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Photo0669I missed out on a great radio comedy programme in 1973. Thankfully the BBC Radio Player has brought it to my attention. In 1973 Eric Idle did a comedy programme in true Monty Pyton style, called Radio 5.  At the time the station did not exist.  If you are interested this is the link for the programme. Not sure how long it will be available so do try it now

If  you have not heard of the internet station called “The Radio Ship” please be advised that it is superb anorak radio treat. Doug Wood is behind the station and it intersperses music with clips from offshore radio stations.  The format works very well and it is worth dipping into from time to time.

Their site gives the full details

Welcome to THE RADIO SHIP, Bringing Back Radio From The High Seas. Launched on Radio Caroline’s official 50th Birthday, Easter Saturday April 19th 2014, THE RADIO SHIP is a celebration of offshore radio from around the world, in particular Radio Caroline, which started the UK offshore radio boom in 1964.

The first major European offshore station was Radio Mercur launched in December 1958 from the Swedish coast.

The history of the European offshore stations continued through the 60’s 70’s and 80’s when Radio Caroline finally lost her 26 year battle with European Governments in 1990.

As well as Europe, stations also popped up off the coast of the USA, and even New Zealand. Offshore Radio continued off the coast of Israel into the 1990’s but they had all disappeared, until now, because they are all back on board

Hear the original offshore radio DJ’s from the high seas, along with the music of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and the original jingles, in a “LIVE” music log. It’s as if the stations are still out there at sea, and you don’t have to tune around, because all the stations are right here on board our virtual radio ship The M.V. Freddie.

You can hear THE RADIO SHIP by selecting your chosen player just below, You can also hear us on mobile and tablet via the TuneIn ap, RadioTime, vTuner, and many more listening platforms, SEARCH: THE RADIO SHIP and most WiFi Internet Radios in the UK location at the numerical end of the list.

The World Radio TV Handbook is still published and their latest updates to this year’s book are available

Do not forget that there is a superb radio club for DX’ers in the UK. I have belonged to it since the 80s. It is the British DX club.  Last year sadly the International Short Wave League closed. The membership was transferred over the the BDXC club. Their monthly magazine “Communications” carries a wealth of great articles. It also acts as an up to date mini World Radio TV Handbook which can help you to identify radio stations.

Here are full details of how to join the club:

The British DX Club

An Introduction

What Does BDXC-UK Cover?

The club covers all aspects of broadcast DXing – from searching out distant or difficult-to-hear radio stations to listening to the major international broadcasters – on the shortwave, mediumwave and VHF/FM bands. We also have in-depth coverage of UK domestic radio developments as well as reports on alternative ways of listening to the radio including internet, WorldSpace and digital radio (DRM/DAB).

Who Should Join?

An interest in radio is the only qualification. We welcome members of all ages, newcomers to the hobby and professional monitors alike.


The club was founded in 1974 as the Twickenham DX Club. From local roots came rapid expansion to become one of the major radio clubs in the United Kingdom. The more appropriate title of British DX Club was adopted in 1979. We now have a large UK-based membership as well as a substantial number of overseas members.


BDXC-UK is a non-profit making club and is run by a board and editorial team, all of whom are unpaid volunteers.


“Communication” is BDXC’s monthly publication, typically of around 60 pages. The club is proud of the quick turnround of “Communication” which is normally sent to memmbers within a week of the contribution deadline each month. It is available by post as a handy A5 booklet, or by e-mail as a pdf file. Regular sections include:

  • DX News & Medium Wave Report: Developments in international broadcasting, frequency and transmission schedules, the exciting world of clandestine radio, listening tips, etc.
  • UK News: Comprehensive roundup of UK broadcasting covering BBC, commercial and community radio, RSLs, Low Power AM stations, DAB, etc.
  • Loggings sent in by members: Medium Wave Logbook (medium and long wave bands), Tropical Logbook (below 5.8 MHz), HF Logbook (5.8 to 30 MHz), “Beyond the Horizon” (FM and TV bands)
  • Open to Discussion: A forum for members to express opinions on radio-related topics.
  • QSL Report: Reception confirmations received by members, plus tips on obtaining those elusive ones.
  • Alternative Airwaves: Station logs and news about the ever-changing free radio scene.
  • Ether to Speaker: Our technical section covering receivers, aerials and accessories as well as new technology – such as DRM.
  • Listening Post/Listening In: Looks at the programming side of international radio with different stations featured each time.
  • Broadcasts in English: A complete frequency-by-frequency guide to international broadcasts in English, in time order, including transmitter sites. Sent to members twice a year, usually in May and December, to cover the summer and winter schedule periods. It also includes a Guide to DX/Media Programmes.
  • Other Regular and Occasional Sections: Collector’s Corner; Meet the Members; Propagation Report; regional reports from members around the world; Spotlight on a Frequency; Radio history/vintage wireless features; station, book and receiver reviews, DX frequency lists and much more.

E-mail News Service

Members with access to an e-mail address can take advantage of our free e-mail news service. Launched in 1997 this service is proving very popular with members for exchanging hot dx news and listening tips.

Radio Stations in the UK

Published biennally by the club, ‘Radio Stations in the United Kingdom’ is a comprehensive directory of British mediumwave and FM radio radio stations including BBC, commercial, Low Power AM/FM and long term RSL stations. It gives frequencies, contact details and web sites, transmitter powers and site, etc. Stations are listed both by frequency and name and cross-referenced to show all parallel channels. For full information on the latest edition please click here.

BDXC Audio Circle

For many decades, in addition to Communication, the club has produced a regular audio programme for members. A dedicated team takes it in turn to present around 70 minutes of audio material. This includes audio contributions from club members and usually features a variety of interesting DX catches, radio-related conversation and archive material – in fact, the club’s very own interactive DX programme. It is available to club members as an mp3 download completely free of charge.

BDXC Audio Archive

BDXC operates a Sound Archive, which aims to collect and preserve audio recordings of general and historic interest. It concentrates mainly on international broadcasting, but also has recordings from offshore and domestic radio. There are a wide range of recordings in the archive. If you would like a list of the current archive recordings, or would like to contribute any of your own recordings, please email editor[at]**

Social Events

Want to meet fellow enthusiasts? Regular, regional meetings are held in an informal setting such as a local pub or even a beach hut! Trips to radio stations and DXpeditions have also been arranged. Events are publicised on the web site and in ‘Communication’.

Other Services

  • Reception report forms: Available in English featuring the club logo. These are suitable for sending to most radio stations and come in packs of 25 forms for only £3.00 to UK (£4 5 Euro or $7US worldwide).
  • Reduced price IRCs: From time-to-time the club is able to offer these to its members.
  • Discounted books: Each year we are able to offer substantial discounts and very early delivery of the World Radio TV Handbook.

How to Join

If you would like further information about the British DX Club or any of our services please send an e-mail to bdxc[at] ** or write (including return postage) to:

British DX Club, 10 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, Reading RG4 7SB, United Kingdom.

A recent sample copy of ‘Communication’ is available on request by post or to see a sample copy in pdf format please click here.

To download an application form please click here.

We hope to be welcoming you to BDXC soon!

** When sending an email [at] should be replaced with the @ symbol. Email addresses are shown this way on our web site to deter spam.

Radio News selected from the Radio Today Site

Nick Grimshaw in breach at BBC Radio 1
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Nick Grimshaw in breach at BBC Radio 1

Ofcom has found BBC Radio 1 in breach after airing a session recording of the Foo Fighters performing their new song “Something from Nothing” at breakfast, complete with the F-word.

One person complained about the track, which was broadcast at 7.55am, containing the lyrics:

“…you can’t make me change my name,
never make me change my name,
pay no mind now ain’t that something.
Fu*k it all! I came from nothing…”.

Ofcom considered the broadcast of the word “fu*k” raised issues warranting investigation under Rule 1.14 of the Code, which states: “The most offensive language must not be broadcast…when children are particularly likely to be listening…”.

The song was broadcast live the night before on Zane Lowe’s show but the session staff had overlooked the offensive language, and both Zane Lowe’s producer and assistant producer had been absent on 5 November 2014 when it happened.

Each of their temporary replacements had assumed that the other had checked the song, and it was uploaded to the “Radio 1 Music Store” section of their play out system.

The BBC said that the Breakfast Show team was discussing the next item in the programme while the song was played and did not notice the offensive language. However after the team had been made aware of the swearing in the track, an apology was broadcast at 8.04am.

And as a direct result of this incident, the importance of following compliance procedures was stressed at Radio 1’s monthly all-staff meeting.

Breakfast presenter blows up co-host’s car

A car bought at auction by Metro Radio/TFM breakfast show presenter Steve Furnell has gone up in smoke after his co-presenter Karen blew it up.

After a recent race around a local racing track, which Karen won, they wanted to sell their cars but Steve’s didn’t manage to attract a buyer.

A call from 21 Engineer Regiment Warrant Officer (2nd Class) Gavin Cleverley suggested something different they could do with the car.

Helped out by the Army Reserves 103 Field Squadron, Steve’s Renault Laguna was sent to meet its maker. Steve and Karen took the car to a Military Firing Range in North Yorkshire, where Karen blew Steve’s car up.

Warrant Officer Cleverly said: “It was great to hear about the money raised from Karen’s car at auction, but when we heard they were looking for a way to send off Steve’s car, we knew what had to be done!

“The timing was perfect for us, we already had training scheduled and we knew we could dispose of the car in a suitable way.”

Karen Wight said: “This whole journey has literally been a blast. From the initial race on the Croft Circuit to raising money for our charity, Cash for Kids, and then of course the training in explosives and pressing the detonator on Steve’s car. After all of this I’m sure this proves that women are better in the driving seat.”

Capital puts Now Playing info on billboards
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Capital puts Now Playing info on billboards

The current song playing on Capital London will be displayed on a number of billboards around London thanks to a new digital outdoor campaign.

There are 14 sites in total, including the Euston Road Underpass and Vauxhall Cross.

The campaign will run during peak times, with live feeds from the Capital Breakfast Show with Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon, mid-mornings with Pandora and drivetime with Greg Burns.

Capital has partnered with Outdoor Plus and CrowdScreen to make the ads display the latest song information. Jonathan Lewis, managing director, Outdoor Plus, said: “Our digital offering is the most advanced in the market. This innovative campaign from Capital is a showcase for how brands can use digital out of home in a clever way to create truly engaging advertising.”

Max Buckland, head of marketing for Capital, said: “Capital’s traffic and travel data supports our view that Outdoor Plus has the best coverage across the busiest traffic hotspots in London. Capital plays the biggest and best hits, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and with this campaign, we can ensure commuters don’t miss out on their favourite music.”

Neil Bentley, CEO of CrowdScreen, added: “The team and I are extremely excited to be partnering with Outdoor Plus for this campaign, providing our innovative technology. We see this as the start of a new chapter for big data campaigns which give more control to the advertiser.”





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