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I DX Radio 4. Found out that the radio aerial in horizontal mode picks it up.  I have been dipping into it, when I have been in the kitchen cooking, on my second hand Sony radio cassette.  When a plane goes past the audio goes shaky, occasionally there is interference from lawn mowers, and very occasionally the audio shoots up in volume. Bad show considering Tony Hall, DG lives here!   We are in the Thames Valley!

The Pop Gold programme on ITV is very good indeed. Good to hear Andy Kershaw’s distinctive voice as well. It is a  pity however that ITV has not archived its material as well as the BBC.  The video quality and sound is not a good at the BBC.  They have copied the TOTP information captions idea, to give interesting facts about the artists and songs!

It is about time the BBC and Commercial companies addressed  DAB reception.  Also we could do with some different radio stations there.  It seems to me that Internet radio will soon take over full time!

The DX radio archive is a veritable treat. Apart form the archive mp3s of a variety of offshore and inland stations, I recommend the PDF files of items like “Radio Caroline and Its Stars”, also a book about radio by a chap at the BBC in days of your, called Burrows!

I haven’t given the British DX club a plug for a while.  I have been a member since 1980. Their monthly magazine “Communication” is superb, more up to date than the WRTH!  They also have two Yahoo groups for news and radio chat. There is a bi-monthly audio circle which is distributed free on mp3, or at a charge on other platforms!

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News selected by me from the Radio Today Site

Jim Naughtie’s replacement on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme is Nick Robinson.
Nick will join the team – John Humphrys, Sarah Montague, Mishal Husain and Justin Webb – from the autumn after ten years as the BBC’s Political Editor. He will also report and present across television and radio for BBC News and Current Affairs.

Nick is already well known to Radio 4 listeners. In addition to his regular appearances on Today he has presented a number of series on the station including The Prime Ministers, Decision Time, Battle For The Airwaves and more recently Can Democracy Work?

Nick Robinson says: “I cannot remember a time when my morning did not begin with Today – the programme – setting the nation’s agenda. As a child it was the sound not just of the latest news and the sharpest comment but also of my best friend’s Dad, Brian Redhead, who inspired my love of radio. Brian relished the opportunity to “drop a word in the nation’s ear”. I’m delighted that all these years later I am being given the chance to sit in what was his chair.

Gwyneth Williams, Controller Radio 4: “Nick is already a regular on Today and we have come to rely on his acute political judgement and the context he sets, as he unravels the real story behind the headlines. His unique access and understanding of the way Britain works has been evident both in his news reporting and in his numerous, acclaimed Radio 4 series such as The Prime Ministers and Decision Time. I am thrilled to welcome him to the Today programme as a presenter.”

After the coverage of this week’s Budget Nick is taking some time off to complete his recovery from the surgery he had in March which successfully removed a Neuro-Endocrine Tumour from his lung. He is still undergoing a course of chemotherapy.

Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, says: “The BBC has been fortunate to have in Nick Robinson the most authoritative and engaging political editor at work in Westminster over the past decade. He has been tireless and inquisitive, acute and open-minded. He has deciphered the coded world of politics with intelligence, clarity and wit. I am delighted he will bring that exceptional mixture of journalistic rigour, sound judgment and great character to the Today programme.”

A new Political Editor will be appointed soon.

UKRD’s CEO, William Rogers, has welcomed the recent announcement contained in Radiocentre’s new policy document urging that there be no “enforced” switchover of local commercial radio stations to DAB.

Speaking exclusively to RadioToday, William says: “We’ve been banging on about this for years, sometimes in the teeth of opposition from some within Radio Centre, and so I’m delighted that, at last, we’ve got clarity on the trade body’s considered position as well as its endorsement of the position we have been advocating since 2002″.

A fierce critic of the proposed enforced switch-over plans for local commercial radio stations, leading ultimately to UKRD’s resignation from Radio Centre in protest four years ago, the CEO told RadioToday, “This is a major improvement on the previously ill-considered position and we are delighted that there is now likely to be a sensible debate about this going forward. The concerns of genuinely local commercial stations were disregarded for too long and I view this as a welcome and important move towards a common sense position, taking into account the practical business and commercial realities we all have to manage.

“I hope that this is the beginning of a genuine attempt to garner and consolidate the views of the whole industry and make something of a more concerted effort to deliver a common and universally supported position for local commercial radio and the wider sector in all areas of policy,” he said.

UKRD has not been a member of Radiocentre, along with UTV, since 2011 and has not taken part in any initiatives carried out by the official body for commercial radio. This includes being excluded from the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards in 2012 and 2013. Last year, non-Radiocentre members were allowed to enter but both UKRD and UTV decided not to be part of the awards evening.

In reaction, a Radiocentre spokesperson said: “Our new policy document sets out priorities on everything from advertising regulation to the role of the BBC and we are really pleased that it has such widespread support.

“On digital radio we have sought to reflect the position that Government and industry have adopted since 2013, when it was announced that any future switchover must be consumer-led and that small stations can continue on FM while options like small scale DAB are being developed.”

Stray FM takes to the skies above Yorkshire
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Stray FM takes to the skies above Yorkshire

For the first time, UKRD’s Stray FM will be providing travel news for the upcoming Great Yorkshire Show from a helicopter.

Presenter Will Smith will report on-air from above the event, circling the area looking out for the best ways of beating the queues. Travel news will air every 15 minutes at Breakfast during the opening day.

Stray FM has teamed up with Heli-jet, the aviation company based near Leeds Bradford Airport as approx 130,000 attend the event over the three days, with over 45,000 cars expected. The station is also broadcasting live from the show at various times.

Stray FM was also in a helicopter in April this year, giving a listener the ultimate ride home.

Managing Director at Stray FM, Sarah Barry, said: “Stray FM is incredibly proud to work closely with The Great Yorkshire Show as we welcome thousands of visitors to the area. It is absolutely essential as the area’s local radio station that we help both residents and visitors to the show get from A to B as smoothly as possible with regular traffic information. Stray FM celebrates 21 years of broadcasting this year and what better way to do this than by broadcasting live from a helicopter!”

Director of the Great Yorkshire Show, Bill Cowling, said, “It is wonderful, I am absolutely delighted to hear about it, what a wonderful thing to do to help people find their way through if they don’t want to be at the show.”

The new Trustee Board for the Radio Academy has been announced by Chair Chris Burns in an email to members.

The 10 new board members represent a number of different areas of the industry – and includes three from the BBC, one from commercial radio and the Student Radio Association Chair.

In addition to the Trustee Board, the Radio Academy will also have a series of mini Boards. Chris says: “Decisions will still be signed off at Board meetings, but I want these sub-groups to help us be the sort of Radio Academy that meets your needs and also helps us get things done more quickly.”

The Trustee Board will be:

Chair – Chris Burns, BBC
Alison Gold, BBC Trust
Sanjay Nazerali, Carat Global
Tony Moorey, Bauer
John Dash, John Dash Media
Camilla Byk,
Jane Ostler, Millward Brown
Matt Payton, Radiocentre
Sam Bailey, BBC
Jonty Usborne, Student Radio Association
John Baish, BBC Radio Berkshire

Others who applied to be a Trustee but didn’t get a Board position have been given other roles, including Dom Chambers, Chris Lycett, Tony Currie, Iain Betson and Mal Reding.

Sun FM has given away five thousand pounds to a listener, who had to spend it in one shopping spree.

Ten finalists took part in the competition over a two week period, and on the final day they all had to guess the closest price of a number of items.

The winner, Chris, then embarked on a whole day shopping spree going across the North East to 10 businesses and spending £500 in each.

Julian Carter, Managing Director told RadioToday: “Unlike other radio stations all prize winners are local, and our competitions are free to enter and we do not operate premium phone lines/text”.


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