Pictorial Musings

In our local Waitrose Car Park, a delivery van.  It will not please any vegetarians or vegans?  The chap is grinning all over his face as well!


A Jason Kit radio, possibly from the late 50s (i think!)  The sound from it was terrific, and a man snapped it up, after hearing it work!  I would not have got away with bringing this item home with me!



This is the best information I could find about Jason Kits, it was found on this site. I cannot find anything about his valve radio online.


Jason Kit. JSA2 Stereo Amplifier Unit
Jason Stereo AdvertJason Stereo Advert


From 1959 a kit from the well known kit supplier Jason (These kits were availiable through Home Radio).
The Valve lineup is: ECF80 EL84 each channel.
It has a power output of 3 watts per channel and is complete with Volume-Tone controls and input equalisation.
An original advertisment from Feb 1959 which appeared in Radio Constructor gives the total cost of the amplifier as £13-19 shillings. In old money £sd this was over a weeks pay for a lot of people.
The advert also gives a price for individual components.


Julian Clary is on tour this month, saw a poster in a bus shelter in Nettlebed
Here is part of what may be the current tour – or is the Joy of Mincing different

On the same theme, here are some other risque performers – an hours worth of documentary, watch the first five minutes if you don’t have time to watch all of the show.  It is hosted by Bob Monkhouse ( a great performer)



A video put on You Tube in 2009 which is a tribute to Terry Wogan, missed this gem!



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