Pictorial Musings

Street Art in Uxbridge Town Centre this weekend


Eastcote Station and a view down the Eastcote Road, Lived near there for 17 years, lots of changes there!

dscn1913 dscn1914

My wife pointed out this little fellow leaning out of a car window!


Views of the River Pinn etc near Black Horse Parade

dscn1916 dscn1917 dscn1918 dscn1919

An old film driving through Eastcote and ending up in Ruislip.  You will see Eastcote House, where we  used to get our injections for polio etc in the last 50s/60s.  Also Haydn Hall.  All of those buildings were carelessly demolished in the 60s sadly!


Sunset over West Drayton Station last night

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