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Steve Penk has started off an Internet Radio Station named Radio Dead!  Not as morbid as you may think, only qualification for music is that the artist is dead,  Not all 60s stuff either! He also has a wind up station on air, not sure how often the spoof calls out to innocent members of the public go out. There can’t be enough wind ups to fill 24 hours with surely! Finally he has his music channel, which is very good, and one that I have listened to on and off for some time .  The Wind Up Channel is on DAB in one area, sorry but missed the

In case you do not know about an online radio forum , which has interesting interchanges about offshore radio and many other types of radio.  It is open to all to post on, but any obscene or objectional posts will be deleted.  No need to log on to it.

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Jeremy Irons drops BBC Radio 2 breakfast F Bomb
Posted by Radio Today Staff


Chris Evans was on the receiving end of another breakfast show swearing incident today as actor Jeremy Irons dropped the F word.

Both Chris and Jeremy immediately apologised, before some of his team making light of the situation, much to Chris’ annoyance.

Irons was on the show promoting the new Ben Wheatley film High-Rise. The actual sentence went something like: “You know what I do when I find a good actor? I say to him, ‘You have a wonderful voice. Have you ever listened to it?’ And the actor is f**ked”.

“You can’t say that on the BBC!” Chris then said. “So not only is the actor, but so it the programme,” he continued.

New radio station wants you to Sit Breathe Love
Posted by Roy Martin

New radio station wants you to Sit Breathe Love

SBLSound, an internet radio station aiming to help you relax and manage a hectic lifestyle, has launched today.

The station sits alongside mindfulness and wellbeing website, and is the brainchild of voice-over Emma Clarke.

Emma says: “The station is very accessible and appeals to both those experienced in practising mindfulness and those looking to find some peace in their busy lives.

“There’s no weirdy beardy whale music here; instead, we’ve built the daytime broadcasts around how our listeners want to spend their perfect day.”

Listeners can start each morning with a ‘welcome the day’ programme (6am – 10am), ‘refresh’ themselves from 10am – 2pm, ‘reflect’ on their day from 7pm and relax with ‘Sounds for Sleeping’ from midnight.

SBL Sound uses international, non-professional voiceovers, aiming to give the new station a global feel. Emma herself is also heard on the station.

“The website has been live for just over a year. We understand who our audience really is and exactly the kind of things they’re into. This knowledge has been invaluable and has helped us create content our audience loves.”

Emma continued; “If you’ve never meditated and haven’t got a clue what mindfulness is, don’t let that put you off. You don’t have to be a vegan Buddhist yoga enthusiast to enjoy it! If you just want to feel happy and peaceful, SBL Sound is for you.”

The new station started broadcasting online and via an iOS app today, 23rd March.

 23 March, 2016 Online Radio
BANG Radio to rebrand as The Beat London
Posted by Radio Today Staff

BANG Radio to rebrand as The Beat London

Community station BANG Radio will change its name to The Beat London 103.6 FM on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th March 2016.

Station bosses say The Beat London will ‘continue to fly the flag high for British youth culture and music as the award-winning BANG Radio has for over 10 years’.

The new name comes from a station in Nigeria, The Beat 99.9FM, which the station is creating links with.

Leading The Beat London team is Ivor Etienne, previously with Choice FM. Ivor confirms the plans to change the name: “We are incredibly proud of what BANG Radio and Life FM (previously known as) has achieved, but we are excited to introduce a new era for the station; The Beat London 103.6FM – representing and providing a voice for young black urban London to the world.

“Music will remain at the core of our programming, it’s what we are trusted for and what we do best, but we look forward to becoming recognized for being a platform for the under-25s community; a space where their talents, opinions, views and ideas beat at the heart of our station.

“We are also very proud to announce that we are teaming up with The Beat 99.9FM in Nigeria – our new sister station shares our ethos and passion for music and working with young people. They are also currently playing an important role in closing the gap between the media industries across Africa and the World and we are excited to become a part of this!

“We look forward to future collaborations, adding a global element to our work and joining the dots between the UK and Africa!”

Chris Ubosi, CEO of THE BEAT 99.9FM Nigeria adds: “We are excited to expand THE BEAT FM’s passion to develop music talents and the energy of young people from Africa to the World, beginning with the UK. This is a great opportunity to further demonstrate the potential that music and media have to unite youths across the world.”

 24 March, 2016
Mike Chadwick departs Jazz FM after 22 years
Posted by Roy Martin

Mike Chadwick departs Jazz FM after 22 years

Mike Chadwick is to leave Jazz FM this Easter Sunday after 22 years with the brand.


He’s off to do new things, and will be concentrating primarily on artist management.

Mike tells “I have loved my time on Jazz FM and am immensely proud to have been part of this wonderful station in all its incarnations for the last 22 years.

“It delights me to leave an institution that is thriving, the output the best its been for years, back on national DAB, the Love Supreme Festival now established as part of the world jazz festival circuit and the Jazz FM awards now a fixture of the UK Jazz calendar. I am also happy to see the esteemed broadcaster Jez Nelson back where his ‘legal’ broadcast career started.

“With the station thriving and my own work life so congested, now feels like the right time to be moving on.

Fans of Mike will still be able to hear him fortnightly on with the European Jazz Union via TuneIn.

“I want to thank everyone involved in Jazz FM over the years who supported me and gave me the platform to be myself and to play music that I loved and believed in completely.”

As a result, Jazz FM has a new weekend late night schedule.

This means that the returning Jez Nelson will now present his new programme “Somethin’ Else with Jez Nelson” on a Sunday night for 3 hours from 10pm, whilst Saturday night will be filled with the sounds of “The BluePrint with Chris Philips” which had prior to this point been broadcasting at midnight on Saturday since 2013.

The station also welcomes newcomer Ruth Fisher to the station who will present a new contemporary jazz programme between 1 and 3 on Sunday mornings.

Jazz FM’s Content Director Nick Pitts said “It’s sad to have to say goodbye to a presenter like Mike with his musical knowledge after 22 years and I wish him all the very best, but I hope for the listeners we have created a really interesting new approach to weekend late nights. Chris and Jez were both trailblazers at the start of the stations life and they will continue to be so in these slots as they crate dig for some stunning older material while championing the contemporary musicians of today. Add Ruth Fisher to the mix and our commitment to contemporary jazz has never been stronger”.

Premier Praise launches on Sound Digital DAB
Posted by Roy Martin

Premier Praise launches on Sound Digital DAB

New 24 hour Christian music radio station Premier Praise went live today on the second national commercial radio DAB multiplex.

The station will play classic and contemporary Christian music twenty four hours a day, and was launched by singer songwriter, worship leader, and author Matt Redman this Easter Sunday morning.

Mr Redman declared; “This is fantastic. It’s a joy. Worship music has the amazing ability to carry truth or hope or peace in someone’s life.”

And the first song played on Premier Praise was his acoustic version of a new song which he co-wrote called ‘Abide With Me’.

“Worship music is special,” he went on. “It gave me a place to encounter Christ when I needed it. So many songs are a great window into the heart of God.”

Premier Praise is Premier’s third radio station – a sister station to Premier Christian Radio, which moved to the new national network on February 29th. It is aimed at an audience in their 30s and 40s.

Premier Gospel, which broadcasts on DAB to London, remains unchanged.

Before he left the studios at Premier Praise, Matt Redman said he thought the new station would really change people’s lives for the better. “I think, for many people, worship music happens just once a week in Church. What I love about this station is that the music will take people to that moment every day,” he said.

Every hour on ‘Premier Praise’ will begin with a short prayer and will also feature short Bible readings, inspirational thoughts and stories of faith.

Its strap line will be “Light Up Your Life”.

Peter Kerridge, Premier’s CEO, today confirmed the new radio station’s objectives: “The aim of ‘Premier Praise’ is to help people develop their natural spiritual lives by delivering uplifting, inspiring, popular Christian music with warmth and understanding,” he said.

“Apart from providing a feel-good, all-music alternative to ‘Premier Christian Radio’, we hope to attract people who might otherwise shun Christian media in favour of something more mainstream.”

 March, 2016 
Nick Abbot in a flap over LBC output fail
Posted by Marty McFly

Nick Abbot in a flap over LBC output fail

The start of Nick Abbot’s Saturday night show on LBC was delayed after a problem with the studio output.

The 10pm news bulletin ended as planned at 10:04pm and a Nick Abbot ID played along with a sound clip saying ‘everything’s going really well’. But this was followed by 30 seconds of silence then an ID for Steve Allen and a pre-recorded ‘in conversation’ interview with actor Reece Shearsmith.

This lasted for two minutes before it was interrupted by a trail for Nick Ferrari’s breakfast programme. Another 30 seconds of silence followed, before Steve Allen reappeared.

Moments later Nick Abbot was live – saying “You won’t believe the flap that’s going on right now, so are we actually on the air right now?,” Nick asked, to which a second voice confirmed. He continued: “Are you absolutely certain about that, is everything going very very well? Maybe I should go back home, does that sound like a good idea?”

Nick then went on to complain that he didn’t have his notes and that the studios aren’t working. The show then continued as planned around 10 past.

BBC Radio Oxford goes in vision on local TV

BBC Radio Oxford goes in vision on local TV

That’s Oxford, the community television station, is handing over its morning output to BBC Radio Oxford.

A visualised version of its weekday breakfast show will air on the TV channel from 7am till 9am in a six month trial.

Jason Horton, Head of Regional and Local Programmes for BBC South said: “I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to forge this unique partnership with That’s Oxford TV. BBC Radio Oxford’s been a vital part of local life for 45 years, and it’s a firm favourite with very many Oxfordshire people. Now, those listeners can be viewers too, getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of live radio. This trial will provide a fresh breakfast programme for That’s Oxford. The teams at both stations are really excited about it.”

That’s Oxford is having its systems re-built after complaints were made to Ofcom about a number of technical problems with the output, including inconsistent sound levels, failures of studio sound equipment (such as microphones) and the broadcasting of video clips without accompanying sound.

Viewers also recently complained about video problems, including video images freezing and jumping, as well as video clips that, when broadcast, did not start from the beginning, plus Caption and graphic problems: including inaccurate Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) listings, end credits appearing during the programme (rather than at the end) and captions being inconsistent with the image on screen.

As a result, the owner of That’s Oxford, That’s Media, has been put on notice by Ofcom for this licence (and stations in Solent and Manchester) and the regulator may monitor the output again in the future to see if the technical quality of the services provided by the Licensees is of a sufficient standard.

 21 March, 2016 

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