Pictorial Musings

This time I have put up a selection of photos found on the Internet – each source is credited, but if there are any objections from the copyright holders I will remove the picture.

Possibly the most impressive bridge on the Thames – Tower Bridge. Horrible to think that in days of old thieves and criminals would be be-headed, and their heads were mounted on spikes on that bridge!    Thankfully we are slightly more sophisticated now!  Source  http://www.radiostructures.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/london-bridge.jpg

Gerry Well’s Amazing collection of radios.  Sadly Gerry has passed away but below you will see him with a collection of gramophone players.  The basis of his collection was started as a boy. After houses were bombed in the 2nd World War. Gerry would enter the premises and save any radios that were not damaged.

Source http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/09/17/article-0-0B35D877000005DC-665_634x422.jpg

Even in 1928 radio was giving way to television, a sad fact.  Also notice that this happy single man is about three feet from the television, and he is smoking in the house. How things have changed!

Above is more representative of what Television grew up to be, a family event with everyone gathering around.  Ironically now with the advent of the computer, laptop, tablet etc, it is becoming a singular activity, as it seemed to be in 1928!

A matchstick model of a Dalek attacking what Terry Wogan referred to as the Flab!

Source http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01489/matchstick_1489006c.jpg

Some odd pictures of politicians

David Cameron tells so many porkie pies at times that his nose grows just like Pinnochios!  He blames local councils for bus and children and elderly centre cuts, when he himself has cut subsidies to the councils and caused the problem!

An airbrushed election poster of David Cameron.  It must be tough to be Prime Minister, but the pay must be so good!

Yet another attempt at satire – strange now how we get our satire mainly from the Internet.  David Frost and Co were far funnier!

It is a pity that Boris Johnson could not be PM!   At least we could have a stoic laugh at some of the cuts the Government is making.

I did not intend this musing to be political, but it has, I will end this section with a video where the lovable Boris is teased about being PM in 2013!

Interesting that we all adopt a different posture when sleeping.  I used to be a Freefaller for around 60 years and now adopt the Fetus position, which helps me to get out of bed more easily on occasions when my back is bad.

The number of man and woman hours that must be lost with the advent of PCs, which have totally replaced the humble type writer!

Source: http://www.prelovac.com/vladimir/wp-content/gallery/work/work-joke-02.jpg

Another PC related joke!

Finally to end this post – it is incredible, but when you do an image search in Google, pictures of snow come up.  I think the one below is of frost, slightly more representative of weather down south any way


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