This is a recent Spam message I received – how can anyone be taken in by  this sort of message?


Hello , I am Mr Mair Lonny Roy from LAS VEGAS, i just re-tune from West Africa NIGERIA yesterday, well, i wont to let you know that i was a beneficiary like you before i decide to take plan down to Nigeria to see if all this is real, that was after when i have pay lot of money, however when i got there i meet one Mr Kingsley Moghalu,Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria. and he pit everything clear to me and broth out a file were the name and email of beneficiary that are suppose to have receive there fund, and because i know some of you might have pay lot of money like me, so as i find out your name and email on the file i have to copy it and to make sure i tell you the truth about this, so my friend i will advice you to travail down to Nigeria or Contact this God fearing Man on this open email bellow…(…. that is if you still need your fund, when i get to Nigeria all i was ask me to pay was for International Fund Transfer Permit (IFTP) so that the $5MILLIOM will not be stop by any authority and it cost me $475,which he told me that day have investigated everything and fined out that what is left to pay for is this (IFTP) to enable me receive my fund, as i am talking to you now i am one of the happiest man in the whole world because i receive the fund that presently in my account here in LAS VEGAS that same day without any problem, so i will advice you to contact him immediately for your own Good. attach is my drive license to know who you are dealing with. Congratulation.

No drive license attached, Mair Lonny Roy, you are missing out on a good chance to get someone to take up on this offer!?



Author: wirelesswaffle

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