Pictorial Musings

We haven’t mused for some time :

It is amazing how bulky the Single Lens Reflex Cameras were back in the 70s. This is a picture sketch version of a camera in a local charity shop. They cost considerably more back in the day. We also had to pay for film to go in the camera and developing as prints, negatives, or my preferred medium transparencies.

If you haven’t heard the audioboom interview with Tony Blackburn I have included a link to it herehttp://embeds.audioboom.com/posts/6524572-conversations-episode-59-tony-blackburn/embed/v4?eid=AQAAAPgwH1qcjmMA

This wig is packaged under an unfortunate name, seen in a local charity shop!


I was in a shop in Portugal a month or so ago and saw these radios – not sure how good they would sound, but they look as if they came out of the 70s

An appropriate song from the past to go with this picture of a girl team docking on the Thames is below!

Lulu was one of my favourites as a teenager, and she has matured beautifully as well now!

Seeing this Swan yesterday reminded me of this tongue twister – I think it also included River in the version we used to say!

An unusual shaped potato – once I had a site full of unusual shaped fruits and vegetables. This video has some unusual items in it, a few look as if they have been altered in some way?  See what you think.

Above is a picture of the masts at Orfordness where Radio Caroline is using then Omni directional mast to broadcast its 648 community station, currently on test transmission.

Jonathan Marks of the excellent Radio Netherlands – did a visit to this location, and you get a view of the mast that Caroline is using (Omni directional)

That ends this post, thanks for reading it, and feel free to send up pictures for inclusion in this feature. Please send an email titled “Pictorial Musings” to wirewaffle@hotmail.com.  Spammers – all emails go into the spam folder and never enter the inbox unless I want to read it. I will read all labelled Pictorial Musings. Thank you.


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