Pictorial Musings

Spring has arrived and above some primroses and also some polyanthus that are brightening up my  garden

An LP record of birdsong in a local charity shop,  In the days of LPs they used to sell Bird and Animal recordings, and even LPs of trains etc.  There are still some cds in this genre released today on CD

In the day, this album was a must at parties etc.  The advent of 8 track cartridges also resulted in MOR music being produced on cassette, vinyl and 8 track cartridges.

Here is a reminder of how Andy looked back in the day!


In a local charity shop, a spoof edition of an Enid Blyton book called “Five on Brexit Island!   If you want to see inside the book check out this Amazon page –

An advert for cheese and Red Nose Day!

A roulette set, in a local charity shop window.  For some reason when I was younger I used to love to play with a roulette wheel etc. Thankfully I do not bet as an adult!

Somebody left this seat in a hurry, will they be able to find their glasses here?Local to me, a Workhouse building, once used as a hospital,  The solution to poverty in the past was to incarcerate people in a Workhouse and make them work for their food etc.

I think we could all do with a few laughs at the start of a new week!


Believe it not, this song was a novelty song on 78rpm disc ! Spike is a great chap and took this up on his Q show.

Obviously a man laughing, not a Lion! Dare you not to laugh!

Monty Python and the magic of words – one of my favourites!

In memory of my dear Father who passed away 27 years today, one of his favourite performers Norman Wisdom. We used to get taken to see Norman Wisdoms films when we were young and found them funny. Humour then was milder than it is today. By the way if you want to see a Norman Wisdom film in full, there a lots of them on You Tube.

Wishing you all a lovely week.


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