Flashback 67 – Felixstowe honours Radio Caroline on 50th Anniversary of MOA Bill

A very pleasant day on Saturday 9th, which saw the Wireless Waffler and numerous local and visiting anoraks arrive in town.

In the morning and afternoon, my friend, who was putting me up overnight, visited the exhibition and book sale in the church hall with me.

I was chuffed to speak with Tony Prince who removed his sunglasses for me so I could take this photo. A charming chap. I mentioned I was in my parent’s car listening in 1965 when he did his first show on Caroline South.  Tony remarked he would like to hear that programme again, as he remembers he was nervous then! 

This video gives some insight into how Tony and his listeners felt when the Marine Offences Bill was due to be passed.

Tony on Radio Luxembourg in the 80s

I also spoke to Roger Day and I commented that he did not sound like his on air voice. This made him laugh, and he did his world famous “feet tapping, toe tapping…… ” on air catchphrase for me.

Here is an example of Roger broadcasting on Caroline in the Sixties

In the morning the hall was not too crowded which enabled me to talk to celebrities and fellow visitors.  I bought a copy of Tony Prince’s book which is packed with text and has glossy colour pictures inside.  It is beautifully hard back bound as well.  Tony counter-signed the already signed book, with a personal message for me.  He also mentioned that soon there would be a new radio station on the air with DJs that the BBC sacked, but more in Luxembourg style, called Delux Radio.  I assume that will be the spelling?

The exhibition was excellent and I made slide show of pictures I took in the hall. If you want to see a picture for longer then push the pause button on the player please.

After lunch, later than the predicted 12 pm , Emperor Rosko appeared at the head of a parade of Mini Mokes.

The Start of the Unveiling Ceremony

Roger Day gave an interesting Speech during the show

Here, shot at a distance, and through a massive crowd, Emperor Rosko unveils plaque with the help of some of his Caroline chums

A collection of photos next I shot from the back of a large enthusiastic crowd.  Good that the DJs had come to the occasion, and I really appreciated all the efforts made by the organisers. If you want to see a picture for longer then push the pause button on the player please.


A great day out – and the quality and my enjoyment of the event was in excess of what I imagined when I first read about it.

Look forward to hearing Radio Caroline on 648 am with 1Kw of power very soon.

(video of Roger Day corrected 13/09/2017



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