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Looking at the news below I am reminded that I used to be able to listen to Resonance FM on the FM dial when I lived on the outskirts of London. An amazing station with many innovative programmes.  I must remember to “tune into them on the Internet one day”.

It will be interesting to hear what Virgin Radio will sound like when it returns to the airwaves in March.

I am still amazed that I  had to sell my DAB radio after moving to the Oxfordshire borders.  The Pure Evoke Radio I had gave good service in London and picked up stations very well. It turned “deaf” here!  I sold it on eBay and the buyer was very pleased with it, they could receive programmes.  Then as described, possibly before, I bought a Sony AM FM DAB radio at a Sue Ryder charity sale, and that brings in all of the BBC and commercial stations I need.   I quite often dip into the BBC World Service, Radio 4, LBC and Jack FM whilst cooking.  The aerial of the DAB radio is not connected to another wire. I have run an old speaker wire over a Roman blind in the kitchen. That being behind the telescopic aerial boosts reception and nulls out that hideous glitching that can occur if a signal is weak


Selected from the Radio Today website

Two of Bauer’s radio stations merged at 4pm Thursday after a problem at One Golden Square.

The output of digital station heat was heard on Planet Rock, complete with heat idents and a top of the hour opener by Rihanna.

30 seconds after Rihannastarted, Planet Rock’s Music News with Paul Anthony started playing over the top of the pop song We Found Love.

A mash up of guitars and dance beats followed until the fail was fixed around six minutes past the hour.

Richard Wilkinson joins the new Virgin Radio

Richard Wilkinson has been appointed Head of Music for the new national DAB station Virgin Radio.


Richard was previously Head of Music for Scotland’s Beat 106 and Head of Programming for Forth One. He has also worked as a consultant for Virgin Radio stations in Thailand, Indonesia and Lebanon and has spent time at both BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6Music in his career.

Richard said: “I am tremendously excited to be part of the team – the brand has an incredible heritage that people absolutely love, so it’s an honour to be asked to put together the station’s playlist. Having worked with the Virgin brand for over 13 years, I can’t wait to bring it back to the UK.”

The Virgin Radio brand will be back in the UK in March, although an exact launch date has not yet been announced.

Liam Thompson, Programme Director for Virgin Radio, said: “Richard has a wealth of experience and depth of music knowledge, which makes him the perfect person to develop a unique music policy for Virgin Radio. It’s great to have him on board as we look to the station’s launch this March.”


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