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Spotted in a shop window recently.  A Sobell Television.  We had a GEC model in blue at home when I was a teenager!  Loved the dial for UHF, the nearest TV ever got to being a radio set!  It also had a click dial for 405 lines tv band!  That band is now used for DAB Radio!

dscn2037 dscn2038

In the same shop window a “biscuit tin” record player and below that an old film camera!

dscn2035 dscn2036

A 1957 vintage radio transmitter

The first 50 kW built by Gates was a design adapted by Stan Ponte from the GE 50 kW transmitter.

Only three of the BC-50B’s were built. They went to: XET, Monterrey, Mexico, Radio Rumbas in Caracas, Venezuela, and CKVL, Montreal, Canada.

According to Larry Cervon: “Parker Gates didn’t want to build this transmitter – he was not a risk taker.” Gates felt there was no sure profit in building such a large transmitter as the 50B. But with an order in hand, he was convinced by Cervon. It took a year to construct.  (from http://www.oldradio.com/archives/hardware/Gates/50.htm)

I was looking for some humour on You Tube or Instagram, sadly there is a lot of swearing there. The quality of humour seems to be slipping. These may be classified as cheesy by youngsters but they are good clean humour.  I like Mrs Brown’s Boys and Father Ted, but that does not mean that everyone needs to emulate them!

Tommy Cooper was amazing

This is how the Americans make unintentional mistakes on Television.

We have to dip back into the past to see some UK bloopers here!

Finally some excellent, unintentionally funny signs from

Midwifery - Deliveries in the rear

Silly Warning Notice


Thats all now folks!  If you have anything funny that you think will appeal to blog readers send them in to wirewaffle@hotmail.com




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