Radio Caroline Flashback launched today on the Internet

Managed to get Caroline Flashback on my Clarus Plus Radio by inputting this stream address

If that does not work try

Initial reactions – Roger Day show excellent, back to back music good but lacking overall identity, offering me the opportunity to tune away quickly.

Caroline say:

Many people, of a certain age, still associate Radio Caroline with the pop music of the 60s & 70s. So today we are launching a new stream Caroline Flashback to provide an alternative service for our loyal and new listeners, who want to hear popular tracks from this era.

Hear our new specially produced jingles and the familiar Radio Caroline sixties sounds.

We are very pleased to have Roger Day back on Caroline Flashback, with his daily show, weekdays 4 – 6 pm. Also the highly rated Stafford’s World Flashback Specials with Mark Stafford, return every Tuesday at 6pm.

Caroline Flashback also will give Radio Caroline listeners a chance to hear again our specialist programmes: Americana, Elvis Hour and Dell Richardson’s Good Rocking Tonight. Completely new shows are also being planned, featuring artists of the era.

We would love to hear your reactions to this new trial service with suggestions and constructive criticism. Please leave comments at – or just sit back and enjoy!

  Real Music Memories – launching Monday 4th May at 9am.

It will no doubt improve.  The working title for ages was Caroline Extra, but think this is a better name Radio Caroline Flashback!


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11 thoughts on “Radio Caroline Flashback launched today on the Internet”

  1. A fantastic station playing the music we all recall from the early 60’s , Barry James does a fantastic program , Music while you work without the drivel of people who do not have any real knowledge of the music era of 1960’s into 1970’s.

    Rock on Peter Moore a graet initiative.

  2. Really great to listen to 60s and 70s. I feel young again !!! I haven’t heard good music since the 60s Radio Caroline for sure. It is the only Radio Caroline playing the kinds of music that land Radio station couldn’t and they talk too much. Lovely to listen to when I’m driving in my open car out in the Essex and Suffolk Counties. Brought back memories of ” Fight for Free Radio, we shall overcome, etc ). Very well done especially to Peter Moore and music people.

    Happy Listener
    Colin John.

  3. Great station Caroline flashback. You done good catching the musically knowledgeable Roger Day. His talents take the listener into the world of the early pirate days with such enthusiasm that at times one can almost feel like a member of the crew in the north Sea!

  4. Well its been a long time coming
    But at last we have a great station playing some good music without restricted play lists.
    I mean how many times can you hear Young girl by Barry pucket ?
    Great song but there’s a limit.
    I have a £20 tablet plugged in to an amp and use tune in.

    1. Hello Tim, I have never hear of Barry Pucket, but also do make typo errors myself from time. I am not as impressed by Flashback, but do listen from time to time. I quite like Gary Puckett and the Union Gap with Young Girl. I also could listen to Hear it through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye over and over again! Thanks for sharing your radio listening experiences with us. Keith

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