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A lady Dr Who is on the way.  She will not arrive in time to deal with this Dalek at a local event

Daleks never seem to go out of fashion. Here at a recent show is one that is stationary and allows people to don a headset and microphone.  I saw a young lad speak into the microphone and sound like the Daleks on TV!
Here in case you forget is a history of Daleks

Now to remind you of the voice of the Daleks


This is a Messerschmitt three wheeler car – unusual vehicle but very popular

Wikipedia explains

Messerschmitt, temporarily not allowed to manufacture aircraft, had turned its resources to producing other commodities. In 1952, Fend approached Messerschmitt with the idea of manufacturing small motor vehicles.[2] These were based on his Fend Flitzer invalid carriage.[3]
The first of Fend’s vehicles to enter production at Messerschmitt’s Regensburg factory was the KR175.[4] The title Kabinenroller means “scooter with cabin”.[5] While the Messerschmitt name and insignia were used on the car, a separate company, incorporated as Regensburger Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH, was created to manufacture and market the vehicle.[4]
The KR200 replaced the KR175 in 1955.[4] While using the same basic frame as the KR175 with changes to the bodywork (notably including wheel cutouts in the front fenders) and an improved canopy design,[6] the KR200 was otherwise an almost total redesign.[7] The rear suspension and engine mounting were reworked, and hydraulic shock absorbers were installed at all three wheels. Tire sizes were enlarged to 4.00×8.[6]
Retailing for around DM 2,500, the KR200 was considered an instant success with almost 12,000 built during its first year,[6][8] which was the highest annual production for Kabinenroller models.[6] A maximum speed in excess of 90 km/h (56 mph)[8] despite a claimed power output of only 10 PS (7.4 kW; 9.9 hp)[8] reflected the vehicle’s light weight and low aerodynamic drag.[9] An “Export” package included a two-tone paint scheme, painted hubcaps, a fully trimmed interior, a heater, a clock, and a sunshade for the canopy.[6]
In 1956, around a year after West Germany joined NATO, Messerschmitt was allowed to manufacture aircraft again and lost interest in Fend’s microcars. Messerschmitt sold the Regensburg works to Fend who, with brake and hub supplier Valentin Knott, formed Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH Regensburg (FMR) to continue production of the KR200 and his other vehicle. Click below for access to the full Wikipedia article.


Radio Mi Amigo is on the way this weekend from the Light Vessel 18 moored at Harwich.


The LV18 in Harwich Harbour is firmly established as a radio ship, and has been broadcasting since 1999.
Our annual Pirate Radio Week 2017 is 21st to 30th July, when we’ll be broadcasting in the North East Essex & South Suffolk area on 106.8FM as well as streaming via this website. Test streaming has already started!
2017 is also an important year for Pirate/Free Radio in the UK. August 14th this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act which ended the reign of the pirates in 1967, although Radio Caroline continued until 3rd March 1968.
To mark and remember 1967, the LV18 will again be the home of Pirate BBC Essex! This broadcast will be 13-14 August, culminating with a unique link up with Radio Caroline.

As you may know I enjoy a bit of humour, and we end this post with a video or joke. Here then is a young lad whose act is directed at his judges!   I wonder is he can carry on in this vein?  He will have to find some real jokes soon or run out of people to watch him!






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