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An amazing seventies coffee pot and cup in a charity shop and a warning on a box of dates bought from a local market!

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Some pictures taken by me at a great Joe Brown concert in my local town.  You can only see him clearly in one of the shots!

His son Peter was also performing there and was a great singer, and versatile on guitars and other instruments.

Joe is now 73 but still has a great voice and is a superb musician.

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Here now are a few You Tube videos of Joe at work!


Radio Newsbeat


I have been busy recently enjoying local performances most evenings as part of the Henley On Thames Advent Calendar, and have spent more time on the local blog.

BBC Berkshire is still a favourite of mine, after a year. I also enjoy listening to a range of Internet stations. Not much of Radio Caroline, so I must try to remedy this, their specialist evening programmes are superb.

Some Internet stations play back to back music, but to my mind if they are programmed well, they are valid owners of the radio station title.

My pick of the Radio News from the Radio Today site:


Online oldies station Solid Gold Gem AM returns
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An online station staffed by former ILR presenters is returning just days after it announced it was closing down.

Solid Gold Gem AM will now be headed by Len Groat, who was programmer at the original GEM AM in the East Midlands in the 80s, as it gets ready to return on December 15th. The team will also launch a second station, Serenade Radio, starting on February 14th 2015.

Len Groat told RadioToday: “Our first two years online taught us you can play music from the 20s to the 80s and get a great response, but to keep the audience you need to focus. The size of our audience was never a priority, our goal was to offer a true alternative to BBC Radio 2 which does not musically cater for over-45s in its daytime shows.

“Our mix of a huge song library, heritage DJs and jingles, with no adverts, is a true alternative. We achieved that goal and created a unique style in a market full of commercial ‘McDonalds’ type stations – our team of deejays is larger than any UK commercial station!”

Andy Marriott created the station infrastructure and adds “We realised there was scope for a station majoring on easy listening and nostalgic music, so I am creating ‘Serenade Radio’. The Solid Gold GEM AM team like the idea so much they will carry 6 hours a week of our shows! It will launch with some of our well-known presenters on February 14th 2015.”

The reason for the sudden closedown has not been revealed.

Paul Burbank, who was on the original GEM-AM, will host breakfast on Solid Gold Gem AM from 5am, when the station opens up each day. It’ll also close down at the end of each day to tie in with its strap line of ‘radio like it used to be’.

Radio 4 Extra is to broadcast all of the US podcast show Serial, produced by WBEZ Chicago, starting this weekend.

The first episode will at 9pm this Sunday, with daily episodes broadcast until the network joins the non-fictional story as it reaches its final stage – which will go out on the same day worldwide.

Serial is a new podcast series which has received positive reviews both here and in America, hosted by journalist Sarah Koenig. It follows the true story of an investigation into a murder of the high-school student Hae Min Lee in Baltimore County in 1999. This will be the first-ever radio broadcast for the series.

The series has been reportedly downloaded and streamed more than 21 million times, topping download charts in countries ranging from the US to Germany to India.

Ira Glass, Editorial Advisor for Serial says: “We know we already have tons of Serial listeners in the UK but we love that the BBC will help us reach many many more than we ever could with podcast alone.”

Gwyneth Williams, Controller, Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra says: “We are thrilled to be sharing Serial’s innovative journalism and storytelling with our audiences on Radio 4 Extra.”

A crown court jury in Manchester has found former radio presenter and Jimmy Savile flat-mate and friend Ray Teret guilty of raping and indecently assaulting schoolgirls in the 60s and 70s.

The jury reached their verdicts after hearing he used his status as a local celebrity to single out vulnerable girls in nightclubs and discos.

The mass media is reporting the full details of the court case – with details on Sky, BBC and the Manchester Evening News. Teret denied 18 rapes, two other serious sexual assaults, one attempted rape, 12 indecent assaults and one count of indecency with a child.

“This case has attracted a lot of media interest due to Teret’s status and friendship with the late Jimmy Savile,” Detective Chief Inspector Graham Brock of Greater Manchester Police said. “And it is clear that Teret revelled in his association with Savile and used that cult of celebrity to meet – and rape – impressionable underage girls.

“We also must acknowledge that it was the Jimmy Savile scandal, and the mass publicity it generated, that encouraged these women to break their decades of silence and speak out, exposing Teret for the dangerous sexual predator he is.”

Ray first met Savile in a Manchester night club in the early 1960s and went on to work on various radio stations including Caroline, Piccadilly, Signal.


Comedian and radio presenter Tom Binns has apologised to his wife after making a personal matter between her and broadcaster Simon Bates public.

Tom Binns, the man behind Ivan Brackenbury, was talking about Simon Bates’ new show on BBC Radio Devon on his latest podcast when he ‘found’ an email exchange between his wife and Bates from when the two worked together at Smooth Radio.

Tom read out the email in which his wife, Liesl Soards, told Simon she had arranged cover for her job as his producer whilst she took time off to spend with her mother who had cancer.

Tom then called Simon Bates “as focused as a c***” for the reply he sent back to her.

When contacted by RadioToday about the podcast, Tom said: “I’d like to apologise to my wife for talking about a private matter in my podcast. She is a very talented and creative producer and unlike me she has an incredible capacity to rise above things like this and did not wish me to make this public.

“I would also like to apologise for using the word c**t in relation to Simon Bates. It was a totally unnecessary thing to say, as anyone who has read or heard his reaction to my wife taking a few days holiday to spend time with her dying mother would have naturally come to that conclusion themselves.”

We asked Simon Bates for a comment but he said he hadn’t heard the podcast.


After more than a thousand editions, UK radio industry publication The Radio Magazine has suspended its publication and circulation for the second time.

The magazine was set up in the early 90s by Howard Rose, who died in 2002, and was most recently owned by Tindle Newspapers, operating out of Tindle Newspaper’s HQ in Bordon, Hampshire. In October 2011 it ceased being a weekly publication and had a temporary suspension of service. It later returned as a monthly magazine.

The last edition, to be made printed in May 2014, lists Karen Sheppard as Managing Director and Henry Ascoli as Editorial Manager. Henry confirmed to RadioToday in July that the magazine had been suspended for the second time and so far has failed to make a second comeback.

At its peak, The Radio Magazine was the must-read publication for the radio industry, full of exclusive news, jobs, gossip, advertisements, dates for your diary and of course, Rose’s Rambling by the much loved editor. It started as a one man operation produced on a small Amstrad computer and stapled by hand and sent out to stations and enthusiasts.

Any writer or advertiser who would like to continue reaching the radio industry is welcomed to contact RadioToday for an informal chat.

The first 52 editions of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Friday Rock Shows are to be re-broadcast by TeamRock Radio.

The programmes, hosted by Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and produced by Smooth Operations, will start this weekend and air each Saturday and Sunday morning for six months.

All 52 programmes will also be available on demand at TeamRock.com.

John Myers, Chairman of TeamRock said: “This is the second agreement we’ve reached with the BBC to re-broadcast programmes from their rock vault. I am delighted that we have come to a deal where these programmes can he heard once again on the air and also on teamrock.com, the home of rock music worldwide.”

Moose, Head of Radio at TeamRock Radio said: “Bruce Dickinson is an icon within the rock community and these programmes will be much sought after by our listeners. They will add to the enormous breadth of output we have at TeamRock Radio and what’s more, they can hear them all at once – on demand. What a great gift for rock fans the world over”.

TeamRock has also created a programme to celebrate the life of Pantera and Damageplan Guitarist Dimebag, Darrell Abbott. This special is available to listen to online now and will air on Monday 8th December exactly 10 years since his death.


Sweden and Switzerland have published roadmaps for a digital switchover from FM to DAB+.

It comes just days after German public broadcaster ARD announced its commitment to a transition to DAB+, and weeks after Norway announced all criteria have been met for FM switch off in 2017.

WorldDAB Press Release: Swedish Digital Radio Coordinator, Nina Wormbs, presented a roadmap to the Minister of Culture, outlining a plan developed in coordination with public service and commercial radio sectors. Parliament is now expected to make a decision on the roadmap in autumn 2015. A decision to proceed with the plan will allow for compulsory procurement of the distribution network. The plan has three parts:

  • a mutual launch by the commercial and public radio sectors with 70% coverage by Christmas 2016
  • the extension of existing analogue commercial licenses, with no license fees, until FM transmissions are discontinued, to enable
    commercial radio to plan and invest in the new digital distribution system
  • shutdown of FM in 2022, conditional on four criteria – coverage to be the same as existing FM transmissions (99.8%), increased offer and more value to the listener, 50% of daily listening to be via digital radio and practical possibilities to convert cars

If these conditions are met in 2020, then FM is to be discontinued in 2022 – or, if the criteria are not met at that time, FM shutdown will be in 2024. FM shutdown will not affect community radio, they can continue to broadcast on FM if they so choose at that time.

And the Swiss commercial and public radio sectors joined forces with OFCOM to form the Digital Migration (DigiMig) working group, and today submitted a report to the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications of Switzerland (DETEC) outlining a roadmap for a switchover from FM to DAB+. The report states that Swiss radio stations should be broadcast via DAB+ by 2024 at the latest, with FM transmitters being phased out by this date. The report has two phases:

  • Phase 1 runs until 2019 and provides for specific marketing and communications measures to promote digital radio listening at home and in the car
  • Phase 2 provides for the phased switch off of FM transmitters between 2020 and 2024

The reports from both countries are the product of close collaboration between the public and commercial radio sectors and both cite the fact that FM has reached its capacity limits as one of the main reasons for digitising radio.

Yesterday’s announcements reflect the growing momentum towards the rollout of DAB/DAB+ digital radio across Europe, with well over 90% network coverage now available in the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany, and although in a pre-launch phase, at 65% in Italy. Over 30 million domestic and automotive DAB/DAB+ receivers have now been sold – with annual sales almost doubling in the last four years. In Germany, it was announced in October 2014 that receiver sales have increased by 52% year-on-year. In the UK, the government remains committed to a digital future for radio, and 58% of new cars sold are now line-fit with DAB. In November, at the WorldDMB General Assembly in Rome, Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development announced its commitment to a national rollout of DAB+.

As many radio device, automotive and mobile phone manufacturers are targeting a pan-European market, greater progress can be made with commitment to a harmonised pan-European digital future for radio, leading to more choice for the listener, improved audience reach and significantly lower transmission costs for the broadcaster.

Patrick Hannon, President of WorldDMB, said “The pace of change in digital radio is accelerating. For listeners, DAB+ offers greater choice, clearer sound and additional data; for society, DAB+ allows radio to remain anonymous and free to air. The announcements from Sweden and Switzerland send a clear statement that the future of radio is digital.”


Be wise to spam

I have decided to put the odd piece of spam I receive on to my blog in order that others may recognise the nonsence that is supposed to trick us.



This one is classic, suffers from too many words in my opinion

Dear Friend.

After serious thoughts, my decision to contact you personally became
urgent, since I have no grudge against you, other than your Nigerian
partners. I happen to be the Deputy Governor of Central Bank of
Nigeria(CBN) in charge of Operations.

Sometime ago, your partners approached me through a contact who works with
one of the ministries here with a request to assist them conclude a
transfer deal which required programming a transfer on your behalf.

What I gathered, is they wanted to use my position and office to
strategically transfer a sum; which has been supposedly dormant in the CBN
suspense account for quite a while. Our agreement was that I make this
happen and be rewarded with one hundred thousand initial advance payment
and another one hundred thousand when I finally release to your nominated
account. Having successfully programmed the transfer as agreed and your
name approved amongst the list of contractors/recipients/beneficiaries to
be paid for that period, the story changed and instead of standing by our
agreed arrangements, they employed an avoidance tactic and then resorted
to threats. Well, that prompted my decision to immediately delete the
transfer code, but released other payments as listed, excluding yours.

This resulted to several threatening calls which did not scare me though
and then they started making frantic efforts to bribing other officials to
get another approval to the transfer to you, but without success. I
however take 100 percent responsibility for the delay and obstructions,
because of their breach of agreement and trust. If you have doubts as to
this privileged information, then consider what has transpired through the
entire course of your claim process, they continue to ask you to pay one
charge or the other and at the end no results and they continue to tell
you to send another fee with yet no results. In very simple words, I can
only say that they are just wicked. Now if you want us to work
together,these are my conditions:

1: I will be entitled to twenty percent of the total sum, since it’s just
both of us left in the matter.

2: You will assist my son with opening an account in your domain where I
will transfer my share.

3: It will be useless and mere waste of time and resources if you continue
with any other person. So well conclude this process with the utmost of
secrecy using only the included telephone and email details as provided.

4: You will provide me your direct telephone, mobile and your private
email to facilitate easy communication between you and I.

If you find these conditions acceptable, contact me at your earliest
convenience to have us finalize arrangements, so the transfer can be
released to your nominated account after completion of the mandatory
protocols. However, in case you’re not interested, then I strongly advice
you jettison the idea of receiving your funds and stop wasting your time
with your so called partners. Your prompt response via my private and
direct email is anticipated:

Yours truly.

Adebayo Adelabu Adekola.
(Deputy Governor, Operations – CBN).

Radio Newsbeat


I have had problems with losing my password to the Frontier Silicon web portal. In case you are wondering what this is I will explain.  If you have an internet radio, they are dependent on a website in order to provide the radio with links to radio stations. If you log into the web portal you can add extra stations for your radio, also to add favourites to listen to.  I have re-registered and noted the password as well.

I have a blog listed in my links. If you are interested in listening to clips of radio stations and historical radio, you can see all of this at http://audioboom.com/channels/585726 If you want to download the item right click on the play button.

Caeser the Geezer is very much alive and kicking. I found this out whilst surfing last night.  He is a great presenter. I first heard his shows on Invicta FM.  Then he popped up on Talk Radio as a shock jock, and got sacked unfairly because they told him to be outrageous!  If  you are interested to know more about what he is doing now, and a link to his Internet Radio Station click this link http://www.caesarthegeezer.co.uk/#/radio-stations/4571937542

 Selected News from the Radio Today site:

Be sure to listen to their regular podcast of news etc http://radiotoday.co.uk/podcast/


This year’s Christmas programmes on Magic Radio will include special shows by Olly Murs and Caroline Flack.

The pair will host Christmas morning on the Bauer station, plus a two hour show on New Year’s Eve, joining Idris Elba, Boyzone, Martin Kemp and Take That who are also part of the line-up.

The Christmas programmes kick off with Take That on Sunday 30th November between 1pm – 3pm ahead of ‘That Take Day’ on Monday 1st December, and Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp sits in for Rick Astley for the next two Sundays between 1pm- 3pm.

Olly Murs and Caroline Flack debut on Christmas morning from 10am-12pm on Thursday 25th December, produced by Wise Buddah. The pair will then be heard on Wednesday 31st December from 6pm- 8pm.

Commenting ahead of their joint radio debut Caroline Flack said: “We’re going to be accompanying families all over London as they get ready to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve. Get your festive feel on the boil and join us”. Fellow presenter Olly Murs added, “If you’re not in your Christmas jumpers we’ll be disappointed”.

Throughout December, Magic Radio’s ‘Behind the Music’ slot, which broadcasts every Sunday from 6-8pm, will feature special spotlight shows and interviews with Boyzone who discuss new album ‘Dublin to Detroit’ as well as the one and only Idris Elba who gives the low down on his album ‘mi Mandela’.

The station goes national in January on Digital One.

Magic Content Director Liam Thompson told RadioToday: “We’re packing Christmas full of music and festive cheer alongside a refreshed schedule, top presenter names and brand new appointments to listen as we set ourselves to go National in the New Year.”


Jazz FM introduces the Alpari Business Breakfast
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 Jazz FM has teamed up with global foreign exchange broker Alpari UK to create The Alpari Business Breakfast.

The new half hour show starts on Monday 1st December and marks the return to Jazz FM of Michael Wilson, the Global Business and Economics Editor of Arise TV and former Sky News Business Editor.

Airing weekdays at 6am, it features news-making guests, covers the daily business agenda and features the latest market news from Alpari UK’s market analysts.

The annual six-figure deal between Jazz FM and Alpari UK also includes business bulletins at strategic points through the day including lunchtime updates as the City takes a break and a round-up as the City closes featuring the latest market news.

The first week features jazz-loving former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke MP as special guest with his customary forthright opinions including his current take on George Osborne and the forthcoming Autumn Statement.

Jazz FM Content Director Nick Pitts told RadioToday: “This is a triple whammy for us. We’re delighted to have Michael Wilson back on Jazz FM; we welcome a new long-term content partner to the station in Alpari UK, plus we have a new unique programme for commercial radio.”

Alpari UK’s Chief Market Analyst James Hughes: “We’re really excited to be getting involved in this unique project alongside Jazz FM, and particularly the chance to discuss and dissect the latest financial and economic news. It offers us a different platform to take financial trading to a wider audience and really generate further interest and awareness.”


New transmitters in Derby, Devon and Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire have been switched on offering more coverage of local radio on DAB.

Today, the addition of Chepping Wycombe and Hemel Hempstead to the four existing transmitters in the Three Counties will improve the coverage of the local multiplex in High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Amersham, Watford, Kings Langley, Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted, along with sections of the M25 and M40 motorways.

It takes the indoor coverage of the Herts, Beds and Bucks multiplex from 67.69% (720,109) of households to 88.60% (915,600); and from 81.49% (1,205km) of major roads to 89.50% (1,324km).

Last week, Arqiva switched on a new transmitter for Now Digital East Midland’s Derbyshire multiplex. It adds to the single tx which was launched in the summer in Derby. The new transmitter is in Lichfield and brings local digital radio to around 200,000 more people – in South Derbyshire and into parts of Staffordshire.

BBC Radio Derby was promoting the extra coverage last week when one listener rang the station to say she was still having problems. So a report from the station, Martyn Williams, went to visit the listener in her home and tune in her DAB radio for her.

Arqiva’s Glyn Jones told RadioToday: “It’s great that another 200,000 listeners in the Derbyshire area can now tune into their local stations on a digital radio. And in lots of ways, Radio Derby helping an individual listener to tune in and hearing her reaction to the digital switch-on really brings home. Most weeks at the moment Arqiva is switching on a digital radio transmitter somewhere in the UK, and bringing even better radio to even more listeners.”

Holcombe Down near Teignmouth in south Devon improves coverage in the Teignmouth, Dawlish and Newton Abbot areas, and adds around 50,000 listeners to the local multiplex.

Two new transmitters at Okehampton and Barnstaple in north Devon improve coverage for those towns, and also add around 50,000 listeners to the area already served by the main Huntshaw Cross transmitter.

This month has also seen the local version of Smooth Radio in the East Midlands launch on the Derbyshire and Leicestershire multiplexes.


A new set of musical themes are on-air at BBC Radio 6 Music, supplied by London-based production company On The Sly.

The tracks build on the current themes which have been in use at the digital station for the last 12 months.

On The Sly Director, Chris Thorpe told RadioToday: “With new styles and genres of music, the evolution to keep pace with the playlist of 6 Music continues.

The company has just moved studio location from Covent Garden to Dean Street in London’s Soho, and are now supplying their branded song Intros and Outros service to new markets including KFM 98.1 ‘The Beat of Shanghai’ – a brand new station for China, playing the biggest western hits. Other new stations now airing the services include 106.1 Kiss FM Seattle (KBKS) and Live 95.5 Portland (KBFF) in the US. They join some of the biggest international stations such as 104.3 myFM Los Angeles (KBIG) and Nova Network Australia.Chris added: “Intros and Outros are growing their impact with new stations coming to us every month to brand the starts and ends of their hits in the style of the artists. We’re very excited to be part of bringing a whole new sound to Shanghai, Portland and Seattle.”


Solid Gold GEM AM, home of a number of former commercial radio managers and presenters, is closing down this weekend.

The station, which has just celebrated two years of broadcasting by announcing three new presenters, will cease online streaming at midnight Sunday.

The commercial-free station has been talk of radio enthusiasts due to its name – taken from a former ILR in the East Midlands – and promotion of its slogan “radio like it used to be”. Presenters included Len Groat, Jenni Costello, Andy Marriott and Tony Mullins.

A post has been made on its website which says: “Sadly, this Sunday will be the last day of Solid Gold GEM AM – thank you for listening for the last 2 years.”


Jeremy Vine has been caught speeding in Hyde Park.. on his bicycle.

The Radio 2 lunchtime phone-in host was doing 16 MPH in a 5 MPH zone. He posted a video of his incident, including getting stopped by the police, the social network Vine, and Twitter.

He said: “The moment I got stopped by police with a speed gun, checking cyclists today. They said speed limit in Hyde Park is 5mph and I was doing 16mph. I apologised. #LondonCycling”

When he got in to the Radio 2 studio and said he was radar-gunned at 16mph on my bicycle, his producer told him him was living on the edge! Colleague Chris Evans tweeted in response saying “Speeding Vine”.


Sam Walker for drivetime on BBC Radio Manchester
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Sam Walker is taking over drivetime on BBC Radio Manchester from next February, replacing Phil Trow.

Sam first joined the station in 2006, and has recently been working at 5 live covering maternity for Anna Foster but will head back to the station not in her previous slot on mid-morning, but on drive.

This plus recent changes at the station means BBC Radio Manchester has an almost entirely new weekday schedule, with Allan Beswick leaving breakfast for the late show, Phil Trow swapping drivetime for breakfast and late show host Alison Butterworth moving to breakfast with Phil.

Sam says: “I’m really excited to be starting drive time on a station I’ve been part of for the best part of decade. And what a treat to be able to mix serious news with lighter items – all mixed in with some great music – roll on the New Year!”

BBC Radio Manchester Editor Kate Squire says: “Sam is a great signing for us on drive time, she’s full of life and fun, and our listeners know and love her, most recently from our mid-morning show- on drive there’s a great mix of news and music which will be right up Sam’s street.”

As well as working for BBC Radio Manchester, Sam hosted breakfast on Real Radio for eight months 2012, before which she was at Key 103 and Xfm.


Steve Penk turns to podcasting for the future of radio
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Steve Penk has started his own podcast whilst saying the future for entertainment based content is podcasting.

“Who the hell wants to hear the same songs played over and over again?” Steve comments. “Commercial music radio in the UK is dying and it concerns me. The BBC appear to be the only ones getting it right,” he continued.

Steve says UK commercial radio has now become the dullest it’s ever been, and will be writing more thoughts in this week’s edition of eRADIO.

His podcast features his signature wind-up calls and are now starting to be available on iTunes.

Unbelievable that the Conservatives are begging for money!

This morning in my junk mail box came this email from the Conservatives. It is about time the MPs who earn a massive salary put  money into their party funds. In my opinion there is very little between each party, with regards to hwat they can offer constituents.  Why not vote for a party that has some money to fund it’s own election campaign.  Great considering they are one of the parties that run this country!


Tea or coffee,  ?
Grant Shapps – Conservative Party Chairman (bulletin@mail.conservatives.com)
From: Grant Shapps – Conservative Party Chairman (bulletin@mail.conservatives.com) This message is in your junk folder because you don’t seem to want emails from this sender.
Sent: 26 November 2014 15:36:32

Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we’ll delete it after ten days.
Wait, it’s safe!


Get your limited edition ‘Securing a better future’ mug – donate £20 today.

It’s Conservative supporters who are funding our campaign to win the next election.

The calls we make, the leaflets we print, the posters we put up in the places that will decide the most important election in a generation. Funded by people like you, K

Today I’m asking if you’ll donate £20 to our campaign in return for an official ‘Securing a better future’ mug.

Whether you’re a tea drinker or a coffee person, it’ll look great in your kitchen. And the money you donate will make a huge difference as we fight to secure a better future for Britain.

Thank you,

Grant Shapps
Conservative Party Chairman

PS This mug would make a great stocking filler – but please remember that stocks are limited and the last date for posting is December 14th. Donate £20 today to make sure you don’t miss out.

If you are having trouble reading this email, click here to view it in your web browser

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Promoted by Alan Mabbutt on behalf of the Conservative Party, both at 4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9HQ

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A favourite song

I have just seen Jools Holland’s Later Live programme. In it was an excellent performance of Stylo with Bobby Womack.  One of my all time favourites along with Heard It Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye.

I thought I would put is online for all to see.



Pictorial Musings

First the world of Fungi !

A short walk yesterday, late afternoon enabled me to find this magnificent cavalcade of colour. Please make people who not aware of the dangers of touching and eating these toadstools – they are poisonous in the main and can cause DEATH!

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The Gates of Friar Park (Henley on Thames) – the Home of George Harrison up until his death. The anniversary of his death is coming up on the 29th November


From the MTV site

George Harrison, lead guitarist for the band that changed the face of rock forever, lost his battle with cancer Thursday in Los Angeles. He was 58. The Associated Press reports that Harrison passed away at 4:30 p.m. ET at a friend’s home. His wife, Olivia Harrison, and 23-year-old son Dhani were with him.

The Beatles, unlike most bands of the early ’60s, both wrote and performed their songs, and led the way for generations of bands and singer/songwriters to come in this regard. Even today, few superstar acts can take credit for penning all their hits, but from writing the lyrics and music to recording in three-part harmony, the Beatles did it all.

As the lead guitarist in a group for which the guitar solos weren’t the most striking aspect, it’s no wonder Harrison was known as “the quiet Beatle.” But along with well-constructed, rockabilly-rooted solos, he also contributed the occasional lead vocal on early Beatles recordings such as “Roll Over Beethoven” and “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You.” And while not as prolific as the legendary songwriting team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Harrison wrote, and sang, such Beatles classics as “Taxman,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Here Comes the Sun” and “Something.”

My favourite George Harrison Track –

Whilst search for the music above I found this performance by his grown up son Dhani (well a short extract then the great man George.  Dhani has some resemblance to Dad!

That’s all for now, thanks for visiting this post!