Caroline 648 is go!

 From the Caroline Website!

Radio Caroline AM service to open

Our aerial mast at the transmitter site

Weather and technology permitting, our programmes on 648Khz will commence originating from the Ross Revenge at 7.00AM on Friday 22nd December.

The changed schedule for the day will be :

7am Johnny Lewis
9am Top Fifteen
10am Ray Clark – with the official launch at midday.
2pm Kevin Turner
5pm Resume normal programmes

No doubt Bob Lawrence, Martin Fisher and Jerry Wright will personalise their evening shows to mark the day.

Of course we are delighted to have found and secured what must be the best possible AM transmission site for our service. We thank Cobra Mist Ltd for this facility whilst noting that this is a private site which cannot at this time be visited.

So, another date for the Radio Caroline calendar of events and the inevitable question. Where do we go from here?

The History of 648


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5 thoughts on “Caroline 648 is go!”

  1. If you are having trouble receiving Radio Caroline on 648KHz I am selling some tuned ferrite rods on ebay which may help.
    There is also a link to a couple of demonstrations of their use at the bottom of the listing here:

    I have sold about 7 so far and they seem to work well for most people.

    1. No problem receiving Caroline just a lot of local electric noise that blanks the signal out. Please will my blog visitors bear in mind I do not endorse this product, but just make you aware of its existence

  2. HI from Peter in Sheffield. radio Caroline on 648 daytime signal very strong and clear all day in Sheffield even on an old Sony pocket radio in Sheffield city centre. but at night Co channel interference from a Spanish station also on 648.

  3. I’m not sure that an ATU will help unless the “mush” is being generated internally in your receiver.
    It may increase signal strength slightly but will also increase external noise by the same amount.
    You need to increase the signal/noise ratio by moving the receive antenna away from the noise sources or by using a directional antenna to minimise noise pick-up and maximise the signal.

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