Conservative Spam or a begging email?

Both I fear, is this party really hoping to win the General Election asking for money?

This could lose my vote, if I were going to vote that way? I believe in a secret and free vote, not one that costs from £20 to £100.


Wireless Waffler
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KEITH – do you want Alex Salmond ‘calling the tune’?‏
KEITH – do you want Alex Salmond ‘calling the tune’?
William Hague
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It is a chilling but very real prospect, KEITH:

Ed Miliband as Prime Minister, propped up by the SNP – and in the pocket of Alex Salmond.

With Labour’s support in Scotland collapsing, the only way Ed Miliband can get into power is by doing a deal with the SNP.

And just imagine what that would mean for Britain.

On every vote, every budget, and every decision, the SNP exacting a high price for their support. More spending, more debt, higher taxes, weaker defences in uncertain times – and Britain paying the price.

As Alex Salmond himself says, the SNP would ‘call the tune’ if they support Labour into power.

KEITH – we have to stop this. We have to keep the recovery on track and avoid this nightmare. So please – donate today and let’s keep Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond away from Downing Street:







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