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I do hope that you are enjoying the hot weather in the UK at present, well at least down south.  It is currently 31c in my front room as I type this post.

 Some birds that I see on our bird table and around and about first.  I think the bird above is a baby.  Below is the silhouette of a Kite flying in the sky, I have yet to be able to get a  good picture of the bird of prey in flight or on the ground……………….one day it will happen. Wildlife photographers have patience, something I for one lack!


Our Clivia plant has flowered for the second year in succession.

A jackdaw on the grass outside our home.

This male cat is cute, poor thing it has a tumour but carries on and on. He is not our cat but here he is chilling out on our carpet. Love the way his paw is positioned here!

The next batch of pictures was taken at a recent charity sale in Nettlebed.  Sue Ryder have a home there and all money made goes to charity.  I have put this on the blog because until I moved home nearly 4 years ago I always wondered what Sue Ryder Charity shops were all about. This home “Joyce Grove” was once the home of Ian Fleming the James Bond author.

Wikipedia sums up their work concisely:

Sue Ryder is a charity (originally called the Sue Ryder Foundation and more recently Sue Ryder Care) which was founded in 1953 by Sue Ryder, with the creation of a nursing home in Suffolk, UK. Sue Ryder supports people with complex needs and life-threatening illnesses across the UK and internationally.

The charity is headquartered at Upper Woburn Place in London and is a registered charity in England & Wales.  It dropped the word “Care” from its operating name in April 2011 after a public consultation suggested that it sounded unclear, corporate and distant.

In 2011/12 Sue Ryder had an annual expenditure of £81.9 million, placing it in the top 60 of UK voluntary organisations ranked by expenditure.[

In 2011/12 Sue Ryder had an annual expenditure of £81.9 million, placing it in the top 60 of UK voluntary organisations ranked by expenditure.

Nettlebed is a pretty village, there is an old brick kiln chimney there, see it in the background above

I like this view which can be seen if you wait for a bus to get back to Henley or Reading

People park on grass verges, and all over the place when a sale takes place. They happen monthly. In case you want to go to the next one, here are the dates for the rest of the year

  • 22nd July
  • 12th August
  • 2nd September
  • 23rd September
  • 14th October
  • 4th November
  • 25th November
  • 16th December

Should any unforeseen circumstances necessitate an amendment, a revised programme will be issued.

What kind of bargains can I bag?

Our grounds, garage and outbuildings welcome dozens of visitors looking to bag a bargain amongst the furniture, clothes, jewellery, DVDs, books and bric-a-brac – while helping to raise vital funds for our hospice.

We receive fantastic-quality second-hand items as well as brand new items that have never been used.

There is something to suit every taste, from fantastic gift ideas through to gorgeous items to decorate your home.

Next, some lovely poppies that have appeared in our garden:

I spotted this game in our local charity shop recently. I never owned this but enjoyed playing it at other people’s homes.

I spotted a special plaque on the pavement in Uxbridge


Since leaving London I have missed the red buses, this bus looks like a newish model.

Our local Oxfam bookshop mounts some lovely window displays

I found this large spider in our second bedroom when cleaning this week

Reminds me of the Who song Boris the Spider  ( I never kill spiders but try to take them out of the house)



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