Pictorial Musings


At a local large Sue Ryder outdoor sale I landed a second hand DAB FM radio.  I have only just sold my Pure Evoke radio due to the poor reception on DAB in my part of the Thames Valley.

This Sony radio is poor for FM reception, even with a crocodile clip with an extension lead attached. It brings in Radio Berkshire and that is very local!  The Pure radio pulled in a commercial multiplex but could never receive the National Multiplex.   Sony have succeeded in delivering a good DAB signal in a fringe area, via what looks like a simple telescopic aerial.


An exhibition currently in Uxbridge Library, Hillingdon of the 60s.  Some lovely vinyl singles, a cine camera an dress.

DSC_0152 - Copy

A Philips Twin Track Real to Real Recorder.   Also typical wallpaper in the background


The Radiogram was more of a 50s thing, then along came these record centres with tuner and speakers and turntable


It was lovely when we had the dial telephone, wish we had kept one as they are collectable now


Thunderbirds Lady Penelope and some tennis rackets and more authentic sixties wallpaperDSC_0156

An expensive radio tuner amplifier from the sixties and some more records


The dustette had an everlasting cloth bag on it, when they got worn they blew dust right out instead of retaining it.

DSC_0154 - Copy

We had a kettle like this in the 60s.  They used to take some time to boil, yes even the electric kettles as this is!

DSC_0153 - Copy

Remington and Philips introduced electric shavers to the UK

DSC_0175 DSC_0176

Finally above a vintage Ferguson valve radio which was at the Sue Ryder Sale of £4.  It would not have worked, reckon it had been stored in a damp garage or shed!  Cabinet was worn.

Looking at the dial reminds me of one my my favourite Van Morrison songs.



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