Amateur Radio communications on the Ross Revenge

Celebrating five decades of offshore radio broadcasting


5th – 8th August 2016

From the 5th to the 8th of August 2016, the Martello Tower Group will be activating the MV Ross Revenge, home of Radio Caroline to celebrate five decades of offshore radio broadcasting.  The group will set up two stations actually on the world famous Ross Revenge which is located on a fixed mooring in the River Blackwater in Essex, England.

For more info about the special event station and the Martello Tower Group, please click here.

The team will be travelling to the Ross Revenge on the morning of Friday 5th August 2016 where we will set up the stations.  We’re planning on using verticals for 40m, 20m (adjustable for 17m),  15m (adjustable for 12m) and 10m mounted around the ship.  Operation will commence once we’re set up and we will be on air until the morning of Monday 8th August.  We predict that vertical aerials in such close proximity to the sea should work well considering the pseudo-brewster angle and give good DX results.  We will also be installing dipoles for 80m and 40m for inter-G and EU QSOs and you never know, we might manage to get something mounted on that lovely 45m tower wink

Following the activation, a special QSL card will be produced.

We aim to have two stations operating simultaneously with full UK legal output power.  This will be the first time there have been transmissions from the Ross Revenge on such low frequencies for many years!

QSL Policy

Please send cards either direct to G6NHU or via the Bureau addressed to GB5RC. If sending direct from within the UK, please include an SASE. From anywhere outside the UK, please include an SAE and $2. Do not send stamps or any currency other than US$. Direct cards received without envelopes or the correct postage will be returned via the bureau.

If you’d like to add a few extra dollars to go towards supporting Radio Caroline, they will be gratefully received and passed on to the Support Group.

Please do NOT send IRCs.

Direct QSLs to Keith Maton, 41 Bemerton Gardens, Kirby Cross, Essex. CO13 0LQ, United Kingdom.

SWL reports

We appreciate this will be a busy station and due to the nature of the event, we encourage SWL reports.  If you send an SWL report, please make sure you list the exact frequency we were working on, the time you heard us and list the callsigns of two stations or more that we were talking to.  It would also be nice to know what radio and aerial you’re using.

For more information about Radio Caroline, including how to join the support group and help keep the station on the air and Ross Revenge afloat, please see the website.  Radio Caroline’s main running costs are covered by Support Group subscriptions and donations.


MV Ross Revenge

In preparation for the activation, we have installed quarter wave verticals for 40m, 20m and 15m on the stern of the Ross Revenge.



40m vertical on the stern of the MV Ross Revenge

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