Book Review – Dab the Future of Radio by Paul Rusling

This book is full of information. It gives a brief history of US and UK radio before Dab radio even started. Paul has a refreshing way of explaining technical data without all of the scientific formula that the experts use to explain transmission and reception. He gives information about DAB in many countries, then explains why some countries have not used it or curtailed the sustem totally. I was also aware that there are stations on my Roberts Istream radios that have HD after then, I now realise that these transmissions involve a system that outputs digital radio on the FM band.

Paul also mentions the Worldspace satellite system. I used to have a radio with a very small plastic dish, which had to be faced to the south indoors by a window to pick up their stations. Some were subscription services, but one which attracted it to me was Radio Caroline. I managed to sell the set before it became obsolete, as the service failed to attract the listeners they wanted to make it viable.

I also had the opinion that it was us the listener who got a raw deal by having to buy a special set to pick DAB up. It apparently is also the broadcaster. They do save on electricity when running a Multiplex, but have to pay Ofcom a fortune for a licence. Paul also mentions the smaller SS-DAB Multiplexes that are being developed which will give broadcasters a cheaper way of being on air, and will cater for specialist markets or local stations. There is a picture of a small multiplex in a box which serves Portsmouth.

My saddest moment was when a good DAB+ and FM radio I bought from John Lewis, out of guarantee developed an interittent fault. Both of my Roberts radios work well on DAB and DAB plus, whereas there are only two strong FM stations on basic radios where I live.

The amount of information in this book, including personalities, programmes, etc., involved with Dab Digital Radio, is extensive and amazing. There is a list of abbreviations and technical terms provided at the back of the book and this is a good reference source which can be used when some term you don’t understand comes up.

To conclude a very readable book, quite how Paul has amassed such a lot of specialist information about people and radio systems on DAB, Satellite, HD, is a mystery to me. Well worth a read!

Author: wirelesswaffle

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