Charlotte Green – review of her session at the Kenton Theatre Henley on Thames

Charlotte Green was greeted by a large audience. She calmly delivered an amusing and informative guide to her work at the BBC, occasionally reading from her new book.

She has had a love of radio since childhood, when it was always on at home. The audience chuckled when she said that her mother had to contend with her practising the news, whilst her sister pounded away on the piano! Charlotte’s other great interest was acting. People all said she has a great voice and should use it for a job. She admitted that she was a chatter box as a child.


Being on University radio, led to her finally getting a job at the BBC, reading the news. Laurie McMillan was her mentor, showing her the ropes. Charlotte was left on her own one day, and realised that she had to read the news. She felt that she read it rather fast, but after Laurie said how well she had done this.

Charlotte told us that news needs to be read authoritatively and calmly, with the need to show empathy without emotion.

Charlotte is interviewed in this You Tube interview – and it covers the information here in more detail.

She discussed the time that she giggled on air. Her love of working with the Today Team, News Quiz, and reading the news. The shipping forecast had to be fitted in before the pips at the top of the hour, this was not always easy. She did not get on with one Studio Manager who had wandering hands though.

This is the You Tube recording of the famous giggle on air!


Charlotte told us she has moved to Classic FM and hosts an arts show. She has returned to the BBC to focus on reading football scores on 5 Live. She admitted that she was a bit of a tomboy as a child and followed Spurs, so this made this work enjoyable for her.

A great hour’s entertainment for all!

This is a video of Charlotte doing an interview on Classic FM

To complete my review Charlotte reads the football results for the first time.



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