A celebration of radios – facebook style

29 09 2014

Tonight I found this wonderful facebook page

Wireless of the Week!

In some cases Chris does use pictures from other sites but he does get information about the sets and comments from others about reception etc.  Well worth a visit. Open even if you do not have a Facebook log on!


Internet Radio – Quasar Radio

25 09 2014

A new Internet Station is on air testing

Some anoraks have got hot under the collar, saying that the station is doing the same as Radio Caroline, using the album format.

Roger Matthews and Cliff Osborne and others from Caroline are on the station when it starts full transmissions.

It does seem to point that Radio Caroline has made a mistake by going off satellite and only using the Internet for transmissions.  I do hope that they manage to raise capital to go out full time on AM legally.

As to Internet Radio, the stations come and go – so will Quasar last as many years as our beloved Radio Caroline has.

From their web site


About Us

Quasar Radio was created by a group of disenchanted former radio professionals who, to a man (and woman), had grown tired of the very limited fayre available on the radio dial today. With seemingly more and more small and local stations being swallowed up by corporate giants who simply turned their acquisitions over to automated bland formats, often playing the same few hundred tracks in constant rotation, we found nothing on offer in mainstream radio  that we would want to listen to.

TGenesishis is not music radio. It is a tiny percentage of what is out there. There are quite literally hundreds of bands that have released thousands of albums over the past six decades so surely there must be an audience out there for a station playing quality album tracks rather than a few hundred hit singles? From the outset our mission was to create a station that WE would want to listen to in the sure knowledge that other radio listeners who felt similarly disenfranchised would listen too.

The music on Quasar is not genre specific nor pigeonholed into specific eras.  The overriding criteria is that it must be good music.  So alongside well established album artistes new and upcoming bands, possibly still struggling for that elusive first recording contract, will get an airing too providing their music is good.

On Quasar you will hear music from the likes of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Chicago, The Eagles, Renaissance, Average White Band and The Beatles to pick just a few names.

BAlabama Shakesut newer bands such as Zervas and Pepper, The Strypes, Alabama Shakes, White Denim and John Grant  will feature alongside  old favourites and other excellent tracks that time has forgotten.

Of course, as with most things in life, there is a cost to providing such a service even running  a relatively low cost based “on line” station. The costs of streaming, PRS & PPL licensing, broadband, professionally produced imaging  etc are met by the station staff. But we are also more than happy to accept any donations that listeners may like to make, either in the form of one off donations or regular monthly contributions, through our PayPal account.  If you enjoy listening to Quasar and you feel you would like to make a contribution  then please go to our Donate page

Time for a laugh

24 09 2014

It is quite some time since I put something light hearted on the blog.

So here we go, with the help of the world wide web.

Here is a rather happy go lucky jolly song for you on You Tube.  Applicable to most of us over 60 I am sure?  Maybe not!

From http://www.bestfunnyjokes4u.com/funny-cartoon-pics/

Finally a rather clever but unusual singer who imitates others

Och aye the no !

19 09 2014

I have not expressed any opinion on Scottish Independence on my blog throughout the campaign.

I would now like to say how delighted I am that Scotland is still part of the UK.

David Cameron said now it would also be about England. I can only wish that he will give us free prescriptions and care when we get elderly just like Scotland now gets.

The BBC site says:

At-a-glance: Scottish referendum results

The votes have been cast, and Scotland has rejected independence.

The key developments so far are summarised here.

There is also up-to-the-minute rolling coverage on the BBC’s live referendum page.

Pictorial Musings

15 09 2014

First a grave stone for a marmoset – it is an old one which I think is dated 1937 or 57?   It is by the roadside of the Fairmile, Henley on Thames Oxfordshire

IMAG1145[1]Finally the Queen but in a souvenir shop window in Windsor, opposite Windsor Castle – they should be ashamed at selling this fun item?


A visit to the BBC Oxford Studios

12 09 2014

Today we went for a tour around BBC Oxford’s Studios.  It was organised as a result of the Oxford Open House Day.

We were welcomed by professional broadcasters who took time off their television and radio work to show us around.

The Television Journalists pride themselves in going out with portable cameras, and a tripod, to compile reports all over the Oxford editorial area. These are for the BBC South News output.  They ensure that they obtain two different opinions on items, and good linking script in order to uphold BBC’s impartiality standards.

I have made up a video of the trip, and also have put text on the pictures, so hopefully they will give you a flavour of what goes on in compiling the radio and television programmes.

There is a very small staff there, the television staff seem to have hi tech equipment, although we were told that domestic applications can produce tv standard videos, so they try to do their best keep the standards high!

The radio staff have the benefit of computerised music, jingles etc, but still use older mixing desks with sliding controls. The Television staff have had to get to grips with their system, so perhaps when the old studios disappear on radio, the Radio staff will have to come up to date mixing output digitally without old hardware.

I suggest that you hit the pause button on the slide show in order to see the picture and explanatory text.

Thank you to the hard working BBC Staff in Oxford.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Radio Newsbeat

4 09 2014


The news article below regarding poor DAB reception, and the mention of Vodaphone being involved, reminds me how poor Vodaphone mobile is in my area of Oxfordshire.  Pity I have a two year contract with Talk Talk on the Vodaphone network!

Selected from the Radio Today Website

Long-serving BBC 5 live presenter Shelagh Fogarty has taken to Twitter to ‘thank a few people’ before she leaves.

Today is her last day after first joining the network 15 years ago. It was announced in July that Shelagh, plus Richard Bacon and Victoria Derbyshire would be leaving the Salford-based station ahead of a new schedule in October.

Here’s the note in full, as posted to Twitter this morning.

Twitter is full of reports that DAB radio is failing this morning, with Digital Radio UK confirming there is a problem with DAB reception in some areas.

DRUK tweeted: “Broadcasters are looking to resolve this and we will keep you updated.”

It appears to be a particular issue for BBC national stations, with reports of BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4 sounding like they are ‘underwater’. There are no reports of problems with commercial stations.

Some listeners are even having to switch back to FM to continue listening to Chris Evans. (!)

The BBC Says the issue is under investigation by Vodafone.

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Premier Christian Radio is heading to Scotland to broadcast its breakfast show from Edinburgh and Glasgow during the referendum on Scottish independence.

The station will broadcast its ‘Inspirational Breakfast’ show, hosted by John Pantry, on both mornings – the first from Edinburgh on referendum day and, the next day, from Glasgow. ‘The News Hour’ will also be presented live from Glasgow.

Premier will host two early evening receptions for its Scottish audience – the first on September 17th, the eve of the referendum, at the Carlton Hotel in Edinburgh, and the second on September 18th at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. Both will begin at 6pm and will be attended by Premier presenters.

Peter Kerridge, CEO of Premier Christian Radio said today that Premier’s three-day presence in Scotland during the referendum period demonstrated its commitment both to Scotland and the Scottish people.

“We will join with the Scottish people in prayer for guidance in making this momentous decision – one which will have a far-reaching effect on

the future of the country,” he said.

Former 2-TEN FM and Heart programmer Tim Parker is joining JACK fm and JACK 2 as Programme Director.

The appointment means Joe Thomas will move to a newly-created role as Creative Director.

“There’s a lot of creativity and talent at JACK and it’s a real privilege to get stuck in with them developing the brand further,” says Tim. “I look forward to exciting times ahead not only for Oxfordshire but as we look to expand JACK into other markets.”

Tim has been programming radio for 18 years, including as Programme Controller at 2-TEN FM and Heart in Reading for a decade.

Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2014 at 1:24 pm by .

“Premier Christian Radio has a long-term, lasting commitment to Scotland and our Scottish listeners. Our relationship will remain constant regardless of the outcome of this important referendum.”

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Wessex FM celebrates 21 years on the air

Remixed logo 2014 Logo Wessex

Wessex FM celebrated its 21st Birthday today as the UKRD station gets ready to move to a new studio complex.

The station covers the Weymouth, Dorchester and Bridport areas of Dorset and launched on September 4th 1993. It has kept the same name and format during its full 21 years of broadcasting.

To celebrate the station has been out in each of the towns it covers with birthday cakes for listeners to share. It has also created a ‘retro’ logo incorporating the original text for the month.

Presenter Dave Goulden: “The response from our listeners is amazing, we are literally mobbed when we unload the cake.”

The station is preparing to move into new premises within Dorchester, as Managing Director Steve Bulley reveals to RadioToday: “It’s an exciting time for the Wessex FM team, our brand new building and studios are almost completed which will be transformational for our business”.

Pictured: Dave Goulden & Abby Newbury in Weymouth, and the team in the studio.

BBC Radio 6 Music is working with BBC Four to present The Sound of Style – a season dedicated to the worlds of fashion and music.

The two stations will be exploring how sound and style share a passionate, colourful and inextricable relationship. It’s the first time the two broadcasters have worked together and will see television programmes narrated by radio presenters including Stuart Maconie, Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne.

6 Music will also be broadcasting a range of documentaries from the archive, including ‘The Look Of Music, The Sound Of Fashion’ presented by Malcolm McLaren, and ‘You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again’, a history of the British teenager introduced by John Peel which focuses on changing fashions and pop culture from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Presenter Gemma Cairney will host Never Mind The Cobblers, meeting shoemaker Terry de Havilland. Known in the trade as the rock ‘n’ roll cobbler, his designs for winkle pickers, platforms, wedges and stilettoes were worn by the scene setters of the day including David Bowie, Cher, and Debbie Harry, and the likes of Amy Winehouse, Alison Goldfrapp and top models more recently. People queued from dawn till dusk to get their hands on a pair of his shoes. Gemma speaks to Terry, plus his many fans including Noel Fielding, Ana Matronic and Viv Albertine about the impact he has had through his fantastical shoe designs.

Gemma Cairney said: “Terry de Havilland is more than a cobbler, more than a shoe designer, more than a name in fashion. He is part of a rock ‘n’ roll legacy. His very shoes have stomped and grooved on the soles of most musical legends, from Bowie to Bianca Jagger, Robert Plant to Kate Moss. They all love Terry. All this history and he’s still making shoes and coming up with new styles in 2014, over 50 years after he started. If there ever were someone to sum up why fashion and music go hand in hand it’s him. It warms my heart to share his story. There is no better place for this than BBC Radio 6 Music. And boy, are there some cracking tales and tunes in this documentary.”

Paul Rodgers, Head of Programmes for BBC Radio 6 Music, said: “The Sound Of Style is an exciting opportunity for 6 Music’s presenters to add their music expertise to BBC Four’s, sound-tracking the series by selecting some of the key musical moments that have helped shape and influence fashion. And 6 Music will be further exploring The Sound Of Style across the network, through tailoring our regular programming plus excellent documentaries featuring some key figures from the fashion and music industries.”

Bringing its own alternative spirit to the season, 6 Music will be featuring tailored programming with originations and through its regular shows featuring special guests exploring further the themes of fashion and music. And when each episode of the TV series airs, 6 Music will be styling its music and chat that day around the decade covered in that programme.

Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe will be reminiscing and sharing their own tales of the 60s. Plus, they’ll be welcoming Rick Wakeman who was a key figure during the heady days of the 70s on their weekday afternoon show.

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Long-serving BBC 5 live presenter Shelagh Fogarty has taken to Twitter to ‘thank a few people’ before she leaves.

Today is her last day after first joining the network 15 years ago. It was announced in July that Shelagh, plus Richard Bacon and Victoria Derbyshire would be leaving the Salford-based station ahead of a new schedule in October.

Here’s the note in full, as posted to Twitter this morning.








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