Pictorial Musings

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Two rather excellent displays in our local Oxfam Book and Music Shop – even in the age of the Kindle books are still great things to have and read!



This was on sale for £1.50 with some terrible scribbling on the fly leaf, but otherwise OK.  Radio Luxembourg was once the only commercial radio station in the UK.  I did not hear it until in the 60s my father’s friend from Plymouth took us lads on a trip to see the lights in London. On the way back he turned on the car radio, and it started to play music that faded in and out, the eventually came in very well indeed.  We did laugh when we heard our first radio commercial though!


A Fidelity Town and Country Radio in a local charity shop window.  Sorry about the reflections on the window

07-DSC_0965 08-DSC_0966

Rhododendrons are lovely plants, here is a fine specimen snapped by me on the way to the local leisure centre.


A really lovely rose in a neighbour’s garden.

17-DSC_0976 18-DSC_0977

Two new radios in a branch of “Home Sense” in a section labelled “Boys Toys”.  Even in this digital age they still make analogue radios.

23-DSC_0982 24-DSC_0984 25-DSC_0985

Three photos taken in a local Sue Ryder shop.  A splendid and unusual window display.  An Airfix kit, oh how I loved putting those together as a child.  We were fortunate that a neighbour made scale model moulds for some of the kits, so we got the occasional gift from him. I was never very good at putting them together, always got glue on my hands!

The final boxed toy in the shop is “Skull Island” This is a game in which you have to transfer a ball bearing through a maze. We had one similar for our children but it did not have all of the characters above on the box, or board!


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