Wireless Telegraphy

Many thanks to Norman Topsom, who found this gem in the Henley Standard Archives

TALES FROM OLD HENLEY..HENLEY STANDARD, FEB 6TH,1914…WIRELESS IN HENLEY..It will come as a surprise,no doubt,to many of our readers to know that there is an efficient wireless telegraphy installation in Henley. This is situated at Greyholme,the residence of Mr W.W.Walker,and has been erected by his son, Mr O.W Walker,who has for some time been keenly interested in Mr Marconi’s great invention. After careful reading he decided to put in a small installation,but this was onlysufficient to whet his appetite,he has now a very efficient installation which has a receiving range of about 1.000 miles,messages being picked up from Pola in Austria,and Soller,in the Mediterranean .A short time ago a representative of the HENLEY STANDARD visited Greyholme where Mr Walker explained the working of his apparatus. On taking the receiver our representative heard Greenwich meantime signals,which were being sent out from the Eiffel Tower in Paris,and messages from Madrid,Norrdeich ( Germany),ships on the ocean,and stations in the British Isles. By practise one can tell by the note of the signals whether a message is coming from the Eiffel Tower,From Madrid,Norrdeich,Clifden,or Warships at sea. The messages are sent out by morse code,but as warships have special code it was impossible to say whether the warship,whose messages came along that morning,was warning the Admiralty of an impending invasion or not. Mr Walker is not content with working at home,and,not long ago,whilst on a visit to the North East coast of Ireland,he fitted up a temporary station,and it was from his own instrument ,right up in a remote part of the Emerald Isle,that he gathered,from the air,the result of the Reading election. Mr Walker’s demonstration gave one a somewhat canny feeling,for it showed that,as we walk about,messages,some of great importance, are flying all around us,AND WE SHALL NOT BE SURPRISED IF,ERE LONG, PEOPLE ARE SEEN MOVING ABOUT WITH A SMALL BATTERY IN THEIR POCKETS,A BIT OF WIRE ON THEIR HATS,AND A RECEIVER,PICKING UP MESSAGES FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD.

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