Sixties Pirate Radio

I may not have mentioned the rather excellent Internet Archive, which is an American site full of audio, text and films.

I thought that I would present a few of my favourite radio related items with you on this page


Paul Peters was known as Paul Freeman,when he worked for a short time in the mid 60’s on the pirate station Radio Essex, broadcasting from an old WW2 naval fort called Knock John in the middle of the Thames Estuary. He presents the weekly ‘Pirate Years’ show on Forest FM in the south of England, and it also ‘airs’ on many stations around the world. Paul plays music from the late 1950’s to 1990. These are the years that offshore pirate radio stations operated off the coast of Britain and Europe. Thrown in for
good measure, are a few old pirate radio jingles, and ‘off air’ clips.
This show is available FREE to any radio station that
would like it. Email

Next a film by Paul Kramer

This smashing little film about the pirate radio ship, Radio Caroline, was produced in 1965 by my dear friend Paul Kramer. Paul was brought up in north west London, and just loved the film business and everything to do with it. But it was not film making that brought Paul and me together, it was radio. Paul was a d.j. on the offshore pirate radio station Radio City, which broadcast it’s programme of pop music to the u.k. from the summer of 1964 to February 1967. The station was based on the old world war two army forts on the Shivering Sands 6 miles off Whistable, on the East Kent coast. Paul was hit by a car on Putney bridge and killed on the night of 5th – 6th December 1968…Unfortunately the only copy of this film that I have been able to find is not of very good quality…I’m trying to locate a better quality copy. I do so hope that you will enjoy Paul’s little film.

My final selection this time the very excellent Radio Active series from BBC Radio 4

Radio Active was a comedy series running the 80s chronicling a local radio station as it was broadcast over BBC radio 4 for one show a week.



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