Pictorial Musings

Lovely weather over the past few days.

About time I ventured into the world of musings!

070-DSCF0091 - Copy

The pirate flag, up until 1964 only used in connections with Pirates that raided and stole ships, and smuggled contraband goods into the country.

A short you tube video which shows you the modern day pirates in the 60s onward who broadcast music to the UK.


The Tiger has been used as an image on signs etc for  years, this one is on an Indian Restaurant in Marlow Buckinghamshire!


Not easy to photograph  a Canadian Goose flying or landing, managed it this time but ran out of  lens to cover the entire wings!


Looks like this shop is using Action Men in their window display!  Great haircuts!


Back to the days of 78rm records, they used to have a variety of replacement needles – here are some viewed at the Fawley Hill Steam Festival a while back.






022-DSCF0211 023-DSCF0212


A lovely selection of old record players at the Fawley Hill Steam Festival a while back


A crest on the gates Friar Park in Henley, the home of George Harrison up until his death.

A tour of the estate above

A lovely video showing the Beatles meeting over a homely tea or coffee!


There are many entrances and this is one you do not always see unless motoring past.

Well thats all for now – enjoy the weather!



Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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