Pictorial Musings


When I first saw this grass shrub in someone’s front garden,  I thought that the owner had put a plastic artifical red decoration on it!  To my surprise it is a real plant, a bromelaid called Fasciculararia

The Royal Horticultural Society site says

Fascicularia bicolor


  • SynonymsFascicularia andina
    Rhodostachys bicolor
  • FamilyBromeliaceae
  • GenusFascicularia is a small genus of, usually terrestrial, perennial bromeliads. Toothed, linear leaves are arranged in rosettes; dense flowerheads are embedded in the centre of these rosettes
  • DetailsF. bicolor is a rosette-forming, terrestrial bromeliad with slender, spiny-toothed, rigid, mid to dark-green, evergreen leaves up to 50cm long. In summer each mature rosette produces a dense central cluster of pale sky-blue flowers surrounded by ivory-white bracts. At this time, the innermost leaves of the rosette turn scarlet red
  • Plant rangeC Chile

I found this spoof Gardener’s Question time on You Tube that you may like to view, very clever.  I must point out I do enjoy the real Gardener’s Question time on BBC Radio 4.


Seen in Uxbridge recently, generally getting in the way of bus, a Poundland lorry.  I must admit this is the first time I have seen one.


A Biffa lorry parked up whilst its driver empties a road side bin, and puts in a new bag. On a very wet day.


The Jam Theatre in Marlow with a Lollipop man outside!

dscn2301 dscn2302 dscn2303

High Wycombe shopping mall is ready for Christmas!


We tend to forget what the Second World War was like. The picture above showed a mother, and presumably her baby protecting themselves from a potential poisonous gas raid.


Not sure where this came from, but look at it carefully, sadly it reminds me of how many great personalities have passed away recently.

jane-and-john-book janet-and-john-books

When we were young at school, these were the books we first read from in the 50s!

Terry Wogan reading his spoof Janet and John Stories.  We miss  you already Terry!

Finally a BBC local radio show with similar humour, something I miss – fortunately someone has put a whole show on You Tub. Ern and Vern sadly missed! Think the BBC found them too risque for them.


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