Internet Radio – Quasar Radio

A new Internet Station is on air testing

Some anoraks have got hot under the collar, saying that the station is doing the same as Radio Caroline, using the album format.

Roger Matthews and Cliff Osborne and others from Caroline are on the station when it starts full transmissions.

It does seem to point that Radio Caroline has made a mistake by going off satellite and only using the Internet for transmissions.  I do hope that they manage to raise capital to go out full time on AM legally.

As to Internet Radio, the stations come and go – so will Quasar last as many years as our beloved Radio Caroline has.

From their web site

About Us

Quasar Radio was created by a group of disenchanted former radio professionals who, to a man (and woman), had grown tired of the very limited fayre available on the radio dial today. With seemingly more and more small and local stations being swallowed up by corporate giants who simply turned their acquisitions over to automated bland formats, often playing the same few hundred tracks in constant rotation, we found nothing on offer in mainstream radio  that we would want to listen to.

TGenesishis is not music radio. It is a tiny percentage of what is out there. There are quite literally hundreds of bands that have released thousands of albums over the past six decades so surely there must be an audience out there for a station playing quality album tracks rather than a few hundred hit singles? From the outset our mission was to create a station that WE would want to listen to in the sure knowledge that other radio listeners who felt similarly disenfranchised would listen too.

The music on Quasar is not genre specific nor pigeonholed into specific eras.  The overriding criteria is that it must be good music.  So alongside well established album artistes new and upcoming bands, possibly still struggling for that elusive first recording contract, will get an airing too providing their music is good.

On Quasar you will hear music from the likes of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Chicago, The Eagles, Renaissance, Average White Band and The Beatles to pick just a few names.

BAlabama Shakesut newer bands such as Zervas and Pepper, The Strypes, Alabama Shakes, White Denim and John Grant  will feature alongside  old favourites and other excellent tracks that time has forgotten.

Of course, as with most things in life, there is a cost to providing such a service even running  a relatively low cost based “on line” station. The costs of streaming, PRS & PPL licensing, broadband, professionally produced imaging  etc are met by the station staff. But we are also more than happy to accept any donations that listeners may like to make, either in the form of one off donations or regular monthly contributions, through our PayPal account.  If you enjoy listening to Quasar and you feel you would like to make a contribution  then please go to our Donate page


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