Pirates Ahoy

Cambridge 105 turns pirate on the River Cam


Riverboat GeorginaThis Easter community radio station Cambridge 105 goes back to the golden days of pop radio when the pirates ruled the waves and Caroline was more than just a girl’s name.

At 10am on Good Friday (April 3rd) the crew of the Riverboat Georgina will make way for the presenters and engineers from Cambridge 105. They’ll take charge of the airwaves in true pirate style as they broadcast from the River Cam in the centre of Cambridge.

The event is supported by Lost in Vinyl, the Magdalene Street and online store, which offers a wide range of new release and classic albums, all on newly-pressed vinyl.

With a lofty radio mast in place, modern day technology will bite the dust as they re-discover the joy of ‘spinning discs’ from yesteryear on the gramophone. They’ll cover the pirates’ heyday in the 1960s through to their final demise in the early 1990s.

On board the Riverboat Georgina ex BBC presenters including Trevor Dann and Mandy Morton will join former pirates Julian Clover and Steve Potter as well as many other familiar Cambridge 105 voices.

In addition to our regular transmissions on 105 FM, thanks to the Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) you’ll also be able to hear the day on 6070kHz shortwave.

The custom-built Georgina normally operates on a stretch of the River that runs from Cambridge through Ely to Denver Sluice, with a license to carry 110 passengers.



Author: wirelesswaffle

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