshore station Radio London in the 1960s when he occasionally presented programmes in a mock US dj style.  I was privileged to be able to go to the BBC In Concert shows which were at the Paris Studios in Lower Regent Street London.   Every fourth show was hosted by John Peel. Alan Black, Mike Harding and Bob Harris also took their turns at introducing the live bands on stage. The shows were re-recorded for re-broadcast in 1967 on 247mtrs am.  It was these shows which some producers loving locked away in cupboards for years, along with other special recordings made for BBC broadcast which now form part of the marvellous BBC Radio 1 Archives which were fused together by one of my ex-colleagues Phil Lawton at the BBC.  In the seventies I worked in a department where John would regularly bring in his shows on tape along with his typewritten music and speech running orders loving typed on a manual typewriter.  These were for Radio Bremen and other foreign stations.  He treated everyone the same and would never aspire to be anything other than another human being.  A member of my staff, young, and totally unaware of who this great man was rushed up to him with an autograph book. This in itself was not in the least professional thing for a member of staff to do.  John took it in his stride and he signed it “from the world’s most boring man”.  I also used to pass John in the street up in town and it was good to see that this presenter was at home in the same part of town and in the same pubs that I and many thousands of others used.  Home Truths was a delightful programme and hopefully will be kept on air, although it will be sad that John can no longer present it.   Today was a sad day for broadcasting.  I extend my grateful thanks to John for his superb contribution to discovering pop and rock artists. I send my heart felt condolences to his wife and family.  

DOCTOR PAM:An accomplished author, presenter and psychologist, Dr Pam began her psychology career some 20 years ago. Dr Pam has a special interest in relationship issues, self image, breaking patterns of abusive relationships, fears, phobias and anxieties, obsessions and compulsions, family and sexual problems and has put this expertise into practice both through counselling and through contributing to hundreds of TV programmes. Dr Pam has now moved into life coaching. Was doing a superb phone in on LBC in the evenings in April 2003.

BRIAN PERKINS: Radio 4 newsreader with an amazing voice

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MIKE READ – Radio Luxembourg, Radio One, and I credit him more for his morning programmes in 2005-6 on Radio London on Sky.  A deep voice, somebody who knows music back to front.  Co writer of many books including Guiness Book of Hit Singles

EMPEROR ROSKO: Started on Radio Caroline in the Sixties and had a pet mynah bird on board called Alfie who used to join in on occasions. Worked with Radio Luxembourg French Service when the pirates ended in 1967 after a spell on Radio 1 at weekends. Helped French to install self-operated studios. Did a very successful show as Le President Rosko. Had his own very large road show Son of a famous American film producer Pasternak. Influenced by the style of Wolfman Jack. Still does programmes from his new home in Los Angeles. Catchphrases like “Great Casaboo” “Mercy” “Kick out the Jams” and others come to mind. He has also written an excellent book about the skill of deejaying. A lively personality, often imitated but like Wolfman Jack rarely duplicated. Doing satellite programes for Big L on Sky in 2008. Came across especially for the Pirate BBC Essex broadcast in 2007 and did shows on board the LV18.

STUART RUSSELL: Broadcaster on Radio Caroline in the 70s as NIGEL HARRIS. Still broadcasts on Radio Caroline from Maidstone on Sky.

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STEVE SATAN  I first heard him on the Carolline RSL in London in 2005.  He was in the galley at the station when we visited it and spoke to myself  and my son – must look out a picture of that event. I was quite confused at first because he broadcast under so many names, but he made it plain during the RSL broadcasts. From the Caroline Rocks Site:  Started in student radio in 1984 and won a Radio One student radio award for best DJ programme. He has broadcast under a number of different names including Andy Bradgate, Colin Mueslibar and Malcolm Smith. His irreverent style made him probably one of the most popular RadioCaroline DJs of the 90s. In addition to numerous appearances on Radio Caroline, he has worked on Sunshine Radio in Luxembourg and Contact 94 in France (before it closed down) and the Album Zone on Merlin Network One. He is the regular compere on the main stage at the Ashton Court Festival and has also compered the Bath International Music Festival.

ROGER SCOTT – first heard by me in 1973 on Capital FM, in the heady days of UK commercial radio. So good to hear a station which broadcast a wide format of music and speech based shows. Roger had a distinctive deep voice with sibilance to it. I often thought in the early days of Capital, when I was listening in mono that the set was off tune when he spoke. In later years he broadcast on BBC Radio 1 with his own authorative style and knowledge of the the music he played. Died of throat cancer. He had a distinctive voice and was a splendid communicator. Site visitor Terry Brown adds  24/7/06 “I remember that Roger Scott was a big fan of Bruce Springsteen and when the Triple live album was released Roger played the whole album as his show for that evening.”

KEITH SKUES: Worked on British Forces broadcasting. Made a name for himself on the sixties Pirates Radio Caroline and London. He gained the nickname of “Cardboard Skues” and also adds “ette” to a considerable amount of words he uses. The latter could be attributed to the Round the Horne comedy show in the sixties. He has a large record collection and specialises in 78s and records from the sixties. A producer now on BBC Radio Norfolk with a music show on BBC Eastern Counties (a range of stations in the East of England). A really competent and entertaining broadcaster. He has written an important work about sixities off shore radio called “Pop Go The Pirates” which also covers stations abroad. He had to wait many years after the MOA to get this published, it benefits from this and has been added to with pictures and interviews.

ED STEWART: Chief presenter on offshore radio station Radio London in sixties. Many shows on Radio 1 and 2 on a daily basis. On radio 1 in 1967 did the Junior Choice show and used the clip with the saying “Hello Darling” by young child.  A very competent broadcaster with a fast running show style. Does the Sunday afternoon show on Radio 2, not sure what he is doing now.

MIKE SWEENEY: Worked on Radio City the commercial station in Liverpool but moved to Capital Gold in London in the late 1990s.  Does an excellent show presenting material from the sixties and other oldies. His regional dialect reminds me slightly of Jimmy Saville, but a much faster version. Still broadcasts on the Gold station which replaced Capital Gold and Classic Gold.

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DAVE LEE TRAVIS: The “Hairy Cornflake”.  Worked on Radio Caroline North and South in the 1960s.  Moved to Radio One and in the late 90s left in protest.  Now presents radio shows on commercial radio. Subject of This is Your Life in January 2000. Has a Sunday Programme on BBC 3 Counties Radio (April 2003) still doing this in 2006. Also does programme on a Spanish English speaking station as well. On Magic FM in London and elswhere in UK as from July 2006. In 2008 on Magic Radio 999 on Saturdays and Sundays

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TOMMY VANCE – TV on the radio, as he called himself on air when on Radio Caroline, finally when he joined offshore station Radio London. Did some superb Rock shows on Radio One, then on Virgin Classic Rock in London on DAB.  Distinctive voice, died in 2005, sadly missed.  BBC Site information Born in Oxford, Vance got his big break on Los Angeles radio station KHJ. He then returned to the UK to work on pirate station Radio Caroline.He was then signed to Radio 1 where he worked for 15 years. He was also a regular presenter of Top of the PopsPops.

JONATHAN VERNON SMITH (PART OF ERN AND VERN)on BBC 3 Counties Radio – do some very tongue-in-cheek phone in and music shows on Saturday and Sunday afternoon/lunchtime.  This pair are a real tonic and sometime do some on air soaps and other comical features and songs. An up to date form of Kenny and Cash but both are as daft as each other. Long may the BBC let this inoffensive couple broadcast. Full names of the star presenters – ERNIE ALMOND AND JONATHAN-VERNON-SMITH. Now in 2008 on Friday Nights.  

ROBBIE VINCENT: One of pioneer broadcasters on BBC Radio London when it first started.  A master of the phone in show, able to play “devils advocate” with the listener.  Left BBC Radio London and did soul shows on Radio 1.  Left Radio 1 to work with LBC for many years.  Now hosts the breakfast show on Jazz FM. Left Jazz FM when the management changed end of 2002 and not sure where he is at present – any update welcome please.  An ex-journalist.

JEREMY VINE: Jimmy Young’s successor on the Radio 2 lunchtime slot and a competent TV presenter before that.  I find his style of presentation and interviewing most refreshing, and his voice does not jar on me like Jimmy’s did. He is good at the serious and the trivial. At the start he made comments about how many umbrellas he loses; nice human touch.

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JOHNNIE WALKER :- Rebel Caroline broadcaster. Did the reverse of Mr Blackburn who decided to sit safely at the pioneering side of British Radio. Johnnie bravely sat on the Mi Amigo with Robbie Dale and took the station into illegality. A pioneer of Soul music in the 60s and in the 80s and 90s more rock orientated. A splendid radio voice and now the host of the R2 drive time show. He had his name changed by deed poll to match a PAMs jingle with the name Johnnie Walker.  Johnnie has become the stand in on breakfast when Terry Wogan is on leave on Radio 2. In April 2006 Johnnie moved off the drive time show and concentrated on specialist shows and a weekend show.

TONY WINDSOR; “TW” and Australian broadcaster on offshore radio station Radio London in the 60s. An experienced Australian presenter who came to the UK and started off on Radio Atlanta which was quickly merged with Radio Caroline.  Nurtured talent like Tony Blackburn and Kenny Everrett in his role of programme controller.  Famous for the long on air pause and his coffee break in which he usually spoke to one of the presenters on air.  The long pause was partly due to the fact he could never operate his own turntables and was waiting for it to be played in, and the fact that he liked his drink. Now deceased. Tony Blackburn had him on BBC Radio London several times to cover for him when he was on leave. Also worked on Radio 227 and 355 on board the Laissez Faire ship. Was programme director on 227 a Dutch station!

TERRY WOGAN: Started as a broadcaster on Radio Telefis Eireann in Ireland.  Now the star of the BBC. His true forte is presenting the breakfast show on Radio 2. His “tongue-in-cheek” banter is greatly aided by letters from his listeners. With the inception of the internet the listeners also communicated by email which makes some of the banter very topical and interesting indeed.  Aided by Fran Godfrey John Marsh (Boggy), Paul Walters (Producer – also knows at Paulie – Dr. Wally), Alan Deddicoat, and others.  Terry needs audience and in studio staff in order to perform at his best it seems. In 2006 Paul Walters was off on sick leave and Terry did manage to do some excellent on air work on his own! Still going strong in 2008!

CHARLIE WOLF: Star American presenter on Lazer 558, the UK 80s offshore station.  Renowned for his Euroseige Bulletins which he put out when the DTI were blockading the station at sea. Has done shows on Talksport at night at the weekends, pure phone in but well handled. 

STEVE WRIGHT: Falls into the same bracket for me as SIR JIMMY YOUNG did.  He is a very popular announcer who’s voice tends to grate on my nerves as time.  Steve started work on Readings Thames Valley radio after some experience at LBC and running a small jingle making company. He worked with Mike Read on Thames Valley and later at Radio 1. Now host of the afternoon show on Radio 2, which he took over from Ed Stewart. Plays a Laser blast, evocative of Laser 558, during his non stop oldies session at present. Has characters on his show, like the Old Woman and Angry Man. 

WOLFMAN JACK: A great personality broadcaster now deceased. A gruff voice like Howling Wolf the blues singer. Check out the film “American Graffiti” in which you get plenty of actuality of him broadcasting, and a rare glimpse of him on air. I first remember hearing him on the medium wave transmitters of the American Forces Network, and enjoyed his delivery. He has a lively style, copied in part by Emperor Rosko.

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CHRIS YEO: Known as Yo Yo. Currently broadcasting on Capital Gold and doing a very good job of fun radio. Australian and 27 years of age when added to this gallery. He has a bouncy Australian voice and is particularly good on the telephone with listeners. Worked on Southern Counties radio and then moved to London. A very competent broadcaster. Where is he now? Still no idea in 2006 sorry, if you know please email us with information. Update 25 09 18 “Tim Yeo is actually Chris Yeo,
Now returned to his native New Zealand – not ‘ Australia’ 2018

PETER YOUNG : Currently working on Jazz FM in London. His on on air greeting is often “PY the pork pie” and he plays a jingle that was used on a one off show he did for new broadcasters in the sixties “Music Love In Peter Young”. Started his broadcasting career with Capital Radio in London, worked extensively on FM and then on the AM Capital Gold. On Capital Gold he also included the odd clip from programmes like Round the Horne (Julian and Sandy sketches, in his promos on air. A mine of information on Soul, Jazz and Pop but a fun broadcaster. Works now on Smooth FM in London (2006) In 2007 the station changed its name and format to Smooth Radio. Peter does a Saturday night soul show on Smooth Radio weekly.

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to be continued.

…………….latest additions/update and correction 25/09/18

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