Pictorial Musings

The trees around the lake pictured in an earlier post have lost most of their leaves and the lake has some lovely reflections on it

img_20170131_125941251_hdr img_20170131_130339452_hdr img_20170131_130433359_hdr3img_20170131_130454220_hdr

In our local town they had an electric car on display, looked like a space ship with all of its doors open?

img_20170127_114428945_hdr2 img_20170127_114443938_hdr img_20170127_114454758_hdr img_20170127_114513667_hdr img_20170129_110216715_hdr

A picture of a lovely cat that visits us most mornings and afternoons – peeking into a field locally


Sign of snow having fallen and settled in January this Year – down south!   Not that deep or thick but frozen.

A lovely video about Radio Atlanta which launched in 1964 on the Mi Amigo ship.  If you know the faces of 60s offshore DJs you will see Tony Windsor playing cards on deck with the rest of his colleagues.  He was called Tony Withers then.

The video was posted on Vimeo but I have embedded it here

Radio ATLANTA 1964 on the Offshore Pirate Radio ship MV Mi Amigo from The Force on Vimeo.




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