Pictorial Musings

A rather wet winters day here today.

Some pictures to cheer us up, hopefully:

First a slide show of puddles in a car park on a field, a week or so back when it was cold enough to freeze water.

Magical shapes

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Chickens have become so expensive – I know Waitrose are not cheap but even £5.58 for a chicken is ridiculous


In a local Oxfam shop, a while back they had a collection of Enid Blyton books on display.  In my formative years I read these books with great excitement.  They were written for children in a day when there was very little radio and television to distract us.


I admire eccentrics, and Sir Frank Crisp was a Victorian who had plenty of money and his speciality, like a lot of Victorians was in architecture – above is  a photo I took last week of his boat  house on the river at Henley on Thames.

friar park aerial 3

The picture above is of Sir Frank Crisp’s home Friar Park, which is currently occupied by George Harrison’s widow Olivia and his son Dhani.

c60 cassette

Who remembers C60 audio cassettes?  Fantastic system but it used very thin ferric tape.  If static set in, or you respooled too quickly, they would tangle up.  I use to be quite adept at doing “surgery” on twisted tapes, cutting out the bad bit and re-assembling them!

1914 daily mail adverts_0001

Still a favourite of mine, Birds Custard.  I live really thick hot custard on crumble or fruit.  This is how they advertised it many years ago!

bumper cars

Bumper cars were terrific fun, these ladies would be ripe for a good bump by lads at a fairground


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