Isolated Lake in winter and Pigs


A strange title for a post, but honestly this is the main content of it.

We went for a walk around a small lake that we have near us, and to our surprise there was no wildlife on it or around it. The reason for this was the fact that has been very cold of late and the lake had frozen up.  It looked like it was thin ice, but I was not going to try walking on it!

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The moles seem to have plenty of energy in the cold, the molehills in some areas are extensive



The afternoon sun was highlighting spiders webs, my wife put her gloved hand behind one, because the camera didn’t seem to capture the image without

Last but by no means, one of my favourite animals – pigs. in a nearby field. Looks like a special breed as well!

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Finally a short film I took of the lovely pigs!


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