Pictorial Musings

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I noticed this non-bargain in our local waitrose a while back. How can Heston imagine that they can charge £12 for a non alcoholic drink?  The fact is they can and they do!

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Our local Oxfam bookshop mounts some lovely themed displays in their window. This one is on Magic and is particularly cute!






The Daily Mail had a reproductions of VE Day moments in history. This one caught my interest and eye.  I first heard Lord Haw Haw on a BBC Records compilation of the war.

Here is an example of the menacing voice of Lord Haw Haw.   Although Brother Stair of the Overcomer Ministry. is not in the same league, but a religious broadcaster I find his voice rather sinister and haunting.



An old Camera that was on display in a Bed and Breakfast we stayed in overnight a few days ago. The progress from film to digital photography has made photographs so easy to take.  It however does not improve the quality of pictures at all!

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A series of pictures taken a few weeks ago when I revisited Old Eastcote in Middx.  A small section of true beauty in Suburbia, as lovely as pictures I have taken in Oxfordshire recently.

03-DSC_0695 02-DSC_0694 01-DSC_0693I was travelling through Uxbridge last Sunday and saw none other than Boris Johnson wooing the voters.  He was successful, surprise surpise. The gentleman with the beard in the last photo is MP Randall, the MP who stood down for Boris!   Let’s hope Boris spends some time in his new ward!



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