No vinyl for me from the Daily Mail

I got slightly excited that I may qualify for a free Vinyl record album.

Reading the small print my 750 points will not even get me a £5 voucher.  The Mail prints numbers on the back of each paper, you input them and points are added to your reward points.   Last year the points nearly disappeared before I got 2000 to get a voucher.  As they say, if an offer looks too good, it probably isn’t!

From the Rewards site

FREE Classic Vinyl Album, plus 30% off a stylish record player – exclusively with The Mail on Sunday

There’s no doubting that a revival in vinyl is happening. In spite of the innovations in music and technology, there can be little substitute for the warm, intimate sound quality that a 12” delivers. That crackle and pop of the needle, the enriched sound quality, and the album cover design often an artwork in its own right. It’s no wonder we’re turning back to LP’s.

And to kick start or build on your vinyl collection, we’re giving you the exclusive chance to get a FREE* LP from over 20 LP’s – carefully selected by our music critic Tim de Lisle in today’s Event.

With everything from Bowie to the Beatles, the Stones to Springsteen and Sex Pistols, you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one. So we’re also giving you the chance to buy further LP’s for up to half the normal price!

To get your free LP, simply follow the MyMail steps below:

1. Join or sign into your account at

2. Enter your Unique Number from the back page of the paper on Sunday, 10 April

3. Click ‘redeem’ by Tuesday, 10 May – spending either 5,000 or 6,000 Mail Points

4. Instructions on how to claim your free record will be emailed to you within 24 hours

Or to choose from over 50 LP’s at these fantastic discounts, simply go to

PLUS, we are offering readers a fantastic saving of 30% off a stylish record player for just £29.99.

The GPO Stylo, with its shiny piano finish is a record player for everyone, for those just starting their record collection to the enthusiast who wants a fabulous easy to use unit. It’s a UK best seller!

This unit is compatible with all records and has built in speakers as well as ports to add additional speakers if required.

We’ve teamed up with GPO to offer readers the exclusive chance to get their hands on this great record player for only £29.99. Just go to


*Free classic vinyl album offer only available to MyMail members with the required amount of Mail Points on or before 10 May. Thereafter, all orders must be received by Upfront Offers by midnight on 15 May 2016. MyMail membership, internet access and Mail Points required. Orders will be delivered by 1st June 2016. Returns only accepted on faulty goods. Any faulty items must be returned to be quality tested before a refund can be processed.This limited offer is subject to availability. Offer available to UK residents only. Offer limited to one album per customer.


Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

4 thoughts on “No vinyl for me from the Daily Mail”

  1. How many points do you get per paper. I bought the Mail on Sunday. Too good to be true should have known there was a catch

    1. If you bought 20 mail on Sundays you would get a good amount of points, but if you buy the weekday edition less. Not really a bad thing if you collect the points online on a reward account, unless you start collecting too late in the year. They take the points away if not
      used at the end of the year. Thanks for your interest Andrew
      On a Saturday earn
      Mail Points

      On a Sunday earn
      Mail Points

      Each weekday earn
      Mail Points

  2. Who is the Scammer here. If all the “Mail” news Corp; thinks of their readers, is that they are fools. Why buy their Paper? Tom Wilkinson.

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