Pictorial Musings

I have changed the format to the blog, hope you like it.  A gremlin shot into the blog and I could not get the side panel to display, but have changed to a different template.  It will enable people to look back over old posts easier.  To see the full post click the link at the end of the summary. Thank you.

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Above is a lovely picture of the sky tonight where I live.  I could resist taking a picture of an aeroplane going into the golden clouds.  I wonder if the people in the plane were getting as lovely a view as I was down on earth!


Two entirely different modes of transport.  A bike that someone appears to have dumped locally, and a lovey vintage card outside a local pub.


I was attempting to take a photo at night of a bridge over the Thames, got the exposure wrong and ended up with this rather magnificent collage of light instead!


Laser lights are becoming much more popular now, here is a whole set of apartments lit up

Today I heard this gem on Radio 4 Extra, better quality than in this you tube version! It was made in Australia, and also has Barry Humphries (Dame Edna in it) Idiots Weekly is a great name for a series! Very Goon orientated!

This is another that is on You Tube, I believe there may have been 4 of these. Check out BBC 4 Extra in the coming weeks.

The Goons are in fine form here – a song I haven’t heard before.

This is the ultimate song by Spike, I dare you not to break down with uncontrollable laughter! It isn’t spike in the words of the person who posted this on You Tube: “Hodges’ classic 1933 recording was used by Spike Milligan as the basis for this sketch from his 1977 ‘Q7’ series. Milligan mimes the raspberries, while John Bluthal remembers some of the words. I’ve dubbed the original track onto this video, so you can hear it’s full majesty without the studio audience’s laughter.

To end this Pictorial Musings – I hope you will enjoy this song from Baroness Maria von Hackemann at a local event recently! Watch it all the way through, if no time now come back to this gem!


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