The Pirate Radio Party Boat

An email just in from Paul Rusling via Lucy his assistant

6 June 2017

Hi Keith

An Exciting Adventure is unfolding!

Interest in pirate radio ships is still quite high, My own recent books about Laser sold well, and Radio Caroline’s recent award of a licence attracted acres of coverage in newspapers and on TV. I went to the Dutch Radio Day two weeks ago and was greatly encouraged by the genuine interest by so many

We have decided therefore to operate a Pirate Radio Party Boat, sailing to a different port every for tnight. The PRP boat will be home to two radio stations and a TV channel, a recording studio and filming area, an exhibition area, a performance stage and a restaurant. Members of the public will be invited on board during the day to tour the studios and other facilities, and in the evening artistes who have been recording will perform for diners in our restaurant.

The operation will develop close links with other media and have a high public profile. Local radio, regional TV and newspapers are always looking for good stories and we shall provide a constant flow of useable material, promoting the Pirate Radio Party Boat and make it a ‘must visit’ destination for people of all ages. Everyone wants to be a pirate, right around the world. The four Pirates of the Caribbean films broke many box office records, and the latest release (Dead Men Tell No Tales starring Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney) is proving just as big a smash. In its first weekend last week, it took five times as much as the next five films combined! Arrr!

There are some details on World of Radio’s web site which tells a little more about the Pirate Radio Party Boat project, and how enthusiasts can become a member of LASER LOVERS, with priority access to the boat and other benefits. Or there is more information on my BLOG.

If you share our vision for the project and would like to be directly involved, there may be opportunities to invest in the project and share in the profits. The project is a 100% legitimate operation and is a British limited company. Please email me and I shall call you personally to discuss the possibilities.

We shall continue to keep you informed of developments.

Kind regards

Paul Rusling
EMail :

Image result for pirate party boat

The above picture is not of the Pirate Party Boat it is a picture I have chosen at random


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