Pictorial Musings – the other side of Bermuda life……………..

Bermuda is a lovely Island, do not be put off by the many stories of the Bermuda Triangle!



We went on a trip around town and I have extracted these pictures which show the other side of life in Bermuda


Is the above art work or just a graffiti tag?


I noticed this warning message on a bus window – obviously when it is hot in the summer there people could do this!


I wonder if this Laundromat is to be trusted, the name implies it gives washing a quick lickie!



Art work on a wall to mark the achievements of Lance Hayward, one of Bermudas’s Musicians



Artistic use made of a derelict building



Above and below some artistic work on some table and benches outside a derelict building




A message of respect for a car salesman who passed away, scrawled on a wall.

DSC_0337 DSC_0338


Unexpected, but there are plenty of examples of fly tipping in the City Of Hamilton Bermuda






This made us chuckle!  The Island gets it supplies from the mainland so perhaps that is why there is a famine of pies at present!



An unlikely combination for fast food, but believe it or not hot cross buns with fish cakes is the new Easter Special here!



A great name for a take away, perhaps chicken wings?



DSCF6064 DSCF6065 DSCF6066

A variety of Palm that I have not seen before!


Goodness knows what service this bar performs in the summer season!




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