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13 08 2014


In a local business’s window is this lovely display. I think floppy discs were really interesting, and pleasant to handle. Mind you my version of an operating system came on 24 floppy discs and that was hard work when installing the program! Here they make a lovely frame for these artificial flowers!
IMAG0905(1)I should have turned this picture the correct way round, The shelf guide in a local Oxfam shop has a fascinating title “Old & Interesting” on it, an no books on it!

IMAG0906(1)Finally this strawberry is a big fellow!  Tasty though in spite of its size. This summer all soft fruit has been tasty and juicy.

IMAG0912(1)Finally I paused a Celebrity Antiques Road Trip when watching it On Demand. This is a Lizard belonging to a Victorian ink well which was frozen on the screen at the time!


Radio Newsbeat

5 08 2014


There will be an RSL soon from Harwich on the LV18, namely Radio Mi Amigo, celebrating 50 years of offshore radio.  It will also be on the Internet. Great compare to early days of RSL which were literally restricted to the area the station transmitted to, which was low-powered.

The QuikHitz format outline in one of the stories seems a rather daft format, playing only half a song, Surely if listener’s get bored they should tune away from the station, and the station needs to improve its output?

News selected from the Radio Today Site

Former Capital FM breakfast presenter Chris Tarrant admitted he’d have struggled to start a career on FM if things were the way they are now, during his hey-day.

“There just wouldn’t have been a job for me twenty years ago in the way radio is now,” he told Sir John Madejski, on the weekly radio show “Round at Sir John’s” on Reading-based 107 JACK fm Berkshire.

The television and radio entertainer also took a dig at networking and tightly controlled programming, saying that he hated “the completely stylised shape of so much modern radio. It’s not radio.”

Tarrant hosted the Breakfast show on Capital in London for 17 years, building an audience of more than a million and a half listeners, amid much publicised rivalries with the likes of Chris Evans and Steve Wright.

He praised his former morning show nemesis, calling him “Quite good now.”

Despite his positive review, he couldn’t quite resist getting in a final dig; “I really got into the radio wars. I loved stuffing Chris Evans! He’s grown up a lot. A lot of the excessive stuff was done to get headlines. I kind of miss the sort of irresponsible Chris actually. I think he’s a bit too squeaky Radio 2 now.”

New breakfast show for Radio Yorkshire

darren harper

Darren Harper has replaced Trevor Thomas at breakfast from today as Radio Yorkshire ‘changes direction’.

Sam Brydges, the new Head of Broadcasting and Communications at the DAB station says a new playlist of classic hits and Yorkshire acts will cater for a sport-friendly audience ahead of the new football season.

He said: “I want to place on record my thanks to Trevor Thomas for his work at breakfast since launch. This change in direction means more sport, particularly at breakfast and we felt Darren was the right man for the job going forward.”

Darren said: “I am delighted to be back at breakfast. I am looking forward to building the show along with my team of regular co-hosts and plenty of guests from the world of sport and entertainment.”

More pirate radio celebrations in Essex


A pirate radio museum has popped up in Clacton, as Radio Mi Amigo gets ready to broadcast from Harwich.

Ray Anderson has opened the Anarchy on the Airwaves exhibition just yards away near from where the Radio Caroline pirate ship Mi Amigo was moored off the Essex coast as broadcasting started in March 1964.

And from August 14th for four days, Radio Mi Amigo will be on-air on 106.8 FM and online from Harwich from Lightvessel LV18 at lv18.org.

Presenters on the station will include Tony Currie, Enda Caldwell, Bart Selfie, Neon Nancy, Keith Skues, Garry Lee, Roger Day, Kenny Tosh and more.

Both events are the final series of celebrations of 50 years since the pirate radio stations started in the UK.

In other related news, Radio Caroline’s last ship the MV Ross Revenge has found a new home in the River Blackwater. The ship was active with radio programmes from 1983 to 1990. A message on the Radio Caroline website said: “Our radio ship Ross Revenge has moved at last! The MV Ross Revenge is now at her new home, moored on the River Blackwater near Bradwell.”


Quickhitz format on its way to the UK?


A radio format by Sparknet Communications, the company behind JACK fm, says its new Quickhitz format is heading to the UK this year.

The format promises twice as many songs per hour by cutting songs in half so listeners don’t get bored. It launched in September last year in the US, and has just been unveiled in Canada for the first time at Calgary radio station 90.3 AMP on Friday and vice-president of brands and networks at Sparknet Communications Hillary Hommy says a lot of people can’t detect the music has been edited.

Sparknet says the format can’t be copied because it’s a patent-protected format, and promises “never more than three minutes of commercials”.

The last remaining MXR regional DAB multiplex is to close in ten months time, Ofcom has confirmed.

Four other regional multiplexes operated by MXR have closed over the last couple of years, with no official confirmation on the future of the Yorkshire set-up. But the licence has not been renewed, meaning stations on the multiplex with either have to move to alternative local multiplexes, or fall silent before June 29th 2015.

MXR Yorkshire carries Heart, Capital, Gold, Smooth, UCB Gospel, UCB Inspirational and XFM, plus Radio Yorkshire – the digital-only station from Leeds which has just announced a new breakfast show and a new direction.

It is expected the Global Radio services will move to local multiplexes in the area.

MXR is owned by Global Radio and Arqiva. A spokesperson for Global Radio told RadioToday.co.uk: “The industry (commercial and BBC) has agreed that the best way forward for digital roll out and to speed up coverage, the focus should be on local and national multiplexes. Therefore there is reducing demand for carriage on regional multiplexes.”

American radio archive online – Minneapolis and St Paul Radio Stations

4 08 2014

If you like American radio stations and jingles here is a site that may interest you -

RadioTapes.com featuring nearly 2,000 recordings of Minneapolis/St. Paul radio stations dating back to 1924 with many from the 1950s to 1980s including WCCO, KSTP, WDGY, KDWB, KQRS and others is well worth a visit.

They have items covering new stories like the death of John Lennon, Lady Diana. Jingles and air checks – plus pdf files that may interest.


RadioTapes.com / Historic Minneapolis St. Paul Radio Airchecks


4 08 2014

KMUD, the community station in Redwood California has a listen again page, check out the Shortwave Radio Report. It is updated weekly as far as I can determine.

They give news that has gone out on various world shortwave broadcasts.

Give it a try

Audio Archive


Spam Emails be careful = mind you they are easy to spot!

3 08 2014

How easy it is to spot scam emails, the people must be illiterate!

Here is one that seems to be caught by Google Spam quite regularly

I have taken the link that they ask you to click on and the subject title which referred to a part of a man’s body!  Interesting this does not look like the email I pasted in to this post on the blog!  It asked for me to click on the link “BELLOW”


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Eastbourne Pier

31 07 2014

Very sad that the first part of Eastbourne Pier has been gutted by fire.  My daughter and son in law, who have cut themselves off for no apparent reason, and  not spoken to us for over 2 years live there. We enjoyed many a happy visit there and the pier was a lovely place to walk.

The full story from the BBC Site


A devastating fire has torn through Eastbourne Pier.

The main roof of the pier, built in the East Sussex seaside town in the 1870s, has been completely destroyed, leaving only a metal skeleton.

The pier was evacuated. No-one was injured in the fire and police said it was not thought to be suspicious.

The fire service said late on Wednesday the incident was being scaled down and 30 firefighters were expected to stay at the scene overnight.

Eastbourne Borough Council leader David Tutt said he was hopeful the pier could be repaired and understood the fire had been started by an electrical fault.

“The emergency services have done a fantastic job,” he said.

“The fact that as far as we’re aware that nobody’s hurt – we’re not aware of anybody unaccounted for – they evacuated the site very quickly and they’ve managed to contain it to that front dome so there’s hope of getting the pier restored.

“The building which has been affected is the largest dome on the pier, and it has been badly damaged – but further down it looks as it’s always looked.

“My understanding… [is] it looks as if there was a problem with electrics in the wall of the dome between the two layers of the wall there and that seems to be where it started.”

The blaze broke out behind some wood panelling in the arcade building and billowing smoke filled the air.

Sian Ellis, a hotel manager in the town, said it was an “absolute red, molten, mess of flame and smoke”.

“We’ve just had another explosion there and it’s very, very frightening and hugely saddening for the whole of the town,” she said.

Fire minister Penny Mordaunt said she would be visiting Eastbourne “as a priority” to speak to local people and thank firefighters for their efforts.

“It is heart-breaking to see such a wonderful Victorian pier so damaged. Thankfully no-one appears to have been hurt,” she said.

‘Under control’

About 80 firefighters had tackled the blaze in the privately-owned pier, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said.

A fire service spokesman said at one stage: “Firefighters are using lifeboats to help tackle the fire from the sea and an aerial platform is being used as a water tower to prevent the fire from spreading on the shore side.”

He said crews had gone onto the pier from the seaward end to stop the fire spreading further along the structure.

Eastbourne Pier fireThe pier was built in the 1870s
Eastbourne PierThere are no reports of any injuries
Eastbourne Pier fireThe roof of the pier has been destroyed
Eastbourne Pier on fireAbout 80 firefighters were are at the pier during the height of the blaze
Eastbourne Pier fireFirefighters also tackled the blaze from underneath the pier

Mark Sawyer, coxswain of Eastbourne Lifeboat, said: “The main structure is gone now and it’s a metal shell.”


The Ross Revenge at sea!

31 07 2014

The Radio Caroline Ship the Ross Revenge is on the move, so are posts on Facebook, and various Yahoo Radio Groups.

Not on her own, but assisted by tugs.  To a new mooring in Essex.


From their Facebook page:


Making good time and nearing Coryton Refinery/Europort so eta Southend approx 15.00 if you want to wave
Steve Anthony's photo.
Steve Anthony's photo.
Steve Anthony's photo.


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