Radio Caroline on medium wave special (am is the new name for mw!)

From the Radio Caroline site, news of a great event for radio anoraks of all ages:

Radio Caroline North

In March 1968, as most of you will know, MV Caroline was forcibly towed away from her anchorage In Ramsey Bay on the Isle Of Man. The many listeners in Scotland, Ireland and the North and on the island itself, tuned to silence and assumed that was the end.

We know of course that the station survived, but Radio Caroline North did not. This popular station never returned. Until now.

The Isle of Man still hold Caroline in high regard and with great affection and so, via the kindness and generosity of Manx Radio, Caroline North will be heard again from the morning of Sept 26th on 1368 Khz.

We cannot, more’s the pity, take Ross Revenge to Ramsey bay, but using technology unheard of in the Sixties we ‘should’ be able to broadcast live programmes from the ship for the whole weekend via AM from the Island and as a stand alone Internet stream. You will hear the voices of the DJ stars of the era. Rosko, Tony Prince, Alan Turner, Robbie Dale and others and the music they played.

Our team will comprise Chris Pearson, Kevin Turner, Steve Antony, Ray Clark, Nigel Harris, Dave Foster John Ellery and Gary Ziepe. If you live anywhere on the Irish Sea coast or inland, dust off the HMV Radiogram or Bush portable, or use the net, via our web site.

Radio Caroline and Caroline Flashback will continue with a full service, so you may be spoiled for choice.

We aim to do this ‘just right’ so that Manx Radio will gift us further weekends in 2015 and 2016 and well, who knows.

You can send your music choices and memories to and we will mention as many as we can on air.


Author: wirelesswaffle

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