Pictorial Musings

Not often I see the firemen at work. This was last weekend in Uxbridge when there was a fire in a flat.  The firemen here are rolling up their hoses after an incident.


This is the site of some shops (the older shops on the right) that were around when I was around 5 years of age.  My mother referred to these as the “bottom shops”  There are older buildings on the left out of view. One used to be an old style village shop were you had to cue up to buy food etc.  There was always a massive queue, and you heard the lady or man at the front of the cue asking for goods on their shopping list. Then the shopkeeper would move around the shelves behind the counter, getting each item!



Here is a video of such a shop. Comical of course and without the queue I described.

A vintage car in the traffic queue locally!


This building site looks a little like BBC Broadcasting House, well whilst it has cladding on the scaffolding!


The canal at West Drayton.  The entire area is being be re-vamped and on the other side of this bridge new apartments have been built along the canal sise.


In a charity shop in West Drayton I saw this game.  What a cheeky name for a television quiz!


The humble manual typewriter in a Barnados charity shop!  The forerunner of the electric typewriter and world processor!


I was impressed by the ironwork in one of the passenger shelters on Iver Railway Station, also the construction of the roof.  I wasn’t impressed on how cold the seat and shelter was though!

Finally I couldn’t resist taking this picture of a market trader selling ladies legs!


I do realise they were to display stockings, but inside the cafe it looked like the man had legs dangling from his market stall!


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