Is the government broke?

28 08 2014

I cannot believe that the conservative party are asking for £10 donations after I have completed a survey about immigration, put on Facebook.  Have I been spoofed?

Thank you for telling us your views

If you agree with our plans to control immigration, donate £10 to our campaign today.


Pictorial Musings

27 08 2014

Recently I have not seen that many interesting things to comment about.


In a collectable shop –  I spotted this old Coronation Street Mug – it goes back to the days of Ena Sharples and Ena Caldwell, and Uncle Albert!



If you have not seen the vintage Coronation Street Before – here is a superb clip from You Tube (I hope there is no advert first – they annoy me so much)


Next in the same store – an old 60s Space Fiction book which is being sold at an asking price of £15




If you can make do with a new edition it is available from Amazon Uk – it is not a Biggles Adventure

book cover of  Kings of Space  Kings of Space (1954)
(The first book in the Tiger Clinton series)
A novel by Captain W E Johns 


Finally a DVD with a very young Vernon Kay on the cover



Here from You Tube is Vernon in action on television, also a more up to date Vernon!

Old Radios in local Antique/Collectables shop

27 08 2014

I thought you may like to see some old radios that my local antique collector’s have.

The radios seem to be rather over-priced.

This shop in Henley on Thames was featured in an Antiques Road Show.  At the time there were two other shops selling antiques, but now it is the only one. They gave good discounts to the celebrities in that show, worth a try when you go into a shop to have a barter with them!

Also a rather patriotic telephone at the end of the short slide show below

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Radio Newsbeat

25 08 2014


It is incredibly wet today, it has rained since I woke up.  A good day for listening to the radio or watching television, or reading a good book.  I baked some Muffins this morning which was a good diversion.

BBC Radio Berkshire of a weekend continues to be superb.  Howard Hughes, veteran of LBC and many other stations, gets a whole show early on Saturday Morning, and today Suzanne Courtney, Andrew Peach’s feisty reporter was presenting a show as well.  We are also fortunate to get a repeat of Tony Gilham’s Gilham Gold on Sunday’s.  Paul Miller sounds a little bit of an “old lady” to me, he presents the BBC So uth section of the station.  A lady in our local Cancer Research Show confirms that she enjoys this, and is beginning to know some of the old ladies that phone in to the show.  John Peel said that BBC Three Counties was the jewel in the crown of local radio. I would endorse this because I used to be a regular occasional listener to their programmes. I would like to say that BBC Berkshire is worthy of that title as well.  I thought that their promotion for their coverage of Reading Football Club was clever, when they sung over a commercial song. From memory I think it was Nothing Compares to U by Sinead O’Connor.

The Radio Ship station on the Internet continues to be a good listen. I recently heard a documentary about the day Radio Caroline was raided by the Dutch.  Clever idea to use clips of announcers from a variety of offshore stations mixed in with music.

The shortwaves seem to be dominated at times on all bands to programmes by China Radio International in English.  Clever the way that they use English presenters, at first listening you could mistake it for AFN or the BBC.

I am pleased to see that Radio Today rightly acknowledged Richard Attenboroughs excellent work with Capital Radio.

From the Radio Today website


Former BBC Radio Ulster presenter Gerry Anderson has died at the age of 69 after a long illness.Gerry was broadcasting for 30 years, most famously on Northern Ireland stations BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Foyle. The Director of BBC Northern Ireland Pete Johnson has paid tribute to him saying he was a “true legend of the industry.”He’ll be remembered for his banter with co-host Séan Coyle and having use of the word “gobshite” approved.

He had a spell on BBC Radio 4 in London too, but soon returned home, and was inducted into the UK Radio Hall of Fame by the Radio Academy. He left his daily radio show two years ago but last November made a return after a year off.

Tributes are being made on social media, including by fellow broadcaster Colin Murray who tweeted: “Gerry Anderson. My broadcasting hero. Nobody done it better. Passion, humour, intelligence. A unique connection with his audience. So lucky to have met him + worked with him. A complete one-off. An inspiration 2 me on a weekly basis. Be yourself. Always. Gerry was. #love”

TV politics presenter for BBC NI Mark Carruthers said: “So sad to hear that Gerry Anderson has died. A dazzling talent as a broadcaster & a gentleman too. What a gaping hole he leaves behind…”

Peter Johnson told the BBC: “This is a day of great sadness for everyone at Radio Foyle, Radio Ulster and BBC Northern Ireland, and of course our thoughts are with Gerry’s wife and family. Gerry was a man of great wit and mischief, but he also brought great wisdom and insight to what he did.

“Of course, he’ll be sadly missed by all of us, but also by all his loyal listeners, for whom he often brought light on dark days over the decades.

“I had the great pleasure of being in London on the occasion when Gerry was awarded the Hall of Fame for the UK Radio Academy, which just demonstrated what a true legend of the industry he was, a really significant figure.

“I think in Gerry’s case – it’s often said lightly but in his case truly, I don’t think we’ll ever see his like again.”


F-bomb dropped on BBC Radio 2 Drivetime

Simon Mayo’s live programmes from the Big Blue Tent at the Edinburgh Festival have resulted in one or two swear words this week.One particular incident on Tuesday heard special guest Sofie Gråbøl, who was talking about filming a television show scene said: “Give me my f***ing jumper”, to the amazement and amusement of the audience. Simon interrupted and said “It’s my job to say at this point..” Sofie then apologised and said “I meant bloody”

John Lloyd, producer of BBC Radio 4′s The Museum of Curiosity, was also on the show as a guest, and came up with excuses for the swear words saying they were types of food in Danish.

Sofie again apologised later in the show saying “I won’t even swear in Danish now”.

Simon then turned to John Lloyd to talk about his show, who joked he was going to talk about Jeremy Hunt, former Culture Secretary.

A BBC Spokesperson told RadioToday: “The guests were all briefed ahead of the programme to remind them that this is was a live broadcast. But after Sophie accidentally swore Simon, of course, immediately apologised to listeners.”

Simon is live from the Edinburgh Festival all this week on BBC Radio 2 from 5pm till 7pm.


Traditional youth broadcasters must adapt or die, says Radio 1′s Ben Cooper as he introduces new talent to the station.

From September, a number of young video bloggers will join BBC Radio 1 to present a new weekly show alongside Dan and Phil that will be fully visualised and streamed online.

The show – thought to be the first of its kind – will see vloggers Zoella aka Zoe Sugg (5.7 million YouTube subscribers), Tyler Oakley (5.1 million), TomSka aka Thomas Ridgewell (3 million), Troye Sivan (2.5 million), ThatcherJoe aka Joe Sugg (2.7 million), Sprinkle Of Glitter aka Louise Pentland (1.6 million), BritPopPrincess aka Patricia Bright (0.5 million), Marcus Butler (2.9 million), Caspar aka Caspar Lee (2.9 million) and Jack and Dean aka Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs (360,000) guest presenting each Monday between 9-10pm.

Dan and Phil, who both arrived at Radio 1 thanks to their YouTube posts, said: “We’re both extremely excited about our new show. We feel like proud parents introducing the spawn of the internet to the people of the radio. Each personality will bring something totally different and seeing what they do with their episode and what music they play will be a really interesting, great experience!”

BritPopPrincess (pictured above) said: “So excited to do a YouTuber takeover on Radio 1. So glad to see the wider community embracing what we do, I love music and talking – a perfect mix for me and I can’t wait!”

The YouTube stars have over 27 million subscribers to their channels between them.

Ben Cooper said: “Traditional youth broadcasters must adapt or die. It would be short-sighted to dismiss the importance of vloggers and ignore the new breed of presenting talent that are so influential to young audiences.”

Dan and Phil will host the first show at 9pm on 1st September, with their fellow vloggers taking over the following weeks. Further details will be revealed on Radio 1.


Capital’s Richard Attenborough dies at 90


Capital Radio’s first Chairman and Life President Lord Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90.

He was the first voice on-air at Capital in 1973, saying those now famous words “This, for the very first time, is Capital Radio” which was followed by the Capital Radio theme jingle. He was part of the IBA licence bid and effectively launched legal independent music radio in the UK.

Founder of Capital’s current owner Global Radio, Ashley Tabor, has paid tribute: “Very saddened to hear of the death of Richard Attenborough. He started @CapitalOfficial and steered it through some very tough times in the early days. You will be missed, sir. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP” Richard Park added: “without him commercial radio wouldn’t be in the robust health that it is today”.

Of course Lord Richard was most well known for his careers as an actor and film director, spanning six decades and include Jurassic Park, Miracle on 34th Street, The Great Escape and directing Gandhi. He was also President of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Richard was the older brother of Sir David Attenborough, the naturalist and broadcaster, and John Attenborough, who was an executive at Alfa Romeo.

He was Chairman of Capital Radio from 1972 to 1992, then Life President from 1992 onwards.

He died at lunchtime on Sunday, his son has just confirmed to BBC News.

John Humphrys joins the Radio 1Xtra crew


Radio 4′s John Humphrys will host a special edition of Mastermind on BBC Radio 1Xtra as part of celebration of Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop Month includes a Hip-Hop themed edition of Mastermind, where 1Xtra DJs Semtex, Target and A.Dot alongside rapper Lethal B will brave the famous black chair of the BBC2 programme. The Radio 4 Today Programme host will quiz the four contestants on their Hip-Hop themed specialist subject and Hip-Hop general knowledge in-front of a studio audience.

Hip-Hop Mastermind will be available on Monday 22nd September on BBC iPlayer.

Features across the month also include MistaJam investigating the seminal Hip-Hop albums from 1994 in his weekday show on 1Xtra (Mon-Thurs 7-10pm), 48 hours of strictly Hip-Hop across the weekend of 6th and 7th September and replays of archive interviews from some of Hip-Hops biggest stars with 1Xtra’s resident Hip-Hop guru, DJ Semtex.



Pictorial Musings

13 08 2014


In a local business’s window is this lovely display. I think floppy discs were really interesting, and pleasant to handle. Mind you my version of an operating system came on 24 floppy discs and that was hard work when installing the program! Here they make a lovely frame for these artificial flowers!
IMAG0905(1)I should have turned this picture the correct way round, The shelf guide in a local Oxfam shop has a fascinating title “Old & Interesting” on it, an no books on it!

IMAG0906(1)Finally this strawberry is a big fellow!  Tasty though in spite of its size. This summer all soft fruit has been tasty and juicy.

IMAG0912(1)Finally I paused a Celebrity Antiques Road Trip when watching it On Demand. This is a Lizard belonging to a Victorian ink well which was frozen on the screen at the time!


Radio Newsbeat

5 08 2014


There will be an RSL soon from Harwich on the LV18, namely Radio Mi Amigo, celebrating 50 years of offshore radio.  It will also be on the Internet. Great compare to early days of RSL which were literally restricted to the area the station transmitted to, which was low-powered.

The QuikHitz format outline in one of the stories seems a rather daft format, playing only half a song, Surely if listener’s get bored they should tune away from the station, and the station needs to improve its output?

News selected from the Radio Today Site

Former Capital FM breakfast presenter Chris Tarrant admitted he’d have struggled to start a career on FM if things were the way they are now, during his hey-day.

“There just wouldn’t have been a job for me twenty years ago in the way radio is now,” he told Sir John Madejski, on the weekly radio show “Round at Sir John’s” on Reading-based 107 JACK fm Berkshire.

The television and radio entertainer also took a dig at networking and tightly controlled programming, saying that he hated “the completely stylised shape of so much modern radio. It’s not radio.”

Tarrant hosted the Breakfast show on Capital in London for 17 years, building an audience of more than a million and a half listeners, amid much publicised rivalries with the likes of Chris Evans and Steve Wright.

He praised his former morning show nemesis, calling him “Quite good now.”

Despite his positive review, he couldn’t quite resist getting in a final dig; “I really got into the radio wars. I loved stuffing Chris Evans! He’s grown up a lot. A lot of the excessive stuff was done to get headlines. I kind of miss the sort of irresponsible Chris actually. I think he’s a bit too squeaky Radio 2 now.”

New breakfast show for Radio Yorkshire

darren harper

Darren Harper has replaced Trevor Thomas at breakfast from today as Radio Yorkshire ‘changes direction’.

Sam Brydges, the new Head of Broadcasting and Communications at the DAB station says a new playlist of classic hits and Yorkshire acts will cater for a sport-friendly audience ahead of the new football season.

He said: “I want to place on record my thanks to Trevor Thomas for his work at breakfast since launch. This change in direction means more sport, particularly at breakfast and we felt Darren was the right man for the job going forward.”

Darren said: “I am delighted to be back at breakfast. I am looking forward to building the show along with my team of regular co-hosts and plenty of guests from the world of sport and entertainment.”

More pirate radio celebrations in Essex


A pirate radio museum has popped up in Clacton, as Radio Mi Amigo gets ready to broadcast from Harwich.

Ray Anderson has opened the Anarchy on the Airwaves exhibition just yards away near from where the Radio Caroline pirate ship Mi Amigo was moored off the Essex coast as broadcasting started in March 1964.

And from August 14th for four days, Radio Mi Amigo will be on-air on 106.8 FM and online from Harwich from Lightvessel LV18 at

Presenters on the station will include Tony Currie, Enda Caldwell, Bart Selfie, Neon Nancy, Keith Skues, Garry Lee, Roger Day, Kenny Tosh and more.

Both events are the final series of celebrations of 50 years since the pirate radio stations started in the UK.

In other related news, Radio Caroline’s last ship the MV Ross Revenge has found a new home in the River Blackwater. The ship was active with radio programmes from 1983 to 1990. A message on the Radio Caroline website said: “Our radio ship Ross Revenge has moved at last! The MV Ross Revenge is now at her new home, moored on the River Blackwater near Bradwell.”


Quickhitz format on its way to the UK?


A radio format by Sparknet Communications, the company behind JACK fm, says its new Quickhitz format is heading to the UK this year.

The format promises twice as many songs per hour by cutting songs in half so listeners don’t get bored. It launched in September last year in the US, and has just been unveiled in Canada for the first time at Calgary radio station 90.3 AMP on Friday and vice-president of brands and networks at Sparknet Communications Hillary Hommy says a lot of people can’t detect the music has been edited.

Sparknet says the format can’t be copied because it’s a patent-protected format, and promises “never more than three minutes of commercials”.

The last remaining MXR regional DAB multiplex is to close in ten months time, Ofcom has confirmed.

Four other regional multiplexes operated by MXR have closed over the last couple of years, with no official confirmation on the future of the Yorkshire set-up. But the licence has not been renewed, meaning stations on the multiplex with either have to move to alternative local multiplexes, or fall silent before June 29th 2015.

MXR Yorkshire carries Heart, Capital, Gold, Smooth, UCB Gospel, UCB Inspirational and XFM, plus Radio Yorkshire – the digital-only station from Leeds which has just announced a new breakfast show and a new direction.

It is expected the Global Radio services will move to local multiplexes in the area.

MXR is owned by Global Radio and Arqiva. A spokesperson for Global Radio told “The industry (commercial and BBC) has agreed that the best way forward for digital roll out and to speed up coverage, the focus should be on local and national multiplexes. Therefore there is reducing demand for carriage on regional multiplexes.”

American radio archive online – Minneapolis and St Paul Radio Stations

4 08 2014

If you like American radio stations and jingles here is a site that may interest you - featuring nearly 2,000 recordings of Minneapolis/St. Paul radio stations dating back to 1924 with many from the 1950s to 1980s including WCCO, KSTP, WDGY, KDWB, KQRS and others is well worth a visit.

They have items covering new stories like the death of John Lennon, Lady Diana. Jingles and air checks – plus pdf files that may interest. / Historic Minneapolis St. Paul Radio Airchecks


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