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Sad times recently David Bowie and other singers passing away.  Also two splendid radio men Terry Wogan and Ed Stewart.

Anneka Rice did a special tribute to Ed Stewart on Radio 2

Anneka Rice pays tribute to the consummate DJ, broadcaster and television presenter Ed Stewart, with archive clips from his work on pirate radio, BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2, Junior Choice, Top Of The Pops, and the children’s TV series Crackerjack.

Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart has been a stalwart of popular music broadcasting, and his shows were enjoyed by millions of listeners. He was one of the first presenters on Radio 1 when it launched in 1967, and went on to be a regular Radio 2 presenter, with Junior Choice becoming a household favourite on the network on Christmas Day from 2007 to 2015 – a playlist of pure nostalgia for Christmas morning with all the music chosen by the Radio 2 listeners young and old.

His broadcasting career spanned more than 50 years, starting when he was an announcer with Radio Hong Kong. During his 15 years at Radio 2, Ed broadcast from the summits of Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Mount Vesuvius, and also broadcast live from the Falkland Islands.

On Christmas morning 2015, Stewpot returned with a nostalgic Junior Choice playlist. In olden times requests were asked for ‘on a postcard please’, but this time his listeners got in touch with Radio 2 by text, email and social media.

Contributors to this tribute programme include Dame Barbara Windsor, Johnny Beerling, Jan Hunt, Noel Edmonds (who sent his first demo tape to Ed, with great success), Bernie Clifton, Zoe Ball, Keith Skues, Johnnie Walker and David Hamilton.

Presenter/Anneka Rice, Producer/Mark Simpson, Writer & Co-Producer /Phil Hughes

BBC Radio 2 Publicity

It is available to listen to on the BBC Radio Player for just under 30 days

Gloria Hunniford gave a tribute to Terry Wogan on Loose Women

My amplified aerial has sadly died on me recently.  I use that for my hi fi tuner. I now just used the indoor aerial to pick up local stations, which is a pity. I have some radios and also two Sony multiband receivers to use.

 A selection of the latest radio news from the Radio Today site

Adele Roberts speaks about being out in radio

Adele Roberts Radio 1 DJ has spoken honestly about how commercial radio sacrifices truth for sales when it comes sexuality and defends the BBC as one of the most open platforms she has ever worked for.

She also says she wished she had come out to her parents before Big Brother.

Speaking on National Student Pride’s ‘R U Coming Out’ panel, the early breakfast presenter Adele Roberts admitted that it is still hard to openly discuss being LGBT in radio, especially the commercial sector.

She stated that she felt sorry for radio personalities who feel they have to remain in the closet while working in radio. “There is a lot of people I have worked with in radio that are gay and weren’t out on air, and that just makes me feel a bit sad for them”.

Adele Roberts said commercial radio stations are often hesitant to allow open LGBT personalities on air as it can damage their family friendly image. “Sometimes in commercial radio you can’t always be as honest as you want to. I don’t know whether it is to do with advertisers or the type of people they are trying to target, whether they think it’s a family station and being gay is not a family thing, which I think it is. Sometimes radio can be a bit old fashioned and the people that run the stations are born from a different time. That was one of my problems.”

The BBC have allowed Adele Roberts and other personalities such as Scott Mills to be open on air. “I think the BBC are just at the forefront of representation and letting young people know it’s ok, you’re not weird. I think the BBC really encourages that.”

After the panel Heat Radio DJ James Barr countered this speaking about his show on Heat Radio, praising the station for allowing him being out and camp on air. He said they were great as a station because he is able to talk about how ‘hot Will Young is’ and how his mum thinks one day, Will and James will get married.

National Student Pride, now in its 11th year, was back in London February 5th-7th at the University of Westminster and G-A-Y venues. The 2016 event featured panels on Coming Out with charity, Mental Health and discussed the impact of LGBT YouTubers, with YouTubers themselves.

Unique, a 7digital production company, will take on production duties for BBC Radio 3’s Monday Night jazz programme following a competitive tender process.


BBC Radio 3 has commissioned the new shows to begin in April 2016.

Alyn Shipton, Executive Producer for Unique, commented: “We are all very excited by this opportunity to bring the best of contemporary jazz to BBC Radio 3, both from Britain and the rest of the world. We hope to satisfy existing fans of jazz, and also draw in plenty of new listeners to music we are passionate about and committed to supporting. We look forward to the work ahead.”

Simon Cole, CEO of 7digital, added: “This is an important commission for us as we have declared our intention to specialise in the music production and curation skills that have been our hallmark. The opportunity to work with the BBC on so many varied music formats at a time when the industry is at such a point of change is tremendously exciting.”

This comes along with the news that the team has also won a competitive tender that will have it continue production of the Sunday Morning programme for BBC Radio 3, a show Unique has been producing since 2012.

Unique produced BBC Radio 3’s Jazz Library for five years, as well as several series of Jazz File. The team has also produced the BBC Radio 2 Jazz Awards for two years, along with six series of BBC Radio 2’s Live at the Stables with John Dankworth and Cleo Laine, and three series with Moira Stuart for BBC Radio 2, looking at the lives of female jazz singers (Strong and Sassy), male jazz artists (Kings of Cool) and a series on jazz guitarists (Jazz Guitar Greats).

Beyond jazz, 7digital production companies Unique and Smooth Operations handle numerous one-off and series commissions for the BBC across a variety of genres.

LBC early weekend breakfast presenter Steve Allen has been found in breach of Ofcom Rule 2.3 for potentially offensive material.

At the same time, Ofcom has said Steve was not in breach of Rule 3.2 for Material likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime.

It surrounds a broadcast made on August 28th 2015 when Steve talked about Chris Spivey, who had recently been given a suspended six month sentence for posting offensive comments on social media about the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby, the soldier murdered in Woolwich in 2013, which amounted to the harassment of Fusilier Rigby’s family.

Steve said:

“He’s quite clearly not only immensely stupid but thick at the same time. I’d have had him hanging from gallows, ladies and gentlemen”.

“We know all about internet trolls because they are generally people with mental health issues. This particular one here is a menacing looking bloke. He’s a nasty piece of work this one is. His name is Chris Spivey”.

“When you see him out throw things at him – bricks would be quite nice”.

“I’d have had him banged up immediately. He looks like he would enjoy a bit of prison life with a few other men”.

“You vile piece of filth…you stupid pathetic waste of space. People like you need taking out and just pushing off the end of the pier somewhere. Let you swim, preferably as far out as you can possibly get”.

“So you’ll like it then when I call, Chris, for people to egg you in the street and throw things at you, you know, because you are a vile piece of work. What a disgusting person you are. I hope to God he doesn’t live next to any of you – he’s in Rochford in Essex”.

“What an ugly person…perhaps we can come and daub things on the outside of your house?”

LBC bosses defended Steve’s words, saying they were tongue-in-cheek remarks, and that he has “a particular presenting style and tone that his audience were very familiar with”. Accordingly, listeners would have “noted from his typically acerbic delivery that the comments were not meant literally and thus would not have been likely to find them offensive or, where relevant, interpreted them as a direct incitement to commit a criminal or anti-social act”.

The Licensee added that “the exaggerated nature of the comments ensured there was no serious encouragement for listeners to take this action, and concluded that the presenter’s right to freedom of expression should be preserved “as it has to date in his 39 years of broadcasting on LBC”.

Ofcom found that the comments above had the potential to cause offence to listeners (breach of Rule 2.3) but took the view that listeners would have been unlikely to take literally, and act on, Steve’s Allen’s remarks which did not amount to any call to action. “Because we concluded that Steve Allen’s comments were unlikely to encourage or incite crime or lead to disorder, there was no breach of Rule 3.1 in this case,” Ofcom said.

Radio 5 live sends Adrian Chiles to a care home

A new raft of new programmes have been announced by 5 live, including an autopsy live on-air, a night inside Eurotunnel and Adrian Chiles broadcasting live from a care home.

Adrian will be there revealing exclusive new figures that show the extent of the pressure on the care sector.

The new commissions in full are:
  • A series looking at fertility hosted by Anna Foster. It will focus on pregnancy and birth with Anna, who is a mother of two, reflecting on her own experience of starting a family.
  • A “real time” broadcast of a post-mortem. The station will broadcast from an examination room, exploring the importance of carrying out autopsies and how they have led to advances in medical science.
  • A spin-off of business programme Wake Up to Money looking into the business of sport, fronted by Adam Parsons, who will investigate where the money in sport comes from and how it is spent.
  • A series of audio-diaries recorded by junior doctors working in the NHS, giving a unique insight into their working lives.
  • A new series of Raising the Bar, the programme that lifts the lid on the legal world, presented by Rob Rinder, who features on the popular ITV show Judge Rinder.
  • A series looking at the state of the arts across the country presented by BBC arts editor Will Gompertz.
  • A new series of All About Property, a programme about buying and selling houses, hosted by Gabby Logan.

Jonathan Wall, Controller of BBC Radio 5 live, said: “Telling stories and hearing from people across the UK is at the heart of our schedule at BBC Radio 5 live. Our ambition is to tell more stories from more people and places than any other station in the country.

“From doctors in the NHS to first time buyers, and from care homes to the Eurotunnel, BBC Radio 5 live promises our most ambitious year of news and current affairs, alongside the Euros, the Olympics and the Paralympics.”

BBC Radio 5 live will also launch a nationwide search for the Young Sports Commentator of the Year.

Young people between 11 and 15 will be able to win the chance to shadow a BBC Radio 5 live commentator, have a go at describing a sporting event themselves and have their commentary feature on BBC Radio 5 live.

Jonathan Wall was the runner-up the last time the BBC ran a similar national competition in the 1980s.

He said: “I entered a similar competition when I was much younger and it proved to be the start of my career, even though I was ultimately pipped at the post for the prize!

“I’m delighted to bring the competition back and encourage all budding sports broadcasters to get involved.

“BBC Radio 5 live is home of the UK’s finest sports commentators and through Young Sports Commentator of the Year we hope to inspire the next generation. Maybe we’ll uncover the next Alan Green, Jonathan Agnew or Jacqui Oatley. And who knows where the person who comes second may end up.”

February highlights on the station include:

  • Stephen Nolan broadcasting live from Heathrow Airport where he’ll be given exclusive access inside the ‘secret’ train station underneath Terminal Five.
  • Reporter Lesley Ashmall spending a night in the Eurotunnel with the security team dealing with the effects of the migrant crisis.
  • Adrian Chiles broadcasting live from a care home and revealing exclusive new figures that show the extent of the pressure on the care sector.
  • Entertainment reporter Colin Paterson hosting a special preview programme ahead of the Oscars.
  • Acclaimed actor David Morrissey joining Daily Telegraph film critic Robbie Collin to stand in for Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode on their weekly film review show.
  • Olympian Karen Pickering presenting a documentary called Let Us Play looking at the world of children’s sport and the pressure some kids are put under by their parents.

In addition, BBC Radio 5 live’s chief political correspondent John Pienaar will launch a new podcast with the latest news and insight from Westminster ahead of the May elections and potential EU referendum.


Compass FM has created and produced a radio play called GY85 The Price of Fish based on the true story.

The plot revolves around the loss of a Grimsby trawler called the Laforey in 1954 which has been a topic of conversation amongst the local community.

North East Lincolnshire Councillor Clifford Barber attended the launch of the play last week at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. A permanent exhibition is now in place to educate people on the loss of the Laforey, bringing home the local aspect behind this story with the support of Compass FM.

Breakfast Show Presenter Joss Moore, who penned the play, has been locating and speaking with those involved or had family involved.

Richard Lyon, Programme Manager for Compass FM: “Making this drama involved the community coming together to get a tragic local story told in an authentic way.

“Our fishing heritage is very important to those in North East Lincolnshire and telling this tale really brought home the true price of fish.”

The Price of Fish is the second radio drama to feature on Compass FM in 2016, and will broadcast again on Thursday 11th February at 9pm on Compass FM.


Edith Bowman for breakfast at Virgin Radio
UTV’s version of Virgin Radio will see former Radio 1 presenter Edith Bowman return to full time radio hosting the breakfast show.


Virgin Radio will launch on March 30th, and include Jamie East 10am – 1pm, Kate Lawler 1pm – 4pm, Matt Richardson 4pm – 7pm and with Tim Cocker 7pm – 11pm.

“I’m utterly thrilled to be asked to host the Breakfast Show on the new and exciting Virgin Radio,” Edith said. “Being back on the radio five days a week is going to be a lot of fun, and a place where I can share my passion for music and film with a wonderful audience.

“I feel honoured to be given the responsibility and can’t wait to get started – being the only solo female breakfast show host on national radio is an exhilarating opportunity. Live Bands, films, established artists, new music, interviews and an open conversation with the morning audience is going to be an absolute pleasure.”

Jamie East set up the gossip site Holy Moly in 2002 and is best known for his TV work including presenting Big Brother’s Bit on the Side and Game of Thrones fan show Thronecast on Sky Atlantic, and he was also lead singer in indie band The Beekeepers in the late 90s.

Kate Lawler is currently on Kerrang! Breakfast and has previously worked on the Bauer City Network late show. She won Big Brother in 2002 and went on to host Channel 4’s RI:SE alongside talkRADIO presenter Iain Lee, and Capital FM’s Hit Music Sunday with Andi Peters.

Stand-up comedian and presenter Matt Richardson will be taking on his first on-air presenting gig – on drive. He’s famous for co-hosting The Xtra Factor on ITV2 alongside Caroline Flack in 2013, before going on to TV appearances including Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Celebrity Juice.

Rounding off the line-up is former XFM presenter Tim Cocker, who hosted the Breakfast Show for the station in Manchester for more than five years.

Liam Thompson, Programme Director for Virgin Radio, said: “We can’t wait to bring Virgin Radio back to digital radio in March. This is a completely fresh start for a hugely admired brand – we’ve got a new line-up and approach, and securing a presenter as talented as Edith Bowman speaks volumes about our commitment to making a real impact in music radio. Jamie, Kate, Matt and Tim will do a great job in entertaining the nation throughout the day; listeners are going to want to tune in and turn us up!”

Virgin Radio originally launched in the UK in April 1993 by Richard Branson. It was the first Virgin-branded radio station in the world, and lasted until a rebrand in 2008 when it became Absolute Radio.

There are currently 13 Virgin stations around the world, including Canada, Dubai, Bangkok and Italy.






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