You Tube Musings

The I’m Sorry I’ll Read that again team, may not have been joking when they recorded this sketch!

The end of the Overcomer Ministry in 2009

This man is still one of the most heard voices still on Shortwave, other than Radio China. I talk a lot, but Brother Stair can out=talk me any day of the week. It is a shame that so many people pay tithes etc to this organisation. The money raised this way could possibly put Radio Caroline on DAB national radio permanently. Not happy about this!

The sinking of the Mi Amigo in 1980 covered on Piccadilly Radio, very sad day that

Someone has attempted to show the Mi Amigo in this video, it is a slide show with some interesting bits. The music is great though

In case you have forgotten this is what Radio Caroline sounded like on the Mi Amigo. Tony Allan at his best!

On a light hearted note, a video which shows how low Television has sunk. Well in Asia, here is a video from Asian’s Got Talent (enjoy) Mel C also pops up!



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