This and that and Kenny Everett!

An attractive leaflet found in a field

Wow, taxes on beards in days of yore!  


Seen locally – great idea for the whole country? 

Went to Uxbridge recently and we had to leave the bus for some strange reason, there must have been a fault with it.  An unusual view of a bus from a pedestrian bridge that goes into Uxbridge Shopping Centre. 

This help point wasn’t easy to reach, thanks to work on the Crossrail route

Is this progress – quite ugly these overhead cables?

I accidentally hit my keyboard and a 7 was entered, this is what the search revealed 

Then I tried 8

Then 9

And finally 10 – Google search can sometimes be quite amusing!

A final treat from You Tube – clips of the highly talented, and missed, Kenny Everett on Radio London in the sixties


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