Henley Show, Hambleden

We went to the Henley Show for the first time ever today, and enjoyed ourselves. This posting is identical to the one I put on the Henley Blog site I run but feel it will be of general interest



The free minibus service soon got us there, and also got us back quickly!

There was a birds of prey display as well, A Harris Hawk and a Vulture appeared!

DSCF8227 - Copy - Copy

DSCF8229 - Copy - Copy (2)

DSCF8230 - Copy - Copy


DSCF8236 - Copy - Copy

DSCF8237 - Copy - Copy

A man was giving a dog display and finally brought on a dog of his that had to have a front leg amputated as a result of an accident. This dog was very lively indeed

DSCF8197 DSCF8199 - Copy - Copy (2)

An exhibition of sheep shearing was also there

DSCF8221 - Copy - Copy

I have heard about the dancing sheep from others that have been to the show before, but the performance I saw was not very successful at all, just watch the Kiwi presenter cringe!

The Show Horses were magnificent

DSCF8181 - Copy - Copy

DSCF8183 - Copy - CopyThe cattle and sheep were interesting as well


DSCF8297 - Copy - Copy (2)

DSCF8298 - Copy - Copy

DSCF8299 - Copy

DSCF8301 - Copy - Copy (2)

DSCF8302 - Copy - Copy (2)

DSCF8303 - Copy - Copy (2)

Here are a selection of the pictures I took, there will be some posted again in the text, but if you want to see a picture that is in the video, you can stop the video with the pause button. I have set the slide change time to the maximum permitted on You Tube

The roundabout was a highlight of the show for me (turn your volume down before playing video it is only background noise!)

The roundabout reminded me of one that was at Pinner Fair in my youth!


The Helter Skelter was a lovely old model as well!

DSCF8195 - Copy - Copy DSCF8208 - Copy - Copy

Some shots taken of the Horse show jumping events

DSCF8362 DSCF8370

Here are quite a lot of videos of the Horse Show Jumping at the Henley Show today

These are of the younger riders in a different arena, the jump like a hedge seems to have phased a few horses, maybe because the horse could not see what was on the other side?

A very quick scan of the vintage cars and tractors etc in the main arena, sorry this is so fast!

A better video of a few vintage cars leaving the arena


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