Pictorial Musings

Our Christmas Cactus has sprung into flower already!  Lovely colourful start to this post for you all!

dscn2263 dscn2268 dscn2270

The trees everywhere have turned a lovely shade of gold and brown. Here is a slide show which I hope will celebrate that statement.

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dscn2258Terns are very attractive seagulls  on the Thames they float around just like a duck!

dscn2146 dscn2147

When I saw these sheep recently, right near the fence, I walked straight up to them. They promptly ran away, hence I only have a blurred close up of these lovely animals.



Two pictures taken recently in High Wycombe.  A large mast on the top of the hill, not sure if it is radio, tv or mobile, but a great place for an antenna!

Wycombe Sound Logo When I ran the Wireless Waffle newsletter, many years ago I could only recommend stations that I and others had listened to.  I saw the above banner and checked up online and listened to Wycombe sound.  Sadly without a radio! You can do the same at http://listen.wycombesound.org.uk/index.html

From their site

We began our first four week RSL (Restricted Service Licence) broadcast from the Octagon shopping area of Eden on the 9th December 2013 with The Mayor of High Wycombe opening the station live on the breakfast show. Over the four weeks a whole range of shows were broadcast live including multiple local debate shows, local sport shows, breakfast and drivetime shows.

We returned in 2014 for our second RSL. Located in BidCo’s Enterprise HQ. Once again a whole range of shows were broadcast with The Mayor of High Wycombe, Eric Knowles, Colin Baker and many of the local businesses and personalities joining in over the 4 week period.

We returned for another 4 week RSL in 2015. Once again broadcasting on 87.9fm, online and via our App new for the third RSL. It was also our first year broadcasting from our own permanent studios. Many of the shows from the previous RSL’s returned and The Mayor of High Wycombe once again opened the station on the first day. A brand new radio drama set in High Wycombe was launched called Made In Wycombe which was written especially for Wycombe Sound, it has a cast of 12 and a production crew trained by BBC and ITV.




A monkey-puzzle tree spotted on a trip out, a fantastic tree!

From Wikipedia

Araucaria araucana is a popular garden tree, planted for the unusual effect of its thick, “reptilian” branches with very symmetrical appearance. It prefers temperate climates with abundant rainfall, tolerating temperatures down to about -20 °C (-4 °F). It is far and away the hardiest member of its genus, and can grow well in western Europe (north to the Faroe Islands and Smøla[6] in western Norway), the west coast ofNorth America (north to the islands of Haida Gwaii in Canada), and locally on the east coast, as well as Long Island, and in New Zealand and southeastern Australia. It is tolerant of coastal salt spray, but does not tolerate exposure to pollution.


A great rainbow locally – first time I have seen a complete arch for years!


A  bit late, but when I arrived at the Leisure Centre before Halloween this was sitting on a table, from a distance and not seeing the face, I thought it was someone’s handbag. Guess my glasses may need an update!

dsc_1001 dsc_1002

Mushrooms or Toadstools growing in my garden under a bush!


Our local waitrose has a laser light show set up and when I took this it was showing Halloween shapes.  It still is tonight!


Sam Brown playing a Ukulele. She leads a Ukulele Club in her home town

Here is her big hit!

A great song!

dscn2068 dscn2069 dscn2071

I live in the Thames Valley now, and when cycling I commune with nature, animals and hayricks!

To finish I have included the first part of a series that Tony Prince’s company DMC has produced about Pirate Radio Ships (apologies to hardened Anoraks who probably know about this)



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