Laser Radio Programming – latest book from Paul Rusling

I have had this book for some time, it has had to take its place in a queue of books I have bought to read.

The book is paperback and well bound and printed with clear pictures throughout.

Paul has published two books on Offshore radio in recent times.. In parts there are some typographical errors in this one, I understand this because when I type on the blog I often find I have typed a few howlers.  I am sure the reprint will rectify this, but it makes good sense without the corrections. This time his lovely wife is pictured in the Laser Studio, read all about how that came about in the book.

Overall an easy read, even though Paul has been closely concerned technically with a number of radio stations, fitting them out and working with the programmers.  I remember hearing Paul do a breakfast show in the seventies on Caroline.  Paul does not blind the reader with technical information without explaining it first.

Paul explains how well Laser was received by the public. In the final pages, he has an appendix with Laser’s programme manual in full. The pictures and information on all the on-air staff involved are excellent.  Interesting as we know, Laser had all its music on tape cartridges, this with processing made the music sound good and helped if the boat was in a storm or rocking too much. I also know that Radio Veronica had its turntables playing slightly faster than 45rpm to make their music sound more exciting.

I now understand why Laser closed down and Laser Hot Hits returned instead.

I read information on the various companies responsible for Radio Caroline over the years.  Some of which I know but the majority of the information was new to me.  It explains why Laser was owned by an Irishman and staffed by American DJs as well.

A good read and well written.  The book is perfect bound in paperback format and well worth the money it costs.

I recommend this volume – it took me two evenings or around 2 hours each to read.  I have been referring back to it from time to time as well. The measure of a good book!

Buy a copy and mention the Wireless Waffler recommended you buy it

If  you don’t have the first book he published about Laser click this link

Here is my review for that book that came out before Christmas – another great book



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