Pictorial Musings

Memories of the summer the Henley Regatta – a photographer caught in the act of taking a photo of a rowing crew!

Lovely memories of the summer here with a man taking pictures of Henley Regatta crowds on his camera/mobile phone

A  massive grass snake I met up with on a footpath in Sardinia this Summer.

Some pictures of the wild flowers growing in Sardinia

A radio tower near Henley on Thames, possibly relaying BBC Radio Berkshire on 94.6 FM ?

A bread and butter pudding I made in the oven recently!  Great British puddings.   Below is a video which shows you how to make one. I don’t cut my bread into triangles,  I cut them into rectangular lengths, also cut off the crusts. I also use 3 eggs !

I was amused by this – two of my favourite people at their best!

A brave attempt at broadcasting by Paul Harris and investors. Capital Radio with actuality on this video!  The station had an all female crew to maintain the ship!

Radio North Sea was real treat in the 70s – a video here celebrates the station and its history.

We were really chuffed when Radio Caroline returned in 1983 with a massive signal.  Ronan O’Rahilly had brought us Free Radio broadcasts since the 60s. Ronan is not at all well now, and I wish him well.

Now Radio Caroline is legally broadcasting on 1kw of power in Suffolk – it is also available on the Internet in good quality audio as well!  The 1kw from Orfordness pumps out a good signal outside its licenced target, Suffolk.

Finally some comedy for you

My Father’s Favourite back in the day, and he also makes me chuckle. Tommy Cooper!

Until next time good bye!

Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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