Axel from Radio North Sea International tribute (from facebook)

Sad news for RNI Fans. February 11th Axel Borsdorf died in his hometown Lörrach-Haagen at the age of 67 after a year’s long battle with cancer. As ‘Axel’ he worked in 1970 for some months as deejay on the radioship MEBO II, which had Radio Nordsee International as base from February 1970 up till the end of August 1974.

After the German language programs started early 1970, with deejay Horst
Reiner from Austria, Hannibal from Mönchengladbach, as well as some presentation from Swiss lady Elke, it was Axel who replaced in spring of that year Horst Reiner – who didn’t fit into the swinging presentation of the station. This was just after the MEBO II headed for an anchorage near the British coast.

Axel did present live programs like the ‘Morning’- and ‘Evening Show’ and was also responsible presenting the Top 40 on Sunday evenings. After the MEBO II returned to international waters off the Dutch coast, Axel’s last period on RNI started. He worked together with several English deejays on the MEBO II like: Andy Archer, Carl Mitchell, Alan West, Michael Lindsey, Mark Wesley and Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day.

After a search for many years to find Axel back, it was succeeded in getting contact with him again in late autumn 2015 on Facebook. Here he was active under his new name ‘Lung Sen’. Axel Bosdorf was born on September 14th in Dresden and grew up in Lörrach, near the German-Swiss border. Here he studied at the Hans-Thoma-Gymnasium. After that he visited the Hotel School in Luzern to become a cook. During that period he also worked freelance as a deejay in several discotheques and for radiostations after which he went to RNI.

When leaving the station he went to work for the Swiss Travel organisation ‘Hotelplan’ as animator and in later years for the Touristorganisation ‘TUI’, where he was tour leader (in Thailand, Spain, Tunesia and Italy.) Since 1978 he visited on a regular base Pattaya in Thailand where he lived from 1989 for longer periods and accompanied travelling people. Here he took a new name: ‘Lung Sen’ and got a very close contact to a Thais family which he helped with building a farm. For many years he wrote for a news portal in Thailand ‘Farang’. People in Pattaya were very proud of Axel Bosdorf. All those years he kept also his house in Lörrach-Haagen, where he went back after his retirement and passed away on February 11th 2016.

Martin van der Ven



Photo: Axel in RNI studio copyright Bruno Brandenberger


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