Pictorial Musings


DSC_0614Above are two metal ornaments from a local collectable shop.  We had a bird rather like this, and the welding came apart after a while. I do think though that we left the head of the bird on a fence when we moved home some years ago!


DSC_0618Two Elvis films I have not heard of before. Elvis made quite a lot of films. I used to love RCA Victor vinyl LPs, the audio quality was special!


An unusual view of my favourite cat asleep on my lap!   Tabitha is not ours, but visits us most days, for love, we do not give her any food at all!

DSC_0561A lovely plant that I inherited when we moved into our new home, just over 1 year ago, back again for a second year

From the Royal Horticultural Society

  • Other common names snake’s head fritillary
    chequered daffodil

    see more

  • Genus Fritillaria are bulbous herbaceous perennials with lance-shaped or linear leaves and nodding bell-shaped or bowl-shaped flowers that may be solitary or in racemes or umbels
  • Family Liliaceae / Liliaceae
  • Details F. meleagris is a bulbous perennial to 30cm in height, with lance-shaped, greyish-green leaves and 1-2 nodding, bell-shaped purple flowers, the tepals tessellated with pale pink in a checkerboard fashion
  • Plant range Europe to W Siberia


DSC_0579A cake which has licorice flavoured icing, but a carrot cake style, sandwiched together with butter cream and jam.  A one off indulgence in a local cafe!




DSCF6685Above some old hi fi equipment in a cafe in Bermuda. I no longer have a cassette deck, that broke a few months ago. I had to get rid of my tape recorder about 10 years ago.  Amazing now that you can get music out of a mobile or tablet!  Still great to remember the days of hi fi.


I was surprised to see that a museum we visited still had an old pc monitor in use.  Nobody wants these now, and you have to pay to get them disposed of – sad!


DSCF6901This type of statue of grotesque characters is becoming popular now, these were on the back of a houseboat on the Thames

DSCF6906Finally an unusual view of the bridge at Marsh Lock Henley on Thames


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