You Tube gatherings!

28 07 2014

Here are a few hand picked You Tube videos you may like to view!

First this Russian gentleman puts on safety glasses on every occasion, You Tube has numerous videos by him, this one is about food and a bit OTT in my opinion. Do not try any of these tips at home!

Tommy Cooper jokes have been featured on this blog in the past – here is a video of Tommy Cooper telling jokes – really good stuff! Corny but clever!

This version of the Beatles cartoon series is a hoot James Blonde in Penny Lane, with some marvellous attempts at UK and Beatles voices!

Pictorial Musings

28 07 2014

This weekend I managed to spot this rather sweet Duck Radio in a charity shop. The head is the on and off switch, and also has the loudspeaker inside it. The wing is a two waveband AM and FM switch. It now has pride of place in my bathroom and hosts the Andrew Peach breakfast show from BBC Radio Berkshire in the mornings!


Having ridden my new bike for a few times I noticed that the moulding on the rubber tyres is shedding off, obviously the factory does not bother to make sure the excess after moulding is removed!




When my friend visited we popped into a local antique/curio shop and his wife spotted these old radios on display at greatly inflated prices.  This should appeal to radio anoraks like myself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A jukebox that plays cds and radio programmes in a local cafe!


A flash from my childhood days, seen in a nearby hedgrow. A highly poisonous weed! Beware touching if you see one!

Radio Newsbeat

27 07 2014


Many happy returns to Tony Blackburn for reaching 50 years of presenting radio programmes – you are a national treasure! I am also chuffed that he is doing quite few programmes on BBC Radio Berkshire, my local station.

From the Radio Today site (selections by the Waffler)

Ofcom has received five ‘declarations of intent’ to apply for the commercial radio AM licence for Greater London held by Sunrise Radio.

It means the licence, using the 963AM and 972AM frequencies, will be fully re-advertised by the regulator on 5th August.

Declarations of intent have been received from the following companies:

• Asian FX Ltd
• London Air Radio Ltd
• Lyca Media II Ltd
• Sabras Radio Ltd
• Sunrise Radio (London) Ltd

Each of the five has paid over £80,000 to Ofcom to register their intent, comprising a £14,500 application fee and a deposit of £66,700 which will be refundable upon receipt of a valid application.

This re-advertisement will be open to all applicants and is not limited to the companies who have submitted a declaration of intent to apply.

Sunrise moved from 1458 in London when the licence was bought out from administrators earlier this year.

Sally Traffic departs Radio 2 Drivetime


UPDATE: Apologies, Sally isn’t leaving Radio 2 altogether, but moving to a new role. More details to follow

Sally Boazman, known to millions as Sally Traffic on BBC Radio 2, is taking the next exit from the Simon Mayo Drivetime show.

She’s been at the station since 1999, when it first wanted a dedicated traffic reporter. Sally worked with Johnnie Walker, Steve Wright, Jeremy Vine and Chris Evans over the years.

Before that Sally was at AA Roadwatch and London Weekend TV, and was also Chief Travel Reporter for BBC GLR.

Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo has blogged about her departure from his show, saying: “Sally has decided to call it a day at the travel desk after 15 years of hard slog and devotion to the M25.

“Afternoons will not be the same! What will I do without someone to find an innuendo in every sentence? Who can match the throaty appeal of the trucker’s pal? (she’s snorting at that one obviously) Even from afar I always thought Sal had one of the best voices on the radio and it has been great to have her on the team (stop it Sally). How can we mark her retirement? What tribute can the show pay? Why, SALLY TRAFFIC oldies of course. What greater honour…”

KISS, which is now broadcasting across the UK on digital radio, is releasing its second compilation album of 2014.

KISSTORY 2014: THE BEST OLD SKOOL & ANTHEMS is full of the songs played by the station each weekday at 11am.

Sony Music have ensured advertorial support for the release across Channel 4, ITV, Sky 1, Sky Comedy and Comedy Central. A wider Bauer Media campaign will see a promotional radio campaign across a number of Passion and Place Portfolio stations in addition to adverts in heat magazine. Competitions to win albums will run on KISS FM UK, while the CD will feature at the station’s forthcoming KISSTORY events in London on 23rd and Bristol on 24th August.

Andy Roberts, Group Programme Director at KISS FM UK said: “To launch a second album within a year is a reaction to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve had. KISSTORY tunes are the DNA that built the KISS FM UK we know today and we’re dedicated to growing the brand and feeding the demand from our consumers.”

No postings for a while

25 07 2014

Swan Upping from the Bridge Henley On Thames 16th July 2014

I apologise for not posting on this blog for a while. Lots of things have been happening locally – this post appeared on my other blog, and as this count of swans in traditional style in held in many places up the Thames I am including it here

We waited for forty five minutes longer than the predicted time for the Swan Uppers arrive. Before the arrival of the flotilla there seemed to be no Swans around at all, then we noticed these making there way up stream


The swans settled just before New Street, by the boat houses and the ceremony was carried out there.

DSCF4793 DSCF4794 DSCF4797 DSCF4799 DSCF4800

When they arrived they surrounded the Swans

As this is the first time I have seen Swan Upping – here is a page from Wikipedia to put everything into perspective

Swan Upping
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Queen’s Swan Uppers (right), on the Thames at Abingdon
The skiffs surround the swans so that they can be more easily caught.

Swan Upping is an annual ceremonial and practical activity in Britain in which mute swans on the River Thames are rounded up, caught, marked, and then released.

Traditionally, the British Monarch retains the right to ownership of all unmarked mute swans in open water, but only exercises ownership on certain stretches of the River Thames and its surrounding tributaries. This tradition dates from c. the 12th century;[dubious – discuss] It was formalised with a Royal Charter of Edward IV passed in 1482, establishing “How much land he must have which shall have a mark or game of swans”, preventing the claim of ownership of swans by “yeomen and husbandmen, and other persons of little reputation”.[1]

Swan Upping is a means of establishing a swan census through a process of ringing the swan’s feet and today also serves to check the health of swans. Swan Upping occurs annually during the third week of July. During the ceremony, the Queen’s, Vintners’ and the Dyers’ Swan Uppers row up the river in skiffs. Swans caught by the Queen’s Swan Uppers under the direction of the Swan Marker are unmarked, except for a ring linked to the database of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). Those caught by the Dyers’ and Vintners are identified as theirs by means of a further ring on the other leg. Today, only swans with cygnets are caught and ringed. This gives a yearly snapshot as to how well Thames swans are breeding. Originally, rather than being ringed, the swans would be marked on the bill, a practice reflected in the pub name The Swan with Two Necks, a corruption of “The Swan with Two Nicks”.

On 20 July 2009, Queen Elizabeth II, as “Seigneur of the Swans,” attended the Swan Upping ceremony for the first time in her reign, and the first time that the monarch has personally watched the ceremony in centuries.

In 2012, because of flooding of the river from adverse weather, the ceremony was cancelled between Sunbury-on-Thames and Windsor, according to BBC News “for the first time in its 900-year history”.[2]

This is the video I managed to get, pushing the zoom on my Fuji camera to the limit! Sorry if it is slightly out of focus or shaky!

When the Swan Upping ceremony had been completed they rowed up river to Marsh Lock, the final part of the days procession which started at Marlow.

Here are some pictures of the Queens representative and the Vintners and Dyers as they pass under Henley On Thames Bridge

DSCF4816 DSCF4817 DSCF4818 DSCF4821 DSCF4825 DSCF4827 DSCF4828 DSCF4833

This year we were not that lucky to have a grandstand view of the ceremony, but here is a You Tube video shot in 2007 which includes a close up of the action!

It is pleasant to be able to attend a free event in Henley On Thames – also part of our National Heritage. This followed close after the Regatta and Festival which are expensive commercial ventures.


Radio Newsbeat

9 07 2014


No sooner had Regatta Radio stopped broadcasting, along came Red Sands Radio. Bob Le Roi with his RSL broadcast for Whitstable area is on 89.7 FM.  A good mix of old and new music.  Also commemorating the Red Sands forts which housed Radio Invicta. King and the successful middle of the road station Radio 390.

I also must spend some time listening into the shortwaves, and report my logs to the British DX club’s magazine Communication. Shortwave has become lade with many outputs of Radio China International, but occasionally there is a nice surprise if one does a scan of the bands.

News selected from the Radio Today Site:


Victoria Derbyshire joins BBC News channel


 Former BBC Radio 5 live presenter Victoria Derbyshire is joining BBC News channel to front a daily news and current affairs programme.


Victoria will be moving to the BBC News Channel after 16 years on BBC Radio 5 live to develop a television programme that will ‘feature exclusive interviews, agenda-setting discussion and audience debates – as well as the latest breaking and developing news’.

She started in local radio, joining BBC Radio 5 live in 1998 and in 2009 became the first presenter to broadcast a programme from Zimbabwe since the ban on foreign journalists reporting from the country.

Victoria said: “This is the TV programme I’ve always wanted to make. It will include the kind of broadcasting I love doing – original journalism, stories that affect the lives of our audience, exclusive interviews, viewer debates and big breaking news. It’s been a privilege to be able to build up such a strong relationship with the 5 live listeners over the last 16 years and I hope to be able to do the same with audiences in our new venture.”

Victoria has won a number of awards including multiple Radio Academy and Sony Gold awards, and she is the Radio Academy’s ‘Speech Broadcaster of the Year’ for 2014. Other awards include the Association of International Broadcasters, Amnesty, Mind, the Nick Clarke Award and the BBC’s Audio and Music Awards.

James Harding, Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, said: “Victoria has rightly won many awards for her ability to find the stories that matter in the lives of people in this country. We are very excited to bring her range of interests, determination to get to the bottom of the story, and her capacity to surprise, to a television audience.”

Sam Taylor, Controller of the BBC News Channel, added: “I’m really pleased Victoria is joining Britain’s most watched news channel, bringing her passion and nose for a story to the nine million viewers who watch us every week. Victoria’s reputation for news-making interviews and powerful human stories is second to none.

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Rony Robinson celebrates 30 radio years


BBC Radio Sheffield’s mid-morning presenter Rony Robinson is celebrating exactly 30 years to the day when he started his first daily show.

Yesterday he was surprised live on-air by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield who Rony thought was a guest. Instead Councillor Peter Rippon stopped the interview and said “This is not about me, you’ve been brought here under false pretences. On behalf of the citizens of Sheffield can we thank you for thirty brilliant years”.

He was then reunited with his former co-presenter Jenny Day who worked with Rony 23 years ago. She took over the programme and for the next hour invited in a succession of surprise guests.

The Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council said he arrived in the city 16-years ago. John Mothersole said: “My landlord told me I needed to know three things about Sheffield. Hendersons Relish, the Fat Cat Pub and Rony Robinson, and all three are absolutely brilliant. He holds us to account which sometimes can be a bit comfortable and asks questions people want asking. The one thing we need to know about Rony is he’s always for Sheffield.”

Martyn Weston, the Editor of BBC Radio Sheffield told RadioToday: “Rony is rooted in high principles and thrives on being on the radio for three-hours every day. He is a fine example of fairness, tenacity and impartiality. I’ve never met anyone who is so fiercely proud of where he lives and this shines through on-air.”

Rony was nominated for a Radio Academy Award this year as Speech Broadcaster and was up against Jane Garvey, Justine Webb, Victoria Derbyshire and Melvyn Bragg. He’s just been highly commended at the Yorkshire O2 Media Awards.

Former and current colleagues as well as friends arrived to mark his anniversary with a civic celebration in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour at the Sheffield Town Hall where he was presented with a radio themed cake, complete with branded BBC Radio Sheffield mug.

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kmfm listener finds 3 Grand in the Sand

kmfm’s 3 Grand in the Sand came to climax this weekend as listener Laura Hill won £3,000 cash with Garry and Emma on the Kent station.

The team took 10 finalists and their families to a secret location, a beach in Kent where they had buried £3000. 10 people were given a plot, and a spade and the digging began!

Although only one person won the £3000, every runner up was given a day trip to France and special upgrades whilst onboard.

Rob Wills Programme Manager told RadioToday: “We have some of the best beaches in the country and we love working with them! £3,000 for a family holiday will really make a difference to anyones life! Can’t wait to do it again next year”

The station ran this competition with support of the kmfm breakfast show sponsors P&O Ferries. See the video here.

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Red Sands Radio started its RSL broadcast today !

7 07 2014

I applaud Bob Le Roi for the excellent broadcasts he has been making for some years now.

Thank you so much for streaming the programmes on the Internet and for posting the web address to put into wi fi radios on your site!

If you want to know more visit

The offshore stations in the sixties were on ships and also on the disused and abandoned World War 2 forts.

Red Sands was the home of Radio Invicta, King, then Radio 390.

Bob Le Roi’s station broadcasts from Whistable in Kent and is well worth a listen. It has mix of music from all eras!

From the site

Monday 7th July 2014

Red Sands Radio returns today at 7 am with broadcasts from our harbour studios for the next four weeks.  We serve the Thames Estuary Basin and North Kent Coastal Towns on 87.9FM with an interesting blend of feel good music, topical local information, features news and guests – and worldwide at .

Working closely with local business and people, and with regular ‘What’s Going On’ bulletins, we promote everything happening in the region. Not surprisingly we’re it’s number 1 choice and you’re invited to get involved with your very own local station today. Contact us at

Regatta Radio, Henley on Thames, Oxon

29 06 2014

This is the first year that I have seen or heard Regatta Radio.

The music that they play is very good indeed, Rolling Stones, and up to date stuff as well!

There is a high proportion of talk during the daytime but intersperced with music which is just played without intro and outro so far!

There usual sponsors Invesco Perpetual decided not to allocated funds this year.  But thankfully they have raised the money and have a new sponsor.

Reception here is good in Stereo but they are also on the Internet and have android and iphone apps.

From the Regatta Radio Website:

Regatta Radio is delighted to announce Henley Capital Management as the new Title Partner for Regatta Radio Ltd.

Henley Capital Management is a global investment manager of capital instruments based in Henley-on-Thames. Regatta Radio is the pop-up station which broadcasts during Henley Royal Regatta on 87.7FM and streaming live on the internet.

Over 20,000 people listen to Regatta Radio during the course of the five day event. The broadcaster brings the theatre of the event into listeners cars, offices and homes with live commentary of every race plus interviews, insight, competitions and trivia to bring added value to aficionados and newcomers alike.

Commenting on the announcement Chairman of Regatta Radio, Peter McConnell said “We are delighted that HCM are our new title partner. They are a company who understand what we try to achieve every year and who believe that radio can really add value to the regatta experience. They have already given valuable support and are full of ideas to help us enhance and improve Regatta Radio’s broadcasting. We are very excited about the new relationship with HCM and their commitment to helping us broadcast at other events and into the future.”

Jon White a Partner at Henley Capital Management said, “We’re delighted to become Regatta Radio’s title sponsor,the station’s listener profile matches the clients we are looking to reach while they will also help us to engage with Henley, the Regatta and the community. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Regatta Radio will be broadcasting from the start of the Henley Royal Regatta qualifying races on Friday 27th June until shortly after prize giving on Sunday 6th July on 87.7FM, on and on iPod and Android apps.


Tomorrows Schedule


June 28, 2013

  • 3:30 pm – 4:00 pmWelcome to Regatta Radio 2013 Preview of the 2013 Regatta & today’s Qualifiers with Peter McConnell & Martin Unsworth.
  • 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm Live from the QualifiersThe Qualifying Races as they happen with commentary and comment from the RR team, including the results.
  • 8:30 pm – 8:00 am Regatta Radio OvernightThe best of the Qualifiers, results, music and features; overnight until the Breakfast Show.


More information and a listen now link

Also more DX in this area is Marlow FM which is a community radio station, as opposed to Regatta Radio which is a 10 day RSL


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